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40th Birthday Gifts for Men

A man’s 40th birthday is a huge milestone in his life, one that is worthy of the perfect gift!

Whether he’s a sports enthusiast, a gadget guru or a beer aficionado, you’ll want to give him a memorable gift that’s fit for the occasion.

To help you on your search in finding a gift for that special someone’s 40th birthday, we’ve pulled together an eclectic selection of gift ideas to treat him with as he takes his steps into his fifth decade on earth.

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Aside from February 29 (which falls on a leap year), the least common date for someone’s birthday in the UK and United States is December 25.

Retro Stripe Personalised Year Print

an image of a retro stripe personalised year print

This abstract style graphic print is a real statement piece and would make a great 40th birthday gift for a man with a keen eye for design.

This personalised retro art print celebrates the year he was born using bold typographic and graphic elements. Simply enter the year he was born, and let the designer take care of everything else.

There are three colour schemes to choose from so you can further tailor it to his taste.

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Dior Eau Sauvage Eau De Toilette Spray

an image of Dior Eau Sauvage Eau De Toilette Spray

First introduced in 1966, Dior Eau Sauvage was Dior’s first-ever perfume for men.

The fresh combination of citrus, rosemary and subtle woody undertones have helped give this fragrance its longevity within the perfumery market. It is a classic French creation that has stood the test of time and is still a popular fragrance for men.

Treat a lucky chap for his 40th with a bottle of this timeless eau de toilette that will keep him smelling fresh as he enters his 40s.

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Dutch Brew IPA Beer Making Set

an image of a Dutch brew IPA beer making set

Make a beer glugging man in your life happy while keeping him busy with an IPA beer brewing kit!

Containing everything he’ll need to turn your home into a temporary mini brewery, he’ll be able to bask in the fruits of his labour without having to queue at the bar.

Step-by-step, the handy instruction manual will walk him through the process to produce a home-brewed batch of blond IPA. What better way to ring in a new decade than with a celebratory home made beverage!

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Silver Initial Cufflinks

an image of silver initial cufflinks

These personalised silver initial cufflinks are the epitome of the phrase ‘dress to impress’, and will add the finishing touch to his formal wear or workwear wardrobe.

This timeless gift would make a charming 40th birthday present for a man who takes pride in his appearance and always dresses the part.

Available in letters ranging from A-Z, these silver-finish cufflinks are beautifully made and come gift wrapped in signature packaging.

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Trust GXT 628 Tytan 2.1 LED Speaker Set

an image of the Trust GXT 628 Tytan 2.1 LED speaker set, one of our suggestions for 40th birthday gifts for men

Pump up the volume and bask in the bone-shaking sounds of the Trust GXT 628 Tytan 2.1 speaker set!

The two satellite speakers, teamed with the LED subwoofer, will blast out his favourite tunes using the combined 120-Watt of power.

This piece of kit would make a brilliant birthday gift for a gaming or music enthusiast who’s turning 40 and wants to keep the volume cranked up, both literally and figuratively!

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Personalised Cut Glass Tumbler

an image of a personalised cut glass tumbler

Turning 40 is the perfect time to add a touch of class and suaveness to your life, and we think this cut glass tumbler is the very essence of sophistication.

The glass, which can be engraved with up to three initials, is the perfect vessel for a whiskey night-cap.

Plus, with the added personalisation, there will be no mistaking whose glass it is, so it’ll always be there waiting in the cabinet whenever he needs it.

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Carbon Fibre Wallet

an image of a carbon fibre wallet

You can tell a lot about a man by his wallet, so if he’s turning 40 and still using the same tired old wallet he’s had since his twenties, treat him to this slick carbon fibre and leather wallet!

It has built-in RFID protection, so all his credit cards will be protected from digital theft, and a clear PVC window means ID or travel passes can be accessed quickly. This traditional style bi-fold wallet is both stylish and hard-wearing and would make a great 40th birthday gift for him.

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Sage BJE430SIL Nutri Juicer Cold

an image of the Sage BJE430SIL Nutri Juicer Cold

They say life begins at 40, so what better time to seize the day and embark on a health voyage full of green juices and healthy smoothies?!

The Sage Nutri Juicer Cold is a top of the range piece of kit that will pulverise fruit and vegetables into a smooth and nutrient-dense juice. It comes with a 2-litre jug which is airtight and can be stored in the fridge to keep the juice fresh for days.

The clever Cold Spin Technology will preserve the nutrients and keep the juice fresher for longer.

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Barbour Holdall

an image of a Barbour holdall

The Barbour Islington holdall brings all the sophistication you’d expect from this classic brand and would be ideally suited for the soon-to-be 40-year-old man in your life.

The outer wax fabric is exceptionally durable, making this bag ideal for weekends away, gym visits or business trips.

You’ll be able to find the signature Barbour tartan inside the bag in the lining, which also has a handy zip pocket for storing those easy-to-find items.

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Mustang LP Player

an image of a red mustang branded LP player

Back in its heyday, the Ford Mustang was one of the coolest cars around, and even now they are still a sought after classic. While your budget may not be able to stretch to the actual car, this Mustang LP player would make a fun and unique 40th birthday gift.

The dials on the front are a replica of a real Mustang’s control panel, and the lid is emblazoned with the distinct galloping horse badge. Not only will it play vintage LPs with a crisp and wholesome sound, but it also has a USB port, aux inputs and a radio, making this a versatile gadget for all occasions.

