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Cute Gifts for Boyfriend:
29 Cute Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Whether you’ve been together for years or it’s still the early days of your relationship, finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend can be a challenge, but Taz & Jay are here to help!

Whether you’re looking for something funny, sentimental or practical, our extensive list of cute gifts for boyfriends is here to save you from hours upon hours of trawling the internet for inspiration.

From heartfelt keepsakes to personalised accessories, we’ve collated an eclectic selection of cute gifts to give your boyfriend for his birthday, your anniversary, or Christmas.

Check them out below!

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You’ve probably heard the saying that opposites attract and that having different qualities and interests is the key to a long and happy relationship. Science tends to disagree, though, with a study showing that its like-minded couples that tend to have longer, happier relationships.

‘Our Song’ Sound Wave Print

an image of a our song sound wave print

If you and your boyfriend have a song that holds a special place in both your hearts, this soundwave graphic print would make a lovely sentimental gift.

The audio recording of your chosen song will be immortalised as a unique soundwave graphic and printed onto premium quality card. Choose from a choice of background and text colours to tailor this unique print to your boyfriend.

This special piece of artwork would make a great birthday, Valentine’s or anniversary gift.

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Little Box of Promises

an image of a little box of promises - one of our ideas of cute valentines day gifts for boyfriend

The ‘Little Book of Promises’ is a unique gift idea for boyfriends who already have everything. Perfect for an anniversary, birthday or Valentines Day, this book of promise cards is worth its weight in gold.

It contains ten pre-made promises based on everyday situations, such as doing the dishes or walking the dog, as well as five blank cards for you to fill in with those extra special and bespoke promises.

The quality 300gsm cards come presented in a magnetic display box so that they can be used again and again.

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‘What I Love About You’ Fill in Journal

an image of a fill in journal called what I love about you - one of our ideas of cute valentines day gifts for boyfriend

Give your boyfriend a meaningful gift full of love and attention by treating him to the ‘What I Love About You’ Love Journal.

Each page contains a phrase followed by a fill-in-the-blank line for you to express precisely how you feel about your bae.

This hardback book has 50 pages full of unique entries, and the best thing about it is you can be as sweet, funny or sentimental as you like, making it an incredibly cute gift for your boyfriend.

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‘Reasons Why I Love You’ Gift Box

an image of a reasons why I love you gift box

Remind your boyfriend how much he means to you by treating him to this charming ‘Reasons Why I Love You’ gift box.

The wooden box contains ten heart-shaped wooden pieces, each of which you can engrave with a personalised reason why you love him. Whether it’s the way he makes you laugh or his radiating positivity, this cute gift will show him just how much you care.

Lovingly handmade to order, it can be dispatched directly to the recipient, which is perfect if you are in a long-distance relationship with your significant other.

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Personalised Engraved Picture Keychain

an image of a personalised engraved picture keychain

Your boyfriend will be able to carry around cherished memories with him everywhere he goes with this lovely photograph keychain.

Made from super-soft genuine leather, the outer case can be engraved with his initials, and inside is a photograph or text message of your choice. Available in a selection of colours, this unique and individual gift would make an exceedingly thoughtful gift for your boyfriend.

By upgrading the order, you could even include another photograph or special message on the other side of the stainless steel plate.

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Personalised Keyring Set for Couples

an image of a personalised keyring set for couples

Let your boyfriend know you’re his missing piece by treating him to this pair of jigsaw puzzle keyrings.

Made from textured oak, the idea is that you keep one piece while your boyfriend keeps the other, so you’ll both be able to carry a part of each other everywhere you go for that special connection.

Personalise each piece with an engraving of your names alongside a heartfelt message and this sentimental gift will hit your boyfriend right in the feels!

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‘I Love You’ Morse Code Bracelet

an image of a i love you morse code bracelet

This quirky Morse Code bracelet is a subtle way for you and your boyfriend to carry a piece of each other wherever you go.

Using the international alphabet representation of Morse Code, the beads on each bracelet cleverly spell out ‘I Love You’. The polyester waxed cord which is adjustable, so this bracelet is suitable for all sizes of wrists.

This gift comes beautifully presented in a velvet gift bag and a secret message card, so he’ll be able to translate your heartfelt message.

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Jar of Smiles

an image of a jar of smiles - one of our ideas of cute boyfriend gifts

Make your boyfriend smile every day, even when you’re not together, by treating him to a Jar of Smiles. This heartfelt gift contains 31 colourful and thought-provoking quotes inside a cute glass jar.

By reaching in and picking out a quote every day, your boyfriend will be able to reflect on each one as it brings a smile to his face.

The words of wisdom are sure to hit him right in the feels and remind him of what a thoughtful and wonderful girlfriend he has!

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Original Personalised Toblerone Bar (360g)

an image of a personalised Toblerone bar

Treat your chocoholic boyfriend to this personalised bar of Toblerone to show him how much you care! The 360g milk chocolate bar can be personalised with his name or a special message of your choice.

