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Donkey Gifts:
21 Gifts for Donkey Lovers

Donkeys are like sad-looking, long-eared real-life teddy bears who look like they need a big hug every time you see one.

These gentle, hee-hawing and long-suffering animals may be seen as less glamorous than their steed cousins, but they are still loved by so many people.

If you’re looking for a gift for a donkey devoted person in your life, check out our list of twenty-one donkey gifts for ideas and inspiration.

We’ve collated a selection of brilliant gifts that will ensure you don’t make an ass of yourself when they unwrap what you’ve bought for them!

Check out our pick of the best donkey gifts below.

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Donkeys are part of the Equidae family of animals, which also includes horses and zebras.

Adopt A Donkey Gift Box

an image of an adopt a donkey gift box

Treat a loved one who is devoted to donkeys to this brilliant Donkey Adoption gift box!

This thoughtful gift allows you to adopt a donkey on a farm in Oxfordshire for 12 months, with the proceeds going to towards the care of neglected and abused donkeys. The pack comes with a welcome letter, heaps of informative leaflets, an infographic poster and adoption registration instructions.

Once they’ve registered their adoption, they will receive regular updates and news about their special donkey.

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Funny Donkey Print

an image of a funny donkey print

Don’t make an ass out of yourself by missing out on one of these funny donkey gifts! The unframed art print features an illustration of an adorable donkey alongside the phrase ‘Nice Ass/Arse’.

Printed onto high quality 250gsm card, this fun art print would make a cheeky addition to a bathroom or downstairs loo.

The print is available in a range of sizes from 6″ x 4″ up to A3 and you can choose your preferred text option when going through to the checkout.

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Donkey in Glasses Print

an image of a donkey in glasses print

A donkey lover will be delighted to receive this fantastic print of a cute donkey wearing a pair of spectacles.

This item is a digital download, so you can print it out on your own choice of card or paper, frame it and then surprise your loved one with a fantastic gift that is sure to make them smile. The design features a black and white illustration of a fluffy donkey wearing a coloured pair of thick-rimmed glasses.

The print would make a great addition to a nursery, playroom, bedroom or living room.

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Cute Donkey Notebook

an image of a cute donkey notebook - one of our choices of donkey related gifts

A donkey lover will love taking notes in this fun and funky donkey themed notebook!

The leather-feel hardback cover features a stunning illustration of an adorable donkey’s face designed by the talented animal artist Wendy Shuardson. The intricately detailed portrait showcases the donkey’s trademark big ears, kind eyes and fluffy mane that we all know and love. The 15cm x 11cm notebook has approximately 196 lined pages and a cream ribbon.

The handmade notebook was produced with care and attention and would make a beautiful gift for someone who is devoted to donkeys.

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Donkey Print Wash Bag

an image of an animal print wash bag

Treat someone special in your life to this lovely donkey-themed wash bag that will keep their toiletries safe when they are on their travels and make them smile at the same time.

This is a limited edition wash bag, featuring a gorgeous design by the talented artists Selina-Jayne Designs. Produced within an exclusive run of just 250 editions, each wash bag comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Selina-Jayne alongside the limited edition number.

The design features an adorable donkey-themed pattern printed onto high-quality close-weave polyester.

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Fabric Donkey Doorstop

an image of a fabric animal doorstop gift idea

This adorable fabric donkey door stop is a practical gift that a donkey lover will be more than grateful to receive.

Made from a hard-wearing fabric and weighing 850g, this sturdy door stop is ready to prop open any door around the house.

With detail featuring a furry mane and tail, dangly legs and those trademark floppy ears, it’s one of the best donkey gifts for that special someone in your life.

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Novelty Donkey Glasses Holder

an image of a novelty donkey ornament glasses holder

Treat a spectacle-wearing donkey enthusiast to this fun novelty donkey shaped glasses holder!

Easily one of the most unique donkey gifts out there, it’s made from durable resin and features a notch in the donkey’s head which allows a pair of glasses to balance perfectly as if the donkey is wearing the glasses.

This glasses holder would make an ideal gift for someone who is always losing their glasses because they’ll never forget where they are if the donkey is looking after them!

