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Best Friend Gifts for Female BFFs

Best friends deserve the most special gifts, so we’ve compiled a list of BFF-worthy best friend gifts that she’ll love.

From personalised jewellery to heartfelt keepsakes, this gift list is packed with thoughtful, cute and quirky gift ideas that’ll show your best friend that she’s one of a kind.

Check out our ideas for best friend gifts below.

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Friendship is good for your health! Studies have found that people with a wide network of friends tend to experience less tension, reduced stress, and live longer.

Pinky Promise Salt & Pepper Shakers

an image of pinky promise salt and pepper shakers - an ideal gift for best friends

Show your best friend their secrets are always safe with you by gifting them these quirky pinky promise salt & pepper shakers.

The elegant ceramic hands interlock perfectly to form the symbolic ‘pinky promise’ handshake when placed together pride of place on your besties dining table.

This thoughtful gift turns an everyday household staple item into a token of a long-lasting friendship that stands the tests of distance and time. Plus, it’ll always be a conversation starter at dinner parties.

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Bees Knees Silver Earrings

an image of bees knees silver earrings - one of the Taz & Jay best friend gifts suggestions

Looking for a gift to show your best friend they’re the bee’s knees? Then look no further, because these super cute bumble bee sterling silver stud earrings are the perfect gift for letting someone special know exactly how much they mean to you.

The studs are small and delicate, and would make an ideal gift for any jewellery lover.

What’s more, each pair of earrings comes presented in a personalised gift bag with your besties name printed on the outside.

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Morse Code Necklace

an image of a morse code necklace - one of the Taz & Jay best friend gifts suggestions

Secrets between best friends create the type of bond that means everything to a friendship.

Let your best friend know their secrets are safe and kept close to their hearts by giving them one of these beautiful morse code inscribed necklaces.

This is a truly unique gift, you get to choose what you want your secret message to be, and it will be converted into morse code and engraved onto the pendant (you can even choose between brass, gold, rose gold and silver).

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I Miss Your Face Scented Candle

an image of a scented candle with I miss your face printed on it - one of the Taz & Jay suggestions for long distance best friend gifts

Are you always looking for new ways to let your long-distance BFF know how much you miss them? Or maybe you want to show your best friend how much you care about them, even when you’re apart?

If that’s the case, then these scented soy candles with a personalised message would make an ideal gift for your special friend.

You can even write your own personalisation, so be as creative as you like and send one of these homemade candles to your best friend and you’re guaranteed to make them smile.

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Personalised Make Up Bag

an image of a personalised make up bag - one of the Taz & Jay personalised best friend gifts ideas

You can never have too many monogrammed make up bags, right?!

These cotton/polyester canvas make up pouches come in black, blush, grey, hot pink, natural, navy, purple, red, teal or white with a gold zip. Each one is personalised to order, so you can get one for your best friend with their name emblazoned across the front in a beautiful handwritten script font.

This bag would make a perfect gift for your make up loving best friend who likes to travel the world.

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Engraved Hand Gesture Necklace

an image of an engraved hand gesture necklace

Show your best friend you’ll always be by their side with an engraved hand gesture necklace.

You can pick out the colour of your pendant and chain – either gold, rose gold or silver and you can also pick a hand gesture from the catalogue provided. Pick a design which resonates with you and your best friend’s friendship the most – whether it be holding hands to let them know you’re always there for them even when you physically can’t be, or the pinky promise design to show their secrets will always be safe with you!

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Personalised Best Friend Cushion

an image of a personalised best friend cushion - one of the Taz & Jay personalised best friend gifts ideas

Remind your BFF exactly why you love her with this personalised cushion!

Come up with a list on all the unique things you love about your best friend, and it’ll be printed directly onto the quality linen cushion cover. You can also personalise the hairstyles and colours of the two characters, so you can make them look even more like the two of you.

A truly thoughtful gift that will make your best friend smile every time they get cosy on the sofa.

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Personalised Best Friend Print

an image of a personalised best friend print gift

Send your best friend a gift that will brighten both their day and their walls!

This gorgeous personalised print can be customised for you and your best friend, and what’s more, it also includes some heartfelt words that are sure to tug at their heartstrings.

This is a beautiful gift that will show your BFF exactly how much they mean to you.

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Long Distance Friendship Lamp

an image of a long distance friendship lamp

Light up your BFF’s life from afar with this super smart long-distance friendship lamp.

If you purchase two of these lamps, you get to keep one and then send the other one to your best friend. When one person touches their own lamp, it sends a signal to the other one (wherever it is in the world) and causes it to emit the same colour – so you’ll know whenever your best friend is thinking about you and vice versa.

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Anatomy of a Best Friend’s Heart Mug

an image of best friends heart mug - one of our ideas of gifts for your best friend

Gift your best friend with a mug that will also warm their heart!

Sandra Dumais’s whimsical illustration on this coffee mug narrates the building blocks of friendship in the cutest possible way.

The lighthearted illustrations depict the anatomy of a best friend’s heart beautifully, making this mug a lovely gift to send to your best friend to let them know how much you care about them.

