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What to Get Someone Who Loves Cycling:
23 Must-Have Cycling Gifts

Cycling is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. It also provides an opportunity to explore new places and meet new people!

Whether you’re shopping for someone who bikes regularly or someone who has just started cycling, this list of bike-themed gift ideas and accessories provides everything you need to help them enjoy their hobby or commute that much more.

Forget obvious gift idea like lights, a helmet, or a cycling jersey. No no, we’ve gone all-out with our search to pull together a more unique selection of cycling gifts that is sure to impress.

From must-have toolkits to make their rides on two wheels smoother to stylish art prints that will brighten up their home, our range of eclectic cycling gifts is sure to suit all types of cycling enthusiast.

Check out our pick of the best gifts for cyclists below.

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The Guinness World’s Record for the farthest distance cycled in one month is a whopping 11,315.29 km (7,031 miles) achieved by Mark Beaumont from the United Kingdom between 2-31 July 2017.

Rehook Chain Gadget

an image of the rehook bicycle chain gadget

For cyclists, there’s nothing more annoying than a loose bike chain, especially when it causes them to get their hands covered in dirt and oil whilst they attempt to reattach it.

Enter Rehook; the must-have gadget for cyclists that takes the mess and hassle out of fixing pesky bike chains.

The unique patented design will rehook the bike chain in seconds, keeping oil and dirt well away from hands and clothes.

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‘On Your Bike’ Oddsocks

an image of on your bike oddsocks

Help a cycling enthusiast express their love for bikes by treating them to these quirky ‘On Your Bike’ Oddsocks.

Made from a cotton, polyamide and elastane blend, the cycling socks are hardwearing yet cool and breathable and would be the perfect gift for any man who is obsessed with bikes.

From the mountains to the lakes, the vibrant illustrations celebrate cycling and the great outdoors in general, making them a great gift for all types of bike-mad individuals.

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Bicycle Bottle Opener

an image of a bicycle bottle opener

There’s nothing more satisfying than cracking open a cold beer after a day of cycling across tough and undulating terrains, which is why this bike bottle opener would make a very apt gift for any cycling enthusiast.

Made from a sturdy and durable metal, this novelty bottle opener would make a great stocking filler or gift if paired with a bottle of beer for the cycling-mad person in your life.

Just remember to remind the lucky recipient to save the drinking for after they’ve finished cycling!

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Bike-Themed T-Shirt

an image of a bike themed t-shirt

This funny novelty t-shirt would make a great gift for the keen cyclist in your life.

Made from 100% ring-spun cotton, this loose fit and short sleeved t-shirt offers both style and comfort.

Made by renowned cycling attire company Ride Like the Wind®, the professionally produced screen printed t-shirt features a distressed-style upside down graphic which reads ‘If you can read this, I fell off my bicycle’ for a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour.

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Bike-Shaped Pizza Cutter

an image of a bike shaped pizza cutter

Make the task of slicing up a pizza more fun by treating somebody to this awesome bicycle pizza cutter!

The front wheel functions as a blade to cut up a pizza into equal slices, making it perfect for sharing with friends.

This handy novelty gadget is made from high quality stainless steel and even comes with a mini bike stand, making it a great kitchen decoration when not being used to slice up pizzas.

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Funny Bike Mug

an image of a funny bike mug

If you’re looking for a tongue-in-cheek gift for the bike lover in your life, this hilarious mug would make a great birthday, Christmas or even Father’s Day gift.

With a unique bike shaped handle, this novelty mug is seriously sturdy, perfect for any cyclist to swig their morning cup of tea, coffee or hot choclate from before they head out for a tough day of cycling through the great outdoors!

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‘Five Things I Like’ Bike Mug

an image of a five things i like bike mug

If there’s anything a cyclist likes as much as riding their beloved bike, it’s talking about bikes, looking at bikes and watching television programmes about bikes. So much so that the lucky recipient of this mug will be convinced that it has been personalised to them!

This hilarious mug is a great hot beverage vessel for any cyclist enthusiast to (not so subtly) tell the world about their two-wheeled passion.

