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Dad to Be Gifts:
23 Gifts for Soon to Be Dads

Celebrate the man behind the growing baby bump by treating a dad to be to a thoughtful gift.

Whether you are a mum to be looking to share your excitement about your new arrival with your partner, or you know an expectant father who deserves a special keepsake, this list offers a fantastic range of dad to be gifts that will knock his socks off!

From survival kits to help him make it through his first nappy change, to handbooks that offer invaluable advice in the lead up to the birth, we’ve collated a list of inspiring gifts for soon to be dads that are sure to impress.

Check out our pick of the best dad to be gifts below.

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Today’s dads play a much bigger part in child care than they did 50 years ago. A 2016 study showed that fathers nowadays spend an average of eight hours per week looking after their children…a whopping three times more than the average recorded in 1965!

Daddy’s Nappy Aid Kit

an image of a funny novelty nappy aid kit for dads

As a new father, changing the first every nappy can be a daunting task, so ensure they are prepared for all eventualities with this Daddy Nappy Aid Kit.

One of the more humorous yet useful dad to be gifts, it includes a tongue-in-cheek instruction manual, eye protection, earplugs, toxic sack, wipes, gloves, gas mask and an emergency nappy.

Treat a nervous dad to be with this funny gift that will help them get through even the more explosive dirty nappy situations.

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Funny Baby Emergency Frame

an image of a funny baby emergency frame

Remind a new father he can still have a sense of humour, even during those foggy early days of parenthood, with this humorous baby emergency frame.

A dad to be will (hopefully) see the funny side when you surprise him with this novelty frame that he can display somewhere he is likely to glance at in the midst of one of the many nighttime feeds.

In case you’re wondering, the soother is fake, so make sure he doesn’t actually break the emergency glass in sheer desperation!

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Dad To Be Survival Kit In A Can

an image of a dad to be survival kit in a can

Treat a dad to be with this tongue in cheek gift that will make them smile as they prepare for an onset of sleepless nights and surge of dirty nappies.

The novelty can comes with an assortment of objects, and the meaning of each one has been listed on the gift card inside.

From an eraser to remind them that all parents make mistakes, to a pair of match sticks to help them keep their eyes open, this survival kit would make a fun keepsake for any new dad as he leaps into parenthood.

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Commando Dad: Basic Training Book

an image of a book for new dads called commando dad basic training

Thought parenting didn’t come with a handbook?

Think again, because the ‘Commando Dad: Basic Training Book’ is the no-nonsense guide which provides all the knowledge and tools a new dad will need to win at parenting!

This must-have book for new dads was written by ex-Commando and dad of three, Neil Sinclair, and it provides the practical advice and pragmatic tips and tricks every new dad will benefit from knowing.

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The Expectant Father Book

an image of a dad to be book called the expectant father

Mothers-to-be have a plethora of books and resources available to help educate, encourage and support them during the lead up to the birth.

Whilst there aren’t nearly as many resources available for dads to be, ‘The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide’ is a one-stop-shop for soon to be dads, with insightful information for each stage of the pregnancy, labour and early days of fatherhood.

Written by best-selling author Armin A Brott, this book would make an excellent gift for someone in your life who is about to take on the daunting role of fatherhood.

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The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide Book

an image of a dad to be book called the expectant dads survival guide - our pick of one of the best gifts for dads to be

Fatherhood brings with it a whole horde of new experiences, from navigating your way around a nappy changing bag to knowing what to be prepared for during the labour.

‘The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide’ takes a dad to be through each stage of the pregnancy, detailing what their partner will be experiencing and how they can offer their support during this unfamiliar journey.

Written by author Rob Kemp who specialises in fatherhood, this handy book combines the expert advice from midwives, obstetricians and psychologists to provide valuable advice for a father to be.

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Haynes Explains: Babies Book

an image of the haynes explains baby book - our pick of one of the best gifts for dads to be

This pocket-sized ‘Haynes Explains Babies’ handbook would make a great little gift or stocking filler for an expectant father to muse over in the run-up to the birth.

