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50th Birthday Gifts for Her

Turning fifty is a huge milestone in anyone’s life, one which should be met with the grandeur and commemoration it deserves.

Treat a special lady in your life with one of these fabulous gifts to celebrate her half-century status.

Whether you’re looking to pamper her, make her laugh or pay homage to some special memories, this list has something for everyone.

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The Sultan of Brunei spent a whopping $50 million on his fiftieth birthday celebrations in 1996, including booking Michael Jackson to sing at the cost of $17 million alone!

Personalised Hello 50 Birthday Gin Goblet

an image of a personalised hello fifty birthday gin goblet

If you’re looking for an elegant gift for a special 50-year-old lady in your life, this personalised 50th birthday gin goblet would be the perfect gesture that will make her feel fabulous at 50!

The balloon-shaped glass is perfectly designed to bring out the aromas of fragrant gins, so she’ll get maximum enjoyment from every single sip.

Emblazoned with the message ‘Hello Fifty’ along with the recipient’s name means there will be no mistaking who this gin goblet belongs to.

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Personalised Favourite Memory Print

an image of a personalised 50th birthday favourite memories print

Show her just how much you care with this unique personalised illustrated travel memories print.

Each print is customisable; you choose up to 14 places/memories of that special person, and Places & Spaces Art Co. will hand draw a beautiful memory ‘map’ specific to your requirements.

Be as inventive as you like, from your favourite shared holiday memories to a particular city which resonates with you both, this is a truly personal gift that she is sure to love.

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Birthday Scented Candle

an image of a birthday scented candle

Candles always make lovely gifts, and this vanilla-scented candle is even more special because you can personalise it with your recipient’s name and a birthday message, so every time they look at it, it will remind them of you.

The design itself is beautiful, with a coloured ribbon and floral frame to add that extra embellishment and sophistication.

There are eight colours to choose from, so you’re sure to find one she will love.

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50th Birthday Personalised Mug

an image of a 50th birthday gifts for her idea - a personalised mug

This 50th birthday personalised mug, with its simple yet delicate design, would make a lovely gift for the tea and coffee-loving soon-to-be 50-year-old in your life.

The bright white ceramic mug has ‘fifty’ printed on the front and back of it, written in a neat script font that emulates style and sophistication.

Each mug also comes with the opportunity to personalise it too, your recipient’s name can be printed underneath the ‘Happy Birthday’ message to make it even more special.

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50th Birthday Pearl Bracelet

an image of a 50th birthday pearl bracelet gift for her

Pearls are the ultimate timeless gift, and this stunning pearl bracelet is certainly no exception to the rule. The five freshwater pearls each represent a decade to commemorate her reaching the milestone of 50 years of life.

The bracelet not only has a symbolic meaning behind it, but it is also a classic piece of jewellery that is sure to be a welcomed addition to your recipient’s jewellery collection.

Each bracelet is handmade, and you also have the opportunity to personalise the gift box with her name to make it an extra special gift.

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50th Birthday Crown

an image of a 50th birthday crown for her

Make her feel like the birthday queen she is with an adorable 50th birthday crown!

Put a smile on the birthday girls face with a glittering gold and pink mini crown that is sure to make her feel nifty at fifty on her special day.

The handmade gift measures 3″ tall by 3″ wide and will sit with pride on the top of the head while being held in place with an elastic band behind the ears.

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an image of collagin - one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for her

Are you looking for the ultimate gift for a beauty and booze-loving lady? Well, a bottle of Collagin could be exactly what you’re after!

This fragrant gin is different from your run of the mill gins because it has been distilled with collagen and is proven to hydrate the skin.

Collagin is an on-trend drink that is not only packed with 11 different botanicals, but will also leave your skin feeling flawless and smooth too, a win all round we think!

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Birth Flower Seed Box

an image of a birth flower seed box

Wish a special someone a happy 50th birthday by gifting them with this birth flower seedbox. Pick your recipient’s birthday month, and she’ll be sent her growing kit containing seeds of her birth flower.

Each box includes a personalised slate engraved with your recipient’s name and birthday for them to hang next to their blossoming flowers. Growing instructions specific to each type of seed is included with each box, so even the less experienced gardener will be able to enjoy this thoughtful gift.

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Personalised Retro Date Print

an image of a personalised retro special date of birth print

This bold retro print would make a perfect gift for a stylish lady with a keen eye for design.

You can customise the print with dates and facts that are specific to your gift receiver. There are four colour combinations for you to choose from, and each print is made to order using fine inks on high quality, heavyweight card.

Treat her on her 50th birthday with this cool and sentimental print that can take pride of place on the wall.

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Stitch Your Own Passport Cover

an image of a stitch your own passport cover kit

The perfect gift for the travel enthusiast in your life, this kit includes a leather cover perforated with tiny holes that’s ready to be stitched with the colourful thread provided.

The idea behind this passport cover is to create a unique travel map tapestry, that changes over time as more countries are discovered.

