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Doctor Who Gifts:
27 Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

Since its premiere in 1963, Doctor Who has become a huge hit not just in the science fiction genre of TV programmes, but across the entirety of TV series ever produced.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon, too, having been broadcast to millions of fans in over 90 countries during its fifty-plus year history.

The programme revolves around the Doctor, an extraterrestrial human-like being who, along with various companions, and the aide of their trusty TARDIS, works to combat enemies, save civilisations, and help people in need.

The show has inspired ranges of memorabilia, books, clothing and more, and we’ve scoured the web to bring you this list of brilliant Doctor Who gifts to treat the avid ‘Whovian’ in your life.

Check out our pick of the best gifts for Doctor Who fans below.

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TARDIS stands for “Time And Relative Dimension In Space”, and it’s the time-machine the Doctor uses in the hit TV series.

Doctor Who Mystery Gift Box

an image of a doctor who mystery gift box - ideal if you are looking for doctor who christmas gifts or ones for birthdays

Looking for some Doctor Who gifts or memorabilia for the super-fan in your life, but unsure what to get? Don’t worry; this Doctor Who-themed gift box could be just the answer!

The box includes a selection of official Doctor Who merchandise and provides excellent value for money.

The pack’s contents are subject to change (it is a mystery gift, after all!), but they typically feature around ten items with fan favourite characters like Daleks and Cybermen.

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Doctor Who TARDIS A5 Notebook

an image of a tardis themed a5 notebook

This Doctor Who notebook is the perfect place for jotting down lists, reminders, phone numbers, and much more!

With a front cover which features the TARDIS that has become synonymous with the long-running TV series, it would make an extremely apt gift for the ‘Whovian’ in your life.

The notebook is filled with white lined pages, and it comes with a fabric bookmark and a magnetic closure to keep it looking neat and tidy.

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Mr Men: The 13 Doctors Collection

an image of the 13 doctors collection of mr men books - one of our picks of dr who gifts

You don’t have to be a kid to love Mr Men, and that’ll be especially true for Doctor Who fans thanks to this fantastic collaboration between the two iconic series.

The collection includes thirteen beautifully-illustrated paperback books (one of each of the current Doctors – well, at the time of writing anyway!), with each one documenting a different Doctor’s adventures through time and space.

The collection comes with a handy slipcase to keep each book safe and accounted for.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Alarm Clock

an image of a doctor who tardis alarm clock

The Doctor is famous for being a Time Lord; an ancient extraterrestrial species from the Doctor’s home planet of Gallifrey.

While this alarm clock won’t provide the lucky recipient with time-travelling capabilities like the show’s famous TARDIS, we still think it’s one of the coolest Doctor Who gifts nonetheless.

Not only does the clock have a projection function to display the time, but it’s also capable of glowing blue and making TARDIS sounds when the alarm goes off!

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Doctor Who Men’s Quartz Watch

an image of a dr who quartz watch for men - one of our picks of doctor who gifts for men

Help a Doctor Who fan unleash his inner Time Lord with this stylish Quartz watch.

No, unfortunately, it won’t provide the lucky recipient with time-travelling abilities, but it can help ensure that they’re never late to an important meeting or appointment ever again.

The stainless steel watch features a beautiful blue leather strap, and it comes in a stylish Doctor Who gift box for that all-important great first impression.

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Bronze Doctor Who Theme Pocket Watch

an image of a bronze doctor who theme pocket watch

As mentioned above, the Doctor is famous for being a member of the Time Lords, an ancient extraterrestrial species, and we can’t think of a more fitting gift for a wannabe Time Lord than this Quartz pocket watch.

The watch comes packed in a stylish gift box and features both a 30cm and an 80cm chain depending on the lucky recipient’s preference.

The ultimate statement piece for any fan of the show, it’s just as functional as it is stylish!

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David Tennant Signed A4 Print

an image of a david tennant signed doctor who print

Famous for playing the 10th Doctor, this piece of Doctor Who memorabilia includes a print of David Tennant signature, along with an in-character photo of the star from the hit show.

Printed onto 250gsm card, this A4 print will be carefully packaged and will arrive ready to be inserted into a frame.

If you’re looking for a unique keepsake for a Doctor Who fan, you’re sure to be onto a winner with this print.

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Doctor Who Art Print

an image of a doctor who art print

Easily one of our favourite Doctor Who gifts out there, this illustrated print would look great hung in any superfan’s living room or bedroom.

The print features a selection of the various Doctors from over the years, and is drawn digitally in high-definition and printed on high-quality semi-gloss photo paper for that premium look.