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Amazon Echo

an image of an Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a personal assistant, speaker, alarm clock, smart home control centre and much more.

It’s the sought after smart speaker, and it would make a great 40th birthday gift. Connected via a Wi-Fi network, Alexa will bring you the latest news stories, weather reports, recipes and your favourite music, all by using voice commands.

The Echo can even be synced up with lights, electrical appliance and thermostat, making it easier than ever to control the home.

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40th Birthday Personalised Print – ‘The Road To 40’

an image of a 40th birthday personalised print titled 'the road to 40'

Celebrate his journey to his 40th birthday with this personalised ‘The Road To 40’. It features a celebration of the most significant moments in pop culture over the past 40 years in a fun illustrated timeline.

From the launch of MTV to the infamous royal wedding, it captures each moment in history through a quirky hand-drawn illustration. It can be personalised further by including five specific events that relate specifically to him, such as his graduation, wedding day or the birth of a child, making it a very special 40th birthday gift.

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BBQ Grill Tool Kit

an image of a BBQ grill tool kit, one of our 40th birthday gifts for men suggestions

No matter their age, boys will always love their toys, and this BBQ grill tool kit is the ultimate big boy toy!

Presented in a smart aluminium case, it comes with all the accessories he’ll need to become a gourmet griller. The tools are made from non-stick surface stainless steel and are all dishwasher safe, making the cleanup process as time-efficient as possible.

This BBQ tool kit would make a practical and thoughtful gift for a flame grilling mad guy whose 40th birthday is coming up.

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Citizen AW1147-52L Men’s Sport Date Bracelet Strap Watch

an image of a Citizen AW1147-52L Men's Sport Date Bracelet Strap Watch

Commemorate the passing of time with a gift that tracks time! Watches make a very fitting birthday gift, and the Citizen AW1147-52L radiates class and sophistication.

The Eco-Drive technology means the watch is powered solely by light sources, so no more hunting around the house for replacement batteries!

The chunky stainless steel strap not only looks stylish, but it will also be long-lasting and will see him through the next decade and beyond.

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UGears U-9 Grand Prix Wooden Model Kit

an image of the UGears U-9 Grand Prix wooden model kit, one of our 40th birthday gifts for him suggestions

Surprise a hobbyist with a talent for model making with this UGears U-9 Grand Prix model kit!

Comprising of 348 components, this wooden racing car replica will be a challenging yet satisfying build for someone who already has a bit of model making experience. Each piece fits meticulously together, so he won’t need any glue to assemble it.

The car even moves forwards and backwards using a clever wind-up rubber band engine to power it.

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Barbour Monty Suede Slippers

an image of barbour slippers, one of our 40th birthday gifts for him suggestions

Hitting that middle-aged milestone of 40 can send a man either of two ways: resistance or acceptance. If he’s the latter and has decided to embrace his middle-aged status, these Barbour slippers will go down a treat! But if he’s the former, then a thrill-seeking skydive will probably be a better choice of gift.

These refined slippers have a stylish suede outer, a soft and fluffy inner, and not forgetting the trademark Barbour tartan around the trim. Treat him to a pair of these slippers, and he’ll be able to sit back and relax in style into the next decade of his life.

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Namco Museum Mini Arcade with 20 Games

an image of a Namco Museum mini arcade with 20 games

He may be turning 40, but if he’s still a big kid at heart, this retro mini arcade will be right up his street.

The tabletop games machine is equipped with 20 nostalgic games such as Pac-Man and Dig Dug Rolling Thunder.

It has a 4.25-inch colour screen, along with built-in speakers, light up coin trap and is is the perfect way to bring the arcade experience into the home.

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Personalised Leather Wallet

an image of a personalised leather wallet

A 40th birthday is a milestone birthday, so it deserves to be recognised with a gift that matches the occasion.

We think this personalised leather wallet is a timeless gift with a sincere sentiment behind it. The classic bi-fold style wallet has eight card slots and a wide-with pocket for notes to keep his money safe.

It comes in several colours of premium quality leather, and it can be embossed with his initials in either gold, silver or copper foil.

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Personalised 40th Birthday Book ‘Memory Lane’

an image of a personalised 40th birthday book titled 'memory lane'

Turning 40 is the perfect excuse to reminisce on the last four decades, and this ‘Memory Lane’ book does precisely that.

Packed full of nostalgic pop culture reference, memories, facts and personalisation, this book would make a lovely keepsake 40th birthday gift.

From celebrating the fashion trends he used to wear to the music he used to listen to on repeat, this book is packed full of nostalgic gems that will cast his mind back to half a lifetime’s worth of fond memories.

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Golf Gift Set

an image of a golf gift set

Whether he’s a Rory McIlroy in the making or he spends so much time in the bunkers that he’d be better off with a bucket and spade, treat the golf mad man in your life to this personalised golf gift set.

Comprised of 3 tees, a pitch repairer and a ball marker, you can even add unique customisation by having his initials engraved into the marker and repairer.

It would make a brilliant gift for any golf fan who is turning forty.

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Apple AirPods

an image of Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are the all-singing, all-dancing pair of wireless headphones that have taken the tech scene by a storm, and they would make a fantastic gift for an Apple product enthusiast.

The sleek-looking AirPods have voice-activated Siri access and the clever built-in microphones that will dim down any background noise while on a call.

They come with a charging case which can be connected via a lightning port, and the H1 chip ensures better connectivity and battery life.

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