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Cactus Gifts:
21 Gifts for Cactus Lovers

With over 2,000 different species, the beloved cactus plant comes in a vast array of shapes, colours and sizes, and the popularity of these prickly plants has soared over recent years.

It’s widely known that the cactus needs very little water to survive, so you don’t need to be a dab hand at gardening to keep one thriving.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is crazy about cacti, then check out our list of twenty-one cactus gifts and accessories that are sure to inspire you.

Each botanically inspired gift idea has been carefully chosen to bring you a selection of the best cactus gifts on the market!

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There are nearly 2,000 species of cactus! They’re native as far north as British Columbia in Canada and as far south as Argentina in South America. However, Mexico is home to the most cacti (and the widest variety of species).

Mighty Spiky Cactus Gift Seed Kit

an image of a mighty spiky cactus gift set seed kit that will let you grow your own cactus

This cactus growing kit comes with everything you’ll need to grow a variety of prickly plants from seeds.

Whether you’re a novice in the gardening world or an accomplished cultivator, the Mighty Spiky cactus seed kit is an ideal gift for all green-fingered abilities.

It comes with five varieties of seed which all possess different characteristics such as height, colour and flowers, as well as useful step-by-step instructions in how to grow and care for them.

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12x Handmade Cactus Tealight Candles

an image of handmade cactus tealight candles - one of our cactus gifts ideas

These super cute cactus candles would make a lovely gift for a loved one who is a fan of the spikey specimen.

The set of 12 tealight sized candles are shaped like realistic mini cacti and succulent plants, and they’d make lovely decoration at home or for a party. Made of quality paraffin wax, each candle is around 4cm in height and will burn for approximately 30 minutes.

The set comes packaged in an attractive gift box and tied up with a sparkly bow.

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Handmade Scented Cactus Candle

an image of a handmade scented cactus candle

Paint your space with the scent of this gorgeous cactus candle — the ideal gift for anyone with a sense of style and a love for candles.

Made with natural soy wax, this candle has been cleverly moulded into the shape of three cactus plants, all of which are hand made, so no two candles are the same.

There are three scents to choose from – Secret Garden, Angel Blush and Spring in Paris, all of which are a unique twist on sweet floral aromas.

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Cactus Neon Light

an image of a handmade scented cactus candle

Add a splash of colour and a retro light to a space with this funky neon cactus light! Battery-powered and compatible with USB charging, this cactus light emits a green glow from the LED neon night light.

Suitable from both indoor and outdoor use, it could be placed on a desk, table, shelf or bench and will look fantastic wherever it goes.

This cactus lamp is a real statement piece and is guaranteed to make an impact, as well as brighten up a space.

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Cactus LED Lamp

an image of a cactus led lamp

Bring the razzle-dazzle of old-school showbiz into the home with this quirky cactus LED light!

With a design based off a retro marquee sign, this lamp is full of Hollywood glamour and would make a quirky addition to any space. At 10-inches high, this most awesome of cactus gifts can either be wall-mounted or placed on a table, shelf or desk.

The eight LED lightbulbs are powered by 2x AA batteries, giving this lamp approximately 100 hours of shine time.

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Cute Cactus Pillow

an image of a cute cactus pillow - one of our cactus gifts ideas

With its fluffy cushioned filling, this soft and plush cactus pillow is probably the only cactus you’ll ever see us cuddling!

Shaped like a 3D potted cactus plant, it would make a brilliant gift for both adults and children. Measuring 37cm tall, this versatile piece of cactus home decor can offer cosy snuggles on the sofa, or it could be a hassle-free decoration for a desk.

It is made of PP cotton with a plush outer, so it is guaranteed to be durable and safe for all.

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Mini Ceramic Plant Pots With Bamboo Trays

an image of mini ceramic plant pots with bamboo trays - one of our suggestions of cute cactus gifts

This set of adorable mini plant pots are the perfect home for cactus plants to live. Made of ceramic and measuring 3-inches tall, they all come with a bamboo tray to catch any water that filters through the drainage hole.

Each pot brings heaps of personality, with each one a different colour and decorated with its own facial expression.

This set of cactus pots are the perfect gift for family and friends who have green fingers and thumbs.

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Small White Ceramic Plant Pots With Bamboo Tray

an image of mini ceramic plant pots with bamboo trays

Bring the outdoors inside with this lovely set of hexagon ceramic pots! A selection of cactus plants would look great in these mini pots, which slot perfectly together to fit on the bamboo tray.

Each pot has a drainage hole the bottom, allowing water to flow out onto the bamboo tray for a quick and convenient clean up.

This set of decorative cactus plant pots are made from high-temperature ceramic, so they are stronger and more durable than a regular ceramic pot, making them a perfect gift for a friend or family member.

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Origami Cactus Kit

an image of an origami cactus kit - one of our cactus gift box ideas

Origami is a fantastic way to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and mental concentration. This Origami Cactus Kit will expand the mind and result in some cool desktop sculptures, making it a brilliant gift for someone who is into arts and crafts.

The kit comes with everything they’ll need to create five fantastic 3D origami cactus sculptures, as well as handy illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Once completed they will add a splash of colour to a desk, table or shelf as a decoration, and the best thing is they don’t need to remember to water them!

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Cactus Socks

an image of cactus socks - one of our cactus gifts ideas

Liven up a wardrobe with a pair of cactus print socks! Unlike the real plants, these socks aren’t full of spines, so they’ll definitely keep a pair of feet warm and cosy.