The book is a lighthearted twist on the classic workshop manual; it includes entertaining tips from how to navigate your way through the first nappy change, to how to offer support during the labour.

Treat a dad to be with this cheeky handbook which will make him smile during a time when the nerves might be starting to set in.

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Dad to Be Birthday Card

an image of a dad to be birthday card

Fatherhood doesn’t have to begin after the birth, with many dads donning their ‘parenthood cap’ the day their partner shows them a positive test result.

Make a dad feel special on his birthday with this card ‘from the bump’, which could also be used as a way to announce a pregnancy on his special day.

Printed on 300gsm card, the A6 birthday card comes with an envelope and has been left blank inside for a personal message of your choice.

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‘Man Behind The Bump’ Mug

an image of a dad to be mug gift idea

This mug would make a very apt gift for a dad to be who’s looking to share the limelight with a mum to be and her ever-growing bump.

Embellished with the words ‘The man behind the bump’, this fun and whimsical mug celebrates a soon-to-be father’s upcoming role as a parent to a new baby.

Treat the dad to be in your life with this mug for Father’s Day, or you could even use it as a pregnancy announcement to let him know his life is due to change in less than nine months!

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Daddy Shark Mug

an image of a daddy shark mug gift idea

Fathers to be may not yet be familiar to the phenomena that is Baby Shark, but give them a taste of the highbrow culture that is heading their way over the next few years by treating them to this Daddy Shark mug.

The ceramic mug has a graphic of Daddy Shark alongside the somewhat irksome lyrics from the song.

It’ll be perfect for all those cups of tea and coffee that the expectant father will soon be craving after an influx of sleepless nights caused by the new arrival.

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Daddy and Me Finger Puppet Board Book

an image of a daddy and me finger puppet board book

‘Daddy and Me; is an adorable interactive book that we reckon would make one of the loveliest dad to be gifts.

The beautiful illustrations, rhyming story and lion finger puppet will encourage interaction between a new father and his baby. The charming story will develop their imagination and verbal skills, and it is also a lovely way for them to bond with one another.

It has thick board pages, bright artwork and is suitable from ages 0 and up.

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Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

an image of a letters to my baby journal gift idea

Help a dad to connect with their unborn child with this thoughtful ‘Letters to My Baby’ book.

This special gift comes with 12 envelopes for him to fill with memories, anecdotes and special keepsakes that he can seal up and give to his future child when he or she is older.

A nervous expectant father will be able to express his emotions as he approaches parenthood for the first time, and it’s one of the loveliest dad to be gifts as a result.

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Papa Bear and Baby Bear Matching T-Shirts

an image of papa bear and baby bear matching t-shirts

This matching Papa Bear and Baby Bear t-shirt and babygrow set is the epitome of cuteness!

Made from 100% cotton, the adult t-shirt has the graphic ‘Papa Bear’ across the front, and the adorable babygrow has a ‘Baby Bear’ graphic, and both of them have a bears paw print included within the design.

Treat a dad to be in your life with this matching set that he will undoubtedly wear with pride once the baby arrives.

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Tactical Baby Gear Daypack

an image of a tactical baby gear daypack - one of our suggestions of soon to be dad gifts

These days it is next to impossible to travel light with a newborn baby in tow.

The Tactical Baby Gear backpack is the ultimate accessory to help a new dad lug all the essential items around with him, everything from the endless supply of baby wipes to the multiple spare outfits will easily fit into this practical bag. It has a large main compartment and several front pockets for bottles, muslins and valuable items such as a wallet and keys.

With a backrest doubling as a detachable changing mat, this is the nappy bag new fathers have been waiting for.

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Multi-Position Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

an image of a multi-position baby carrier

If you’re looking for practical dad to be gifts, then look no further because the Sweety Fox Multi-Position Baby Carrier is just the ticket!

Designed to carry an infant in a variety of ways, this carrier is comfortable, stylish and versatile. It has two pockets for him to keep his valuables close, as well as a harness and sling to keep the baby safe and even closer.

