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Beatles Gifts – 21 Gift Ideas for Beatles Fans

It may have been 60 years since The Beatles burst onto the scene and took the music industry by a storm, but for many mega fans of the Fab Four, Beatlemania is still very much a big part of their life.

They were just four regular boys from Liverpool, but they captured the hearts of people all over the world with their extensive collection of chart-topping hits.

If you know someone who is still a super fan of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr, this comprehensive list of Beatles themed gifts, memorabilia and paraphernalia will help you find the perfect gift for them.

Check out our list of Beatles gifts below.

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The last time each of the four Beatles recorded together was August 20th 1969; the date that they finished recording the track ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy’).

Personalised Beatles Typography Print

an image of a personalised Beatles typography print

This colourful typographic print details every single Beatles UK album release and cleverly displays it to look like an LP record.

The meticulous level of detail in this print is seriously impressive; it includes the title, chart position, writing credits and date for every song released from all 13 official UK album releases.

You can even tailor one of these special Beatles gifts to the recipient by adding a personal message in the centre of the print.

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The Beatles Yellow Submarine (Limited Edition) Little People

an image of The Beatles Yellow Submarine Limited Edition Little People gift idea

These Little People Beatles figurines may be aimed at kids, but a big kid with an even bigger Beatles obsession will also absolutely love them!

The downsized Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr are styled in their outfits from ‘Yellow Submarine’ and measure just 3 inches tall.

If you have a Beatles superfan in your life and you’re searching for a gift they’ll love, treat them to this set of figurines and they won’t be disappointed.

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The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band LED Lamp

an image of a Beatles themed LED lamp

Brighten a Beatle mega fan’s day with this Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band themed LED lamp.

Based on their eighth studio album, this drum-shaped lamp is made from hardwearing resin and measures approximately 5″ wide. Powered by either USB cable or batteries, the drum emits a soft white glow to create a subtle level of mood lighting.

This Fab Four themed lamp is a real statement piece and will look great in a Beatles fan’s home.

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Abbey Road Street Sign

an image of a Beatles gifts suggestion - an Abbey Road street sign

Abbey Road Studio is a global music icon in itself and, more importantly, it was the epicentre of the majority of the Beatles’ chart-topping hits and where they recorded their albums back in the 60s.

This Abbey Road sign pays homage to the infamous studio where the Beatles made a name for themselves.

Beautifully handcrafted, this handmade street sign is suitable for both indoor and outdoor and will look great hung on a wall or propped up on a shelf.

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Beatles Tote Bag

an image of a Beatles tote bag

Beatles fans will love running their shopping errands with this Yellow Submarine tote bag hanging off their shoulder!

Made from 100% cotton, the long-handled shopper bag is embellished with an illustration of the infamous four-piece band in their infamous ‘Yellow Submarine’ outfits.

This tote bag is one of the must-have Beatles gifts for the friend or loved one who lives and breathes The Beatles.

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The Beatles Signed A4 Printed Autograph

an image of a Beatles signed A4 printed autograph - one of our beatles gift ideas

You’re bound to win massive brownie points by treating a Beatles lover to this autographed photo print!

Printed onto 250gsm card, this A4 print will be carefully packaged and will arrive ready to be inserted into a frame.

This gift features a black and white photograph of the Fab Four cooly strolling down a street, with copies of each of their autographs printed alongside it.

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Yellow Submarine Wallet

an image of a Beatles gift suggestion - a Yellow Submarine wallet

This Yellow Submarine wallet is as psychedelic as the original Beatles movie and album.

With the front and back emblazoned with a funky submarine pattern and colourful card slots inside, this wallet is sure to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Surprise a Beatles fan with this bright and colourful bi-fold wallet, and they’ll be happy as Larry!

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One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time Book By Craig Brown

an image of a Beatles book titled 'One Two Three Four - The Beatles in Time' by Craig Brown

Take a step back in time and relive the extraordinary Beatles years with the in-depth biography ‘One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time’.

This Sunday Times Best Seller delves into the cultural time and social space of the mad era in time that was fondly known as Beatle Mania.

Using a collection of letters, diaries, essays, interviews and personal tales, this biography will transport you back in time to intertwine you within the crazy life of the Fab Four when the took the world by a storm.

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Beatles Abbey Road T-shirt

an image of an Abbey Road t-shirt - one of our beatles themed gifts

You won’t find a more iconic zebra crossing than the infamous Abbey Road. The notorious image on this Beatles t-shirt is known all over the world; it is none other than the album cover from their album ‘Abbey Road’.

Dedicated to the street where they recorded most of their chart-topping hits, the album brought us beloved songs like ‘Come Together’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

The design is screen printed by hand onto this 100% carbon brushed t-shirt, and the rolled back cut seams give it an edgy, vintage look.

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Let It Be Music Box

an image of a Let It Be music box - one of the more unusual beatles gifts available

If you know a Beatles fan whose favourite song is ‘Let It Be’, this adorable music box has their name on it.

Hand operated by a hand crank, this awesome little musical gadget will play a part of the melody when the handle is turned.

Featuring a vintage-style engraved pattern on the outside and the track name engraving on the inside, this would make a lovely gift for any occasion.