The personalisation will be printed on an outer sleeve, so once he has finished the chocolate bar, the outer sleeve can be put out on display.

If your boyfriend has a penchant for the triangular Swiss chocolate, this is the perfect gift for him!

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Retro Sweets Selection Box

an image of a retro sweets selection box - one of our ideas of cute christmas gifts for boyfriends

This selection of retro sweets would make a brilliant gift for your sweet-toothed boyfriend!

The box is crammed with a fantastic selection of everyone’s childhood favourite sweets, from Sherbert Fountain to Parma Violets, so there’s bound to be something in there to make him feel nostalgic.

This box of retro sweets would make an ideal gift for any occasion, whether for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or just because you feel like surprising your other half with some yummy treats!

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Chocolate Gift Box

an image of a chocolate gift box - one of our ideas of cute christmas gifts for boyfriends

Your chocoholic boyfriend will be filled with sheer joy if you surprise him with this chocolate gift box.

Crammed with a superb collection of chocolate, this striped hamper box contains everyone’s favourite brands, including Cadbury, Nestle and Hannah’s.

Mixed with a perfect balance of milk chocolate and white chocolate, this fantastically valued selection box is crammed with 18 delicious chocolate bars, and it would make a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life.

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Takeaway Dice

an image of takeaway dice - one of our ideas of cute small gifts for boyfriends

Take the trouble out of one of life’s most challenging decisions by treating your boyfriend to a takeaway dice.

Couples often find themselves at loggerheads when it comes to deciding what takeaway to order, so this dice will make that crucial decision for you!

There are six choices of takeaways included; Pizza, Burger, Chicken, Chinese, Curry and Mexican, that will help speed up that all-important decision-making process for you and your boyfriend.

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USB Mixtape

an image of a usb mixtape

Back in the days before Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and even CDs, cassette tapes were one of the only ways to enjoy new music from the comfort of your own home.

Teenagers took to recording mixtapes to impress a crush with a personally curated playlist full of their favourite songs. This USB cassette tape is a modern twist on the retro mixtape, and we think it would make a charming gift for your boyfriend.

Share photographs, videos, songs and other unforgettable memories through this quirky and sentimental gift.

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Just the Ticket: Stub Organiser

an image of a ticket stub organiser gift idea

Cherish the precious memories you’ve shared with your boyfriend by surprising him with this ticket stub organiser!

Rather than leaving them to gather dust in a shoebox underneath the bed, put all your old tickets in this archival binder instead, and you can both relive the unforgettable memories together.

Whether you have old tickets from cinema trips, concerts, festivals, theme park visits, museums or holidays, ‘Just The Ticket’ has space for up to 80 tickets.

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Scratch the World® Travel Map

an image of a scratch the world travel map

Treat your jet-setting boyfriend with this brilliant Scratch The World® Map! The extra-large poster measures 84cm x 59cm and would make a real statement piece of artwork on his wall.

By scratching off the gold coating from each of the countries he’s travelled to, the urge to scratch off more countries will soon set in, and hopefully, he’ll take you away on a trip or two!

The impeccable detail of this map even includes cities, hill shading and state outlines.

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‘I Love Tits’ Mug

an image of an I love tits mug

Whether your boyfriend is a keen birdwatcher, or he just appreciates a cracking pair of tits, this mug would make a brilliant gift for him.

The high-quality ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave proof and features the quirky ‘I Love Tits’ design on both sides.

Whether he takes this mug into the office or keeps it at home, it is sure to make a statement and cause a stir in the crockery cupboard.

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‘Thank You for Swiping Right’ Mug

an image of a mug that says thank you for swiping right - one of our ideas of cute gifts for boyfriends

These days, it’s not uncommon for a couple’s love story to begin with a dating app.

The question ‘How did you two meet?’ is rarely answered with ‘At the park/bowling alley/ bar’. Instead, it all begins after some mutual swiping has taken place on an app, and if a connection develops in the digital realm, they take the leap to meet in the real world.

If you met your boyfriend on Tinder, treat him to this hilarious ‘Thank You For Swiping Right Mug’ to remind him every day where your love story began.

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Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

an image of heart shaped tea bags - one of our ideas of cute small gifts for boyfriends

Spread a little positivi-tea by treating your boyfriend to this adorable tin of heart-shaped tea bags.

Each tea bag is carefully handmade with love and is guaranteed to put a smile on his face. The five tea bags are available in an assortment of flavours so that you can pick your tea-loving boyfriend’s go-to brew.

Each one has a ‘love in a mug’ label for that extra added sentiment, and they’ll come beautifully presented in a cute heart-shaped tin.

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Funny Bean Coaster

an image of a funny bean coaster - one of our ideas of cute gifts for boyfriends

Show your favourite human bean how much he means to you by gifting him with this cute coaster.

The design, created by the talented Kay Townsend, features two loved up baked beans alongside the phrase ‘You are my favourite human bean’. Measuring approximately 9 x 9cm, it has a high gloss, smooth finish with hardboard backing.