Made from durable ceramic, the conversation-starting 11oz mug is dishwasher friendly, so the printed design will never fade in the wash.

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Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit

an image of a muc off bike care essentials kit

Help a bike fanatic take care of their beloved bicycle by treating them to the Muc-Off bike care essentials kit!

This handy cleaning set comes with all the vital cleaners, treatment and tools your bike-mad friend will need to make their precious bike look as pristine and sparkly as the day they bought it.

The wheel and component brush, Bike Protect spray, Nano Tech bike cleaner and MicroCell sponge come with a handy storage tote for contaminant-free storage.

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Anti-Chafing Cream for Cyclists

an image of anti chafing cream for cyclists

VeloSkin’s Premium Chamois Cream is one gift that will certainly won’t leave any sore spots!

A must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time cycling the open roads, show a loved one that you care about their comfort whilst they’re on the saddle by treating them to this tub of premium anti-chading cream.

VeloSkin has been used by aspiring Olympians, pro athletes around the world and weekend warriors alike – all because it’s really good at what we believe it should be: keeping a cyclist’s skin comfortable while sitting on the seat of their favourite bike!

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Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

an image of the muc off ultimate bicycle cleaning kit

Help a loved one clean up their bike like a true pro by getting them the Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit.

The proud bike owner will find just what they need in this kit, including Bike Protect – the best way to keep dirt from sticking to freshly washed parts – as well as cleaning brushes and other handy tools which will help clean those hard to reach places after their latest cycling adventure.

Whether you know someone who hits the road on two tyres or shreds the trails on a mountain bike, Muc-Off Ultimate is essential for the post-ride clean up.

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Cycling Art Print

an image of a cycling art print

The Road Cycling Art Print is a striking and stylish piece of artwork that appeals to all types of cycling enthusiasts – from ex-professional cyclists, keen commuters and leisure riders alike.

Aaron Tolley’s inventive yet tranquil design depicts an aerial view of a meandering stretch of road, thereby reinforcing the carefree and free spirit behind every ride.

Made with the upmost attention to detail, this quality art print comes exquisitely printed on 300gsm textured art paper.

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Handmade Bicycle Chocolates

an image of handmade bicycle chocolates

If you’re looking to treat a loved one to a novelty gift, we have the right homemade chocolates for you.

Get geared up with this quirky collection of bicycle chocolates. Handmade in Somerset from the finest white and dark Belgian chocolate, they’re wonderful presents for any cycling fanatic in your life – but don’t expect them to share!

The box of nine chocolate bicycles, handmade from white and dark Belgian chocolate, come beautifully presented in a Choc on Choc box.

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The Official History of the Tour de France Book

an image of the official history of the tour de france book

This is the must-have book for all the Tour de France fans out there.

The Tour de France has been going on for over one hundred years, and this book is packed with features, stories, facts and anecdotes from every race since 1904.

The cycling enthusiast in your life will love reading stories about cyclists like Lance Armstrong or Chris Froome, as well marvelling at the iconic French cycling gear back in the ‘80s!

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‘How to be a Cyclist’ Book

an image of a how to be a cyclist book

Treat the cycling enthusiast to the gift of knowledge by giving them this helpful cycling book that’s packed full of bike-related pearls of wisdom.

Inside, they’ll find everything they need to know about their two-wheeled hobby or means of commute, from necessary skills and equipment needed for riding, to helpful tips on navigating potential hazards like cars, hills and pedestrians.

A must-have and one of the best cycling gift ideas for any lycra-wearing bike enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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Mini Ratchet Tool Set

an image of a mini ratchet tool set

With PRO Bike Tool’s Mini Ratchet Tool Set you’ll never be stuck without the right tool for the job.

It comes with 10 different bits which will cover nearly all tweaks, adjustments and installs on a standard bike. The kit also features a magnetic bit extender, making it a highly practical and handy piece of kit.

All 10 bits, the handle and the extender fit inside the handy storage case, which is the perfect size to fit in a saddle bag or back pocket.