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The Beatles Lyric Poster

an image of a Beatles-themed lyric poster

The Beatles churned out a whopping 38 Top 40 hits over their 8-year reign in the music world back in the 60s.

To this day, some of their most famous lyrics are still known word for word by fans all over the world. This lyrics poster celebrates their biggest hits, including ‘Let It Be’, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Hey Jude’, using bold typography and graphics.

A longstanding fan of The Beatles will be delighted to receive this thoughtful and unique gift.

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The Beatles Trivial Pursuit Game

an image of a Beatles-themed Trivial Pursuit game gift

Test a Beatles superfan’s knowledge by treating them to this Fab Four themed Trivial Pursuit pack.

The travel-sized game pack has 600 questions that will challenge even the biggest Beatles enthusiast. it comes with coloured dice and a set of question cards that can be stored in a wedge case that is perfectly sized for carrying with you on the go.

This fun Beatle-themed trivia game will be a crowd-pleaser for the whole family!

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Lego Yellow Submarine

an image of a Lego Yellow Submarine

What do you get when you cross The Beatles with Lego? An awesome Lego Yellow Submarine model complete with mini Paul, John, Ringo and George figurines!

Take a psychedelic trip under the sea in the Lego replica submarine inspired by the 1968 animated film.

Just like the film, it even comes with John’s telescope, Paul’s ‘Love’ tile, Ringo’s ‘half a hole’ tile, and George’s submarine motor. This would make an excellent gift for a Beatles fanatic who has everything!

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Beatles Lego Minifigure Frame

an image of a Beatles-themed Lego minifigure frame gift

It’s hard to believe that a photograph of four men crossing a street would encourage the production of a plethora of memorabilia all over the world.

Still, when it comes to The Beatles, anything is possible!

This Beatles frame takes the backdrop from the original ‘Abbey Road’ album cover, with Lego mini-figure versions of the Fab Four instead. Easily one of our favourite Beatles gifts out there, we absolutely love this quirky take on one of the most iconic photographs ever taken!

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Beatles Baby Bodysuit

an image of a Beatles-themed baby bodysuit

Keep the legacy of The Beatles alive and kicking by introducing the legendary band to the next generation with this adorable Beatles baby bodysuit.

Whether you know a superfan who has just had a baby of their own, or you’re a fan of the Fab Four and you want to gift a new baby with something that will remind them of you, this Beatles babygrow would make a fabulous gift for the occasion.

The pattern on the front of the bodysuit features some well-known lyrics, quotes and illustrations to make it a great addition to a budding Beatles fan’s wardrobe!

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All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release Book

an image of a book titled 'All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release' - one of the ideal gifts for beatles fans

Treat a Beatles buff to this encyclopedic holy grail of information!

‘All The Songs’ is a fountain of knowledge in which two music historians dissect, discuss and analyse every album and song ever released by The Beatles.

From the instruments used on each track, to the technical production details, this book is a literary treasure trove which deep dives into every hidden pocket of their extensive discography.

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The Beatles Yellow Submarine Thermal Flask

an image of a Yellow Submarine thermal flask

A long-standing Beatles fan will love this psychedelic thermal flask!

Featuring funky artwork based on the 1968 Yellow Submarine movie, this drinks flask is every bit as vibrant and groovy as the original film.

Crafted from high grade steel, the double walls will keep drinks hot for approximately 6 hours and will keep drinks cold for about 12 hours. With a liquid capacity of 450ml, it is the perfect sized flask to carry around when on-the-go.

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Yellow Submarine Money Box

an image of a Yellow Submarine money box

Help a Beatles fanatic save up for their next rock and roll album with this funky Yellow Submarine money box.

There’s a slot in the top and a rubber cap in the bottom, so they’ll have no trouble taking their hard-earned cash out.

In the words of the Fab Four themselves, ‘The best things in life are free, but you can keep them for the birds and bees. Now give me money!‘.

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Original Beatles Vinyl Coasters

an image of original Beatles vinyl coasters  - one of our favourite unusual beatles gifts

In the market for more unusual Beatles gifts? Well, these great looking replica Beatles vinyl coasters could be just the ticket.

The set of six waterproof coasters are reproductions of classic Beatles records such as Sergeant Pepper, Hey Jude and Abbey Road, and they’re sure to invoke a wave of nostalgia over any long-standing Beatle fan.

They are the perfect gift for a Fab Four enthusiast who is partial to a mug of tea or coffee (or three) every day.

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Beatles Playing Cards

an image of Beatle-themed playing cards

If you’ve got a Beatles fan in your life who’s partial to a game of poker, rummy or 21, this is the gift for them.

This Beatles themed pack of playing cards features illustrations and photographs from their number one hits.

Each high-quality card features a unique illustration from Apple Archive, along with the hit’s title and release date.

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Abbey Road iPhone Case

an image of an Abbey Road iPhone case

Home of the studio where The Beatles recorded hit after hit and where the infamous zebra crossing photo was taken, Abbey Road has rooted itself as a music icon in its own right.

Treat a Beatles enthusiast with this phone case which depicts an authentic Abbey Road sign, complete with a tapestry of graffiti.

Made from a durable polymer, it will help to protect a phone from any knocks or drops, and it will fit the majority of iPhone models.

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