If there is someone in your life with the travel bug, treat them to a timeless 50th birthday gift that will continue to bring them joy long into the future.

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Personalised 50th Birthday Necklace

an image of a personalised 50th birthday necklace

Celebrate every decade of a special lady’s beautiful life with this gorgeous necklace which features five interlinking eternal circles.

The dainty and delicate chain is available in silver, gold or rose gold – so there is something to suit all tastes.

What’s more, you can add a personal touch with an extra smaller disc stamped with her initial, making this a lovely and thoughtful gift for a 50th birthday for her.

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Personalised Shopping Bag

an image of a personalised shopping bag

Whether it’s for work or leisure, this environmentally-friendly jute bag is both stylish and fun.

The bag has two long handles and has a black base, making it incredibly practical for everyday use. You can also personalise it by getting your recipient’s name printed on the front in a beautiful script font, so she can use it with pride for whatever she deems fit.

This bag is a convenient gift that will undoubtedly be used over and over again.

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Personalised Mixing Bowl

an image of a personalised mixing bowl

Are you looking for a gift for a lady with a passion for cooking?

This personalised mixing bowl ticks all those boxes, keen bakers can use it for whisking up cake batter, whipping up some icing or mixing up some cookie dough.

The ceramic mixing bowl is cream on the inside with a textured biscuit colour on the outside. The inner lip is embellished with a personalised message for your recipient, so she’ll think of you every time she is rustling up something delicious in the kitchen.

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Fifty Photo Print

an image of a fiftieth birthday photo print

Commemorate her milestone 50th birthday with something special like this personalised ‘Fifty’ photo print.

Pick five special photos of your recipient, and the print will spell out ‘Fifty’ using your chosen photographs.

Make it truly special by picking a photograph from each decade of her life, that way it will be a snapshot from her own life’s timeline, framed and on the wall for her to enjoy every day.

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Personalised Bracelet

an image of a personalised bracelet

Give the gift of words and jewellery with this unique personalised bracelet!

Not only can you pick the finished pattern for the outer surface of the aluminium bangle, but you can also write a birthday message that will be engraved on the inside of the bracelet.

Make the message as heartfelt as you like, or even write some 50th birthday wishes to remind your recipient of you every time they wear this unique piece of jewellery.

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It’s My Birthday Headband

an image of birthday headband

Let her be the centre of attention on her milestone 50th birthday with this ‘It’s My Birthday’ rainbow headband!

The colourful and not so subtle headpiece will let everybody know it’s her special day and will ensure she is spoilt rotten by those around her.

Ensure she’s looking fabulous-at-fifty by treating her to the eye-catching metal and enamel statement headband.

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Personalised Hello Fifty Mug

an image of a hello fifty mug gifts that is an ideal 50th birthday gift for her

Don’t let her escape the monumental occasion that is the big 5-0 by treating her with this ‘Hello Fifty’ hug mug!

She’ll be reminded of reaching her milestone age every day while sipping on her morning coffee from a mug decorated with the message ‘Hello Fifty’.

Customise the mug with the birthday girl’s name, that way she will think of you every time she’s having a cosy cup of hot chocolate on the sofa.

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Personalised Photo Socks

an image of personalised photo socks

You can never have too many pairs of socks, especially ones that are embellished with photos of your own face!

These personalised photo birthday socks are so unique and are bound to put a smile on the birthday girl’s face.

Upload a photograph of the recipient, and their face will be plastered all over the socks, along with the message ‘Happy Birthday’, making this sock gift far from ordinary!

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50th Birthday Wish Jar

an image of a 50th birthday wish jar

If you’re looking for a priceless gift that will warm the birthday girl’s heart, this 50th birthday ‘Wish Jar’ kit is exactly what you’re looking for!

The kit contains a keepsake jar, pen and a roll of 100 ‘wish tickets’ for friends/birthday party guests to fill out with thoughtful wishes, fond memories and words of wisdom for the birthday girl.

Once the jar is full, she can read each one in her own time and enjoy relieving all the thoughtful memories her loved ones have written about her.

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Personalised Hello Fifty Cheese Board

an image of a personalised hello fifty cheese board

Gift the cheese lover in your life with this personalised heart shaped cheese board for their 50th birthday.

This is an all-singing, all dancing cheeseboard, with it’s built-in cheese cutlery set stored underneath, it would make a very sophisticated centrepiece at the end of a dinner party.

Engraved with the message ‘Hello Fifty’, you can also include a personalised message or the recipient’s name underneath. Be cheesy and make her feel great on her special day!

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Personalised Birth Flower Square Travel Jewellery Box

an image of a personalised birth flower square travel jewellery box

Celebrate a special lady reaching her half centurion status by treating her to a gorgeous and compact travel jewellery box.

Made from soft vegan leather on the outside, the built-in compartments are perfect for keeping all her favourite pieces of jewellery safe during transit.

A rose gold zip fastens the box tightly shut, and the lid is decorated with a hand drawn birth flower and the birthday girl’s name.

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