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Universal Bike Phone Mount

an image of a universal bike phone mount

Whether they’re mad about off-road cycling or prefer pedaling the open roads, all cyclists will love the Roam Universal premium bike phone mount!

The expanded size accommodates all handlebar sizes and fits most major smartphones with screens up to three-inches. Devices can be securely mounted to the bike thanks to two points of contact, a premium hard plastic grip and the silicone netting which will protect each corner of the smartphone.

Treat the cyclist in your life to this handy device which will help them safely navigate their route whilst they pedal.

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Tour De France Cycling Coaster Set

an image of a tour de france cycling coaster set

This imaginative coaster set features the classic and iconic cycling jersey colours from the Tour de France, and would make a wonderful gift for anyone who follows the iconic annual cycling race.

The set of four comes with one of each jersey design – yellow (Race Leader), green (Sprinter) red polka dot (Climber) and white (Young Rider).

Adding a touch of colour to any room, the durable and heat resistant materials mean these drink coasters will last for years.

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Cycling Bottom Cream

an image of swerve cycling bottom cream

Swerve Bum Cream is a fresh and natural moisturiser that replenishes soft tissue and protects the skin from infections.

Made from plant derived ingredients with a light citrus smell and feel, it’s gentle enough for riders of all disciplines and terrains. The set comes with six handy packs, perfectly sized to fit in a back pocket or saddlebag, so it’ll be on hand when they need it the most!

This product is gentle on the bum and will keep any keen cyclist smiling in the saddle.

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‘Brainy Bikers’ Tour de France Game

an image of the brainy bikers tour de france game

One of our favourite gifts for cyclists, the Brainy Bikers Tour de France game is a fun and challenging cycling quiz where you relive the legends of old, take on challenges in modern era, and see what it takes to win.

A game for both individuals and teams, players will need to adopt the cunningness of Lance Armstrong, the fitness of Miguel Indurain, and the nerve of Tom Simpson to take on the epic challenge and emerge as the champion, making it a great gift for cycling enthusiasts.

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Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair

an image of the big blue book of bicycle repair

The Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is the ultimate guide and present for anyone who loves cycling.

Written by Calvin Jones, this practical and comprehensive handbook contains detailed descriptions about every step in a bicycle’s life, from fixing minor problems to overhauling major parts.

This fourth edition has been refreshed with the latest information, diagrams and techniques from Nicoletti ProCycles’ experts, plus dozens more new photos that make it even easier for both novices and pros to fix practically anything on just about any bicycle, often with just a multi tool!

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ByCyclogical Gripster

an image of the bycyclogical gripster

The Gripster’s lightweight innovative design has revolutionised how bicycles are stored and works great anywhere from living rooms, to offices and even garages or sheds.

Instead of having to buy yet another bulky storage solution for a bike, why not treat a cycling enthusiast to the Gripster?

It easily attaches to a bike handlebar or frame and allows it to lean safely against a wall when not in use, taking up no extra space and therefore not cluttering the home!

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Garmin Edge Explore Bicycle Sat Nav

an image of the garmin edge explore bicycle sat nav gps

Help a biking obsessed loved one know every turn of the road by treating them to the lightweight, compact, and waterproof Garmin Edge Explore bike GPS!

This smart piece of kit will tell them where to go and how far, fast, and high they’ve ridden, so they can brag about their performance to friends over a post-ride beer.

With preloaded cycle maps and turn-by-turn navigation, it has everything they’ll need for an epic bike ride without missing a beat from a brand they can trust.

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Puncture Repair Kit With Tools

an image of a puncture repair kit with tools

Every cyclist knows that a flat tyre is the last thing they want to happen whilst out on a long and gruelling cycle.

When unprepared, it can be difficult to find a solution for those pesky flat tyres once it’s happened, which is why every cyclist should be equipped with the Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit on every ride!

With three nylon tyre levers with spoke hooks, a flat spanner and 6 feather edge patches, it comes with all the puncture-tackling favourites to get them back in the action as soon as possible.

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