The print arrives unframed, letting the lucky recipient pick one out to best suit their tastes and decor.

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Doctor Who Framed A3 Signed Print

an image of a framed a3 signed print

Easily one of the most collectable pieces of Doctor Who memorabilia out there, this framed A3 print is a must-have for any super-fan of the series.

Sure, it might feature prints as opposed to original autographs, but if you’re after more budget-friendly Doctor Who gifts that fans will still love, we reckon this could be a winner.

The print uses high-quality 250gsm card and high-end printing to provide a premium finish and comes with a sleek black frame.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Mug With Lid

an image of a tardis mug with lid

One of the ideal Doctor Who gifts for the super-fan who loves to pair their favourite show with their favourite cuppa, this TARDIS-themed mug with lid is sure to be a winner.

Unfortunately, the officially licenced piece of Doctor Who memorabilia isn’t microwave or dishwasher proof. Still, we reckon that it’s worth giving the mug that extra bit of TLC to preserve all of its intricate detailing.

Made from ceramic, it’s something that the lucky recipient is sure to cherish for years to come!

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Doctor Who Mug Set (4-Pack)

an image of a four pack doctor who mug set - one of our suggestions of dr. who collectables

There’s nothing better than watching your favourite TV show with friends or family (provided they don’t talk the whole way through it, of course).

Ensure everyone looks the part when pairing their favourite cuppa with their favourite TV show with this four-pack mug set.

Packaged in a stylish gift box, each mug features unmistakable illustrations based on the hit TV-series.

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Doctor Who Inspired Whisky Glass

an image of a whisky glass

For the whiskey lover in your life, you’d struggle to find a better way to help that ‘Whovian’ in your life enjoy their favourite show than with this Doctor Who inspired whisky glass.

With a humourous engraving that reads ‘Doctor’s Orders’ in addition to the unmistakable TARDIS, the glass has a quality feel that’s sure to last.

The tumbler is big enough to hold 260ml of their favourite tipple and is both refrigerator and dishwasher safe for added convenience, too.

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Doctor Who ‘Fourth Doctor’ Scarf

an image of a doctor who scarf inspired by the one worn by the fourth doctor tom baker

One of the ideal Doctor Who gift ideas for the fashion-conscious fan in your life, this scarf is styled after the one worn by the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

Measuring 2-metres in length and 25-centimetres wide, the scarf is knitted from 100% acrylic and comes in a special zipper carry case to keep it safe and secure when not in use.

An official piece of Dr Who clothing, it’s as soft and warm as it is colourful!

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Doctor Who ‘Thirteenth Doctor’ Scarf

an image of a doctor who 13th doctor scarf inspired by the one worn by the thirteenth doctor jodie whittaker

Another sure winner for any Doctor Who loving fashionista, this particular scarf is styled after the one worn by the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

The scarf measures 175-centimetres in length and 25-centimetres in width and is knitted from 100% acrylic for a soft and warm feel.

As with the scarf above, it comes in a special zipper carry case to keep it safe and accounted for when not in use.

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Doctor Who Socks (3 Pairs)

an image of three pairs of socks featuring the tardis, daleks, and cybermen

This pack of three pairs of socks is one of the essential Doctor Who gifts who loves the hit TV series and can’t get enough of its merchandise.

Featuring the Doctor’s TARDIS logo, the Daleks and the Cybermen, the socks are made from a cotton-rich blend for softness and feature plenty of elasticity and stretch for comfort.

They’re machine-washable too, and available in a variety of sizes to fit most fans’ feet.

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Doctor Who Men’s T-Shirt

an image of a doctor who t-shirt for men - one of our picks of doctor who gifts for him

One of the essential gifts for Doctor Who fans who eat, sleep, and breathe the hit TV series, this t-shirt will help show off their love of the show to everyone.

This official piece of Doctor Who merchandise is available in a variety of sizes from small to XXL, and in a whole range of stylish colours, too.

It’s made from 100% cotton for extra comfort and features a printed retro 1970’s Doctor Who logo which we absolutely love.

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Doctor Who Inspired Hoodie

an image of a doctor who inspired hoodie

Ask even non-fans of Doctor Who what they associate most with the show, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the infamous 1960’s London police box style TARDIS was one of the top answers.

Perhaps then, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the TARDIS has featured on countless Doctor Who collectables and memorabilia, with this stylish hoodie being no exception.

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, it’s available in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Messenger Bag

an image of a doctor who tardis messenger bag - one of our picks of dr who gifts

As functional as it is stylish, this TARDIS-themed messenger bag is perfect for everything from university books to travel essentials.