With a padded seat, breathable mesh window, detachable sun cover, foldable headrest and padded shoulder straps, this premium product ensures optimum comfort for both the baby and the parent.

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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night

an image of the tommee tippee perfect prep day and night machine

The Tommy Tippee Prep Day and Night takes the hassle out of preparing bottles of formula for hungry babies, which is excellent news for all those sleep-deprived new parents out there.

At the touch of a button, the machine will produce a fully prepared bottle that will be ready in just two minutes.

What’s more, it also an adjustable volume button, so it won’t wake up the rest of the household whilst they sleep at night.

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Munchkin Shhh Sleep Machine

an image of the munchkin shhh sleep machine

Unbeknown to some, babies don’t actually need silence to fall asleep. White noise helps to create a comforting, womb-like environment that babies find incredibly soothing and makes them feel safe.

The Munchkin Shhh Sleep Machine can play three sounds that will help lull an upset baby to sleep.

A shushing noise will play first to calm the baby down, followed by a heartbeat to relax them further, and finally, white noise will play out to keep them in a deep sleep.

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Tile Bluetooth Item Finders

an image of tile bluetooth item finders

When it comes to babies, new parents are thrown in the deep end and have to learn everything on the job.

With this multitude of new responsibilities, chances are they are going to lose track of where they left the car keys (often enough they somehow make their way to the fridge) or where they last saw their wallet.

Treat a dad to be to the ultimate finder with the innovative Tile Pro. Whether it is attached to a set of keys, wallet or handbag, it will track down the misplaced item through a handy app on your phone.

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Nespresso CitiZ Coffee Machine

an image of the nespresso citiz coffee machine - one of our suggestions of soon to be dad gifts

A new baby in the house brings a great deal of excitement, a shedload of nappies and plenty of sleepless nights.

Treat a dad to be with this Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine so he can quaff enough caffeine to stay on top of his parenting game.

With a super-fast heat-up time of 25 seconds, this flashy coffee machine will produce barista-style coffee at the drop of a hat, perfect for a new dad who needs a quick caffeine fix to get him through the day after a long shift of night feeds.

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Victure Instant Photo Printer

an image of the victure instant photo printer

They say that once you have a baby, time disappears in a blur right in front of your eyes.

Help a new dad cherish those early memories of fatherhood forever with this handy portable photo printer!

The Picture Portable Photo Printer instantly prints 4″ x 6″ photographs straight from a smartphone device through the ‘Instant Colour’ app, so a snap-happy dad can print out quality photos without even having to leave the house.

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Apple Airpods with Charging Case

an image of apple airpods with a charging case

A pair of high-end wireless earphones would make one of the best dad to be gifts for someone who is approaching fatherhood.

This pair of 2nd generation AirPods combines breakthrough technology and innovative design to bring crystal clear, high-quality sound.

In the run-up to the birth, an expectant dad could use these AirPods to clue himself up on the ins and outs of parenting by listening to a parenting podcast, making it one of the most thoughtful gifts for soon to be dads.

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Personalised Whiskey Glass Set

an image of a personalised whiskey glass set

Commemorate the life-changing event of a man becoming a father for the first time with this personalised whiskey glass set.

Presented in a beautiful wooden display box, the glass comes with three whiskey stones which will chill the liquor without diluting it.

Each glass is beautifully cut and can even be personalised with the recipient’s name, making this a wondering keepsake gift for a dad to be whose favourite tipple is whiskey.

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One-Handed Bottle Opener

an image of a one handed bottle opener

Whoever said men couldn’t multitask obviously never owned a GrabOpener one-handed bottle opener!

This handy gadget is a must-have tool for all dads to be, so treat the expectant father in your life to one, and he will be eternally grateful.

The GrabOpener has been masterfully designed to open a bottle with the use of just one hand, so whilst feeding the baby a bottle of milk in one hand, he can crack own a bottle of beer using his free hand. Genius!

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