This coaster would make an excellent gift for your bae on Valentine’s Day or to celebrate a special anniversary.

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‘I Love You To The Moon And Back’ Coaster

an image of a coaster that says I love you to the moon and back - one of our ideas of cute cheap gifts for boyfriends

You may not have access to a space shuttle, but you can still figuratively show your boyfriend how much he means to you by getting him this cute ‘I Love You To The Moon & Back’ coaster.

Handmade in the UK by the talented Kay Townsend, the coaster has a premium, high-gloss finish and hardboard backing.

The adorable illustration features a tiny space rocket zooming through space as it makes its way to the heart-shaped moon.

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Personal Daily Planner

an image of a personal daily planner - one of our ideas of cute gifts for boyfriends

If your boyfriend is a bit on the scatty side, treat him to a personal daily planner to help him keep track of his appointments, meetings and day to day tasks.

This functional planner is organised into monthly/weekly sections and even has pages dedicated to passwords, contacts, notes and reminders.

Make sure your boyfriend never forgets your birthday or anniversary by treating him to this premium quality A5 planner!

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’52 Things to Do While You Poo’ Book

an image of a book called 52 things to do while you poo

In this day and age, time not spent multi-tasking is time considered wasted.

On average, we spend around 42 minutes a week on the toilet, which we consider to be prime multi-tasking time! ’52 Things to Do While You Poo’ is packed full of fun facts, puzzles and jokes for you to soak up whilst doing a number two.

Treat your boyfriend to this funny and cheeky book, and he’ll never be bored in the bathroom again.

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Novelty Bring Me a Beer Socks

an image of novelty bring me a beer socks - one of our ideas of cute boyfriend gifts

Treat your beer-guzzling boyfriend to this pair of novelty socks which have the secret message ‘If you can read this bring me a cold beer; sewn into the bottom.

Made from a cotton and elastane blend, this funny pair of socks are super soft, comfortable and moisture repelling.

The only thing is, you may quickly regret buying these for him because you’re going to be the unlucky person who’ll have to fetch his ice-cold beer each time he wears them!

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Personalised Pet Cushion

an image of a personalised pet cushion - one of our ideas of cute personalised boyfriend gifts

Turn your boyfriend’s beloved furry friend into an incredible 3D cushion!

Handmade with the highest quality materials, this plush pillow is cut out to the shape of your pet and would make a fantastic gift for anyone with a four-legged friend. Created from an original photograph, each pillow is a one-of-a-kind keepsake and is perfect for cuddling with on the sofa.

If your boyfriend is a pet lover, this is THE ideal gift for him!

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Personalised Handmade Buffalo Leather Wallet

an image of a personalised handmade buffalo leather wallet

This premium quality personalised wallet is a timeless gift with heaps of sentimental value.

Made from high quality buffalo leather, this bi-fold wallet has compartments for banknotes, credit cards and even a handy coin holder, making it incredibly practical.

Personalise this gift by embossing up to 6 characters either on the inside or outside of the wallet to gift it that extra ‘wow’ factor. The leather has been protected with natural oils to give it a rich finish, making it hard-wearing and long-lasting.

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Personalised Buffalo Leather Wash Bag

an image of a personalised buffalo leather wash bag

Allow your jet-setting boyfriend to travel in style by treating him to this elegant personalised wash bag.

Made from genuine buffalo leather, the stylish wash bag has a large pocket, and there’s also a separate front pocket, so he’ll have more than enough space to store all his travel-essential toiletries.

Add the personal touch to this stunning gift by embossing up to 7 characters on either the top or front of the wash bag.

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Personalised Leather Bookmark

an image of a personalised leather bookmark - one of our ideas of cute gifts for boyfriends

If your boyfriend is a big bookworm, chances are he will love this lovely personalised leather bookmark!

Handmade from high-quality leather, you can make it even more special by embossing it with up to 12 characters in blank emboss, silver, bronze or gold. You could personalise it with his initials, name, a special date or even his favourite word.

With eight stunning colours of vegetable tanned leather to choose from, your boyfriend will love this practical and thoughtful gift.

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Custom Engraved Zippo Lighter

an image of a custom engraved zippo lighter

If your boyfriend is someone who always carries a lighter around with him, this personalised Zippo will make the perfect gift for him.

Available in an assortment of styles and finishes, the world-famous Zippo lighters are reliable, windproof, refillable and durable. Engrave the lighter with your boyfriend’s name, initials or a special message to make this a unique and special gift for your other half.

It will arrive packaged in an original Zippo gift box and also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Retro Sega Mega Drive Mini

an image of a sega mega drive mini console - one of our ideas of cute christmas gifts for boyfriends

Treat your gaming-mad boyfriend to a trip down memory lane with a SEGA Megadrive Mini!

It includes 40 classic games which have been preloaded onto the console, so no more blowing dust out of cartridges to get them to work. From Sonic the Hedgehog to Ecco the Dolphin, all the legendary characters make an appearance in this retro console.

With two controllers included, you’ll both have a blast playing your favourite old-school games against one another!

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