Measuring 45cm wide, 30cm tall, and 15cm deep, it features both carry handles and a shoulder strap, and has padded internals to keep prized possessions like laptops or iPads safe.

What’s more, it also features side-poppers for making it bigger or smaller instantly and has handy internal organising pockets to keep smaller valuables safe.

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Doctor Who Tardis Clutch Purse

an image of a doctor who tardis clutch purse - one of our picks of doctor who gifts for her

One of the more unique Doctor Who gifts out there, this stylish purse resembles the show’s iconic TARDIS.

The purse’s high-quality faux leather material comes in a colour that we’ll call TARDIS-blue, and it features a colourful striped strap that culminates in a fancy ‘Police Box’ button.

The purse features a full-width note compartment, eleven card slots, and a zipped compartment to keep its contents safe and secure.

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Monopoly: 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Edition

an image of a 50th anniversary collectors edition doctor who monopoly game - one of our picks of doctor who presents

The world’s most famous board game has received a makeover – Doctor Who style!

Suitable for between 2-6 players, the game comes with a selection of Doctor Who playing pieces, and each player can choose to play as their favourite.

Similar to traditional Monopoly, the aim of the game is to buy up game squares and build houses and hotels; however, instead of buying up famous London streets, players will navigate through a gameboard filled with Doctor Who related items and episodes!

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Trivial Pursuit: Doctor Who Edition

an image of a special edition of trivial pursuit

The perfect gift for any quiz-loving Doctor Who fan, this special edition of Trivial Pursuit comes with 600 questions that are sure to test even the most dedicated of Whovians!

The bite-size game comes complete with coloured dice, 100 question cards, and a handy wedge case for easier storage.

We can’t think of a better way to coax a Doctor Who fan away from the TV for a bit of quality family time!

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Doctor Who Board Game

an image of a board game

Suitable for between 2-6 players, ‘Race to the TARDIS’ is an action-packed game for all the family.

The aim of the game is to retrieve three key components that have broken free from the TARDIS following an attack by Daleks using outlaw technology!

Each player takes control of a Doctor, and whoever can retrieve the missing parts and complete the repairs the quickest, all the while surviving attacked from deadly foes, is declared the winner.

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Top Trumps: Doctor Who Edition

an image of a doctor who edition of the top trumps card game - one of our picks of dr who gifts

Top Trumps is a simple yet addictive card game that brings someone’s favourite things to life.

In this case, the world of Doctor Who has been transformed into a fun game for the whole family. Each card features a different hero or villain from the hit TV show, with which you have to trump your opponent’s card to win it.

Who knows, even Doctor Who super-fans may learn something they didn’t already know, like which is scarier – a Dalek or Mutant Spider?

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Doctor Who Fluxx Card Game

an image of the fluxx card game

Fluxx is a fun card game for all the family that features ever-changing rules to keep things fresh and exciting!

The game starts with one basic rule; draw one card, and play one card. As the game progresses, the rules change, including how many cards you can draw and how many cards you can hold at the end of a turn.

There are four basic card types (Keepers, Goals, Rules, and Actions), with each given a unique Doctor Who themed twist that fans of the show are sure to love.

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Doctor Who Story Cubes

an image of doctor who storage cubes

If you know a Doctor Who fan who is always dreaming up new stories or plot-twists, we can’t think of a better gift idea than these Doctor Who themed story cubes.

The cubes work just like dice, but instead of numbers, the nine dice have feature images that when combined, can be used to create millions of different Doctor Who stories.

A fun way to dream up new ideas, improve creative writing skills, or blast through writer’s block, they’re as fun as they are educational and functional!

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The 5th Doctor and TARDIS from “The Visitation” Figurine Set

an image of the 5th doctor and tardis from the visitation classic doctor who figures

One of the more iconic storylines in Doctor Who’s fifty-plus year history, ‘The Visitation’ is a series of four episodes first aired in 1982.

This Collector’s set commemorates ‘The Visitation’ storyline with a figurine of Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor, and his iconic TARDIS that accidentally transports him to the 17th century instead of the intended 20th century.

Both highly detailed and sought after, it’s the essential Doctor Who gift for die-hard fans of the TV show.

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Doctor Who ‘History of The Daleks’ Figurine Set

an image of the doctor who history of the daleks doctor who action figures

Did you know that the Daleks are the only one of the show’s baddies to have faced every incarnation of the Doctor over the years?

Yep, it’s true, and given their popularity (we do love to hate them!), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re featured in plenty of Doctor Who memorabilia – this fantastic figurine set included!

The set includes two 5.5-inch Daleks with various points of articulation, and it’s sure to be a winner with Doctor Who fans and collectors.

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