Made from a cotton, spandex and polyester blend, they are a high-quality product which offers a comfortable fit for all.

Available in navy, blue, grey, purple, yellow and cream, the design features an assortment of cactus plants which vary in shape, size and colour.

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Cactus Print Makeup Bag

an image of a cactus print makeup bag - one of our cactus gifts ideas

This premium quality wash bag is made from soft and padded fabric, with reliable zippers and velcro, which encompass a practical yet funky gift.

The waterproof and durable pastel pink fabric is adorned in a cute cactus pattern, making it a gorgeous gift for a special little lady in your life.

The built-in hook allows it to hang from a towel rail, coat hook or shower, for easy access and display of all their toiletries and cosmetics.

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Cactus-Themed Desktop Organiser

an image of a desktop organiser - one of our cactus themed gifts ideas

If you’re in the market for some beautiful yet practical cactus gifts, then this cactus-themed desk organiser could be just the ticket!

A tidy desk leads to a tidy mind, so keep someone feeling sharp with this awesome cactus desk organiser!

Featuring a pot for pens and pencils, a magnetic arm for paperclips and another arm to hold elastic bands, this multi-functional pen holder is fully equipped to keep a desk looking tidy and fresh all day long.

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86cm Inflatable Cactus

an image of an inflatable cactus gift idea

Finally, a life-size house plant that can look after itself! This inflatable cactus sure does look the part, and it doesn’t even require any watering or attention, perfect for those who struggle to keep their plants thriving through a long drought.

Don’t worry, this inflatable cactus doesn’t include spikes, but it sure does look the part and perfect decoration for a kids playroom or a themed party.

Measuring 86cm when fully inflated, it comes with a pot, so it won’t be easily knocked over by a breeze.

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Foldable Reusable Cactus-Themed Shopping Bag

an image of a foldable reusable cacti themed shopping bag

This colourful shopping bag neatly folds away into a compact pouch in the shape of a cactus, ideal for keeping in a handbag, so it’ll always be within an arms reach.

Unfolded from its pouch, the lightweight tote bag features a cheerful cactus design and long handles, making it easy to carry on the shoulder or in hand.

This colourful bag would make a great practical gift for a friend or relative on their birthday or even for Christmas.

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Funny Cactus T-Shirt

an image of a funny cactus t-shirt - one of our favourite cactus novelty gifts

We love a good pun here at Taz & Jay, and this ‘What The Fucculent’ t-shirt is certainly no exception!

Featuring a motif design of five cactus plants alongside the phrase ‘What The Fucculent’, this fun and tongue in cheek t-shirt is one of our favourite cactus gifts, and it’s guaranteed to be a winner for anyone with a sense of humour and an obsession for the prickly plants.

Made from a cotton blend, there are an array of colour combinations available to suit the preference of your recipient.

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Set of 3 Cactus Prints

an image of a set of three cacti prints

They say life is like a cactus – full of small spines, but beautiful. This set of three cactus art prints embodies that saying wholeheartedly.

The prickly plant illustrations are vibrant and will add more than a splash of colour to any room or space. Each design is printed onto thick white premium acid-free 300gsm card using quality inks which are then sealed with a matt finish.

The 3-piece set of prints are available in either A4 or A5 size and would look great mounted in three larger frames.

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Cactus Phone Cover

an image of a cactus phone cover - one of our cactus gift ideas

Treat a loved one to some ‘on point’ cactus gifts with one of these cactus print phone cases!

With five different prickly plant designs to choose from, you can rest assured that they’ll be looking sharp from the moment they start using one of these funky phone covers.

The gel or hard cases will protect a phone from bumps and bashes from all angles and has soft button covers to ensure 100% functionality.

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Cactus Print Backpack

an image of a cacti print backpack

Made from 100% waterproof nylon, this stunning cactus design backpack is perfect for kids to carry all their essential items for school.

With padded straps guaranteeing comfort and the funky cactus design guaranteeing style, this backpack would make a brilliant gift for a girl or boy.

The vintage style and cactus print are very on-trend, and any child will be eager and keen to show it off around school to all of their friends.

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Funny Cactus Mug

an image of a funny cactus mug - one of our favourite cactus novelty gifts

Don’t be a prick and miss out on this hilarious cactus themed mug! Treat a loved one to one of these novelty cactus gifts, and we guarantee it will brighten up their day.

Made from durable ceramic, it is 100% dishwasher proof and microwave safe, so they won’t need to worry about washing it up by hand every time they use it.

Each mug is made to order, with the quirky design printed on both sides of a plain white mug. It will be carefully packaged in a smash-proof postage box, too, ensuring it reaches them scathe free.

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Cactus Money Bank

an image of a cacti money bank - one of our ideas for cactus related gifts

Squirrel away pennies and loose change in this stylish cactus money bank. The funky 3D design will add a pop of colour and heaps of style to any space.

This money bank would make an excellent gift for kids to save up their pocket money in, or equally for adults who are trying to look after the pennies for a rainy day.

Cacti are currently living their best life and bang on-trend, so we guarantee this gift will be a hit with whoever you choose to give it to!

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Cactus Passport Holder

an image of a cacti-themed passport holder

Let someone travel in style by treating them this awesome cactus passport holder! With a pastel pink background and a cute cactus illustration, this passport cover is the perfect gift for the jet-setting travel enthusiast in your life.

Inside it has built-in pouches for credit cards, foreign currency, boarding passes and of course that all-important passport.

The pretty design makes this a well-suited gift for women and girls who are frequent travellers.

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