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The Best Friend Game

an image of best friends heart mug

How well do you and your best friend actually know about each other?

The Best Friend Game will put your friendship to the test through a series of fun questions and who knows, maybe you’ll even find out some new things about your best friend?

This is a super fun activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, so really it’s a gift for you and your best friend because you’ll get to play it together!

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Personalised ‘Things I Love About…’ Print

an image of a personalised things we love about our best friend print gift

Do you want to share your favourite best friend memories in a keepsake for everyone to enjoy?

This personalised print is a thoughtful gift that is sure to make your best friend feel special and loved. Spend some time reminiscing and come up with a selection of your favourite memories, anecdotes and funniest moments the two of you have shared.

You can be as creative as you like to make it as personal as possible – from listing words of wisdom to noting down the things you love most about your best friend.

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Prosecco & Clementine Bath Bomb Pamper Set

an image of a Prosecco and clementine bath bomb pamper set ideal as a best friend gift

Give your best friend the gift of relaxation and self-care with this Prosecco and clementine luxury gift set.

Treat them to the ultimate pampering session full of bubbles, glitter and scented candles that is sure to make your best friend feel loved and special.

The soaps, candles and bath bombs included in this handmade gift set are Prosecco and clementine fragranced, so your best friend will feel like they’re at their very own private spa with this bubbly treat!

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Gin Making Kit

an image of a gin making kit

Gin gifts are a perfect way to show your gin loving best friend how much you care about them.

With this gin making kit, your best friend will enjoy conjuring up their own artisan gin using the juniper berries and spices included.

Want to know the best thing about this gift? Your best friend will most likely be inviting you over to enjoy their freshly distilled gin with, so ultimately it’s a gift for the both of you!

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World Scratch Travel Map

an image of a world scratch travel map

For those of you with a jet setting best friend who has a passion for travel, this world scratch map would be the perfect gift!

A real statement piece of wall art, you simply scratch away at the countries you’ve travelled to, which will reveal a different colour underneath. The map has a beautiful rose gold foil finish so it looks great hung up on the wall, and will be a great conversation starter for your best friend’s guests.

If, like your best friend, you’ve also got the travel bug, then why not plan some trips away together and use the map to document all the places you’ve travelled to as a pair?

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Dandelion Wish Necklace

an image of a dandelion wish necklace

Looking for a unique piece of jewellery your best friend will love? How about this beautiful wish necklace which contains real dandelion seeds suspended and immortalised in a glass bulb?! It doesn’t get more unique than that!

The design is gorgeous, with the spherical glass charm effortlessly suspended from a sterling silver chain.

Legend says that blowing the seeds off a dandelion while thinking of a loved one will carry your wishes to them in the wind. With this distinctive piece of jewellery, your best friend can carry your wishes with them wherever they go as a reminder that you’re always there for them.

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Bike Pizza Cutter

an image of a bike pizza cutter - a unique best friend gifts suggestion

This funky bike shaped pizza cutter makes cutting through a pizza not only fun, but easy, too.

The double wheel blades ensure you cut completely through the pizza, without damaging the surface. The selection of funky colours and designs lightweight stand also means it can be left out on the kitchen counter as decoration when it’s not being used to slice up a pizza.

The non-stick surface of the wheels is easy to clean, and it’s also dishwasher safe.

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Friendship Wooden Heart Plaque

an image of a friendship wooden heart plaque

Show a special friend how much they mean to you with this wooden heart hanging plaque.

The engraved poem is heartfelt and is sure to hit your best friend right in the feels.

She can hang this wooden plaque somewhere in their house, so whenever she catches sight of it, she’ll instantly be reminded of your special friendship and how much it means to you both.

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Why You’re My Bestie Journal

ideas for cheap best friend gifts - an image of a journal for best friends

Fun and lighthearted, this personalised book is to be filled out by you first before you gift it to that special friend.

Simply complete the sentences provided within and fill in the gaps – you can be as imaginative and as silly as you like!

Once the pages of this pocket book have been filled, wrap it back up and gift it to your bestie to let them know exactly why you think they’re the bomb.

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Toast to an Eggcellent Friend Wooden Board

an image of a toast shaped breakfast board that is ideal as a best friend gift

Get your best friend egg-exactly what they’ve always wanted with this egg-cellent toast shaped breakfast board.

With built in boiled egg holders and the engraved whimsical message, this gift is sure to make your best friend laugh every time they eat their breakfast off of it.

Put a smile on your BFF’s face and show them how much they mean to you with this seriously cute (and practical) gift.

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Personalised ‘You Got This’ Foiled Notebook

an image of a personalised foiled notebook

The positive affirmation printed on the front cover of this personalised notebook is sure to give your best friend the confidence boost she didn’t know she needed.

The front cover radiates positive vibes because it is emblazoned with the statement ‘you totally got this’ followed by your BFF’s name in shiny gold foil font. For an added personal touch, there is also space to print a personalised message on the inside page, so you can offer more words of encouragement. This soft back notebook comes in a variety of pastel shades, so there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

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