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Donkey Necklace

an image of a donkey necklace

This delicate donkey pendant necklace is adorable and would make an exceptional gift for someone who has a soft spot for the hee-hawing, four-legged creatures.

The donkey charm measures 1.2cm tall by 1.9cm wide and is available in sterling silver, yellow gold plated sterling silver or rose gold plated sterling silver.

The chain length is also available in a variety of lengths, so you can choose a style that your gift recipient will suit the most.

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Cute Animal Tote Bag

an image of a cute animal tote bag

One of the reasons why donkeys are so popular is because people are put at ease by their calm and gentle nature.

They are a loveable creature, and it’s no surprise that people are so drawn to them. Treat a donkey devotee to this ‘I Like Animals More Than People’ tote bag so they can let the whole world know their secret.

Made from 100% cotton, there are a variety of vibrant colours to choose from, so you can pick one that will suit your recipient the most.

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Donkey Slippers

an image of animal themed slippers

This pair of super soft and cosy slippers would make a brilliant gift for that special person in your life who can’t get enough of donkeys!

Made from a soft, fuzzy and warm fleece fabric, these novelty slippers are the ultimate cosy accessory to wear around the house when the weather gets chilly.

The soles are made from an anti-slip ethylene-vinyl acetate to ensure they don’t slide around the floor too much.

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Donkey Print Socks

an image of donkey print socks

This pair of mismatched socks would make a fun gift for anyone who loves donkeys!

The unisex socks come in a variety of sizes and are made from a cotton, polyamide and elastane blend to offer a comfortable fit. The design on these colourful and crazy socks feature a donkey pattern on one and a dangling carrot on the other.

So, brighten up a loved one’s wardrobe by treating them to this pair of eccentric socks for their next birthday or Christmas present.

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Donkey Thermal Mug

an image of a thermal mug gift idea

Surprise a donkey dedicated loved one with this travel thermal mug so they can enjoy a warm cuppa whilst on the hoof.

Made in the UK from recycled plastic, the 350ml capacity thermal mug features the ‘Donkey Selfie at Swanage Pier’ illustration by Lucy’s Farm.

It has a double-walled design to ensure hot drinks are kept hot for longer and the screw fix lid guarantees there are no accidental spillages whilst out and about with this lovely travel mug.

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Natural Stone Donkey Coaster

an image of a natural stone donkey coaster

This beautiful natural stone coaster features a lovely black and white image of a donkey poking its head over a fence to say hello.

Handmade from tumbled marble, each coaster measures 10x10cm and has a protective seal to protect the design from water and heat. There back of the coaster is lined with a layer of cork to protect the furniture from abrasion and to make sure it doesn’t slip around.

Each piece of marble varies slightly in colour and texture, and the edges are somewhat uneven and distressed to create an authentic rustic feel.

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Wrendale by Royal Worcester Donkey Mug & Coaster

an image of a wrendale by royal worcester donkey mug and coaster gift idea

Made from high quality bone china, this gorgeous mug and coaster set features beautiful illustrations of a friendly donkey named ‘Gentle Jack’.

This dishwasher and microwave safe mug has a different hand-drawn illustration on the front and back, as well as on the inner rim. The stunning design originated from British artist Hannah Dale, who is inspired by the animals and wildlife residing in the Lincolnshire countryside.

A donkey enthusiast will love sipping a warm cosy drink from this beautiful Wrendale design mug and coaster set.

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Crazy Donkey Lady Funny Mug

an image of a crazy donkey lady funny mug

Treat a lady who is mad about donkeys to this novelty mug for her birthday or Christmas gift this year!

This fun mug features a graphic of a cute donkey alongside the statement “Beware Crazy Donkey Lady” printed on both sides.

Your donkey obsessed loved one will be able to enjoy a cosy cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate from this mug which lets the whole world know just how crazy she is about donkeys!

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Donkey Cookie Cutters

an image of donkey cookie cutters

Bake up a storm with this set of fantastic donkey shaped cookie cutters! Handmade from recyclable PLA plastic, the set comes with a small, medium and large donkey themed cutter to make a delicious batch of cookies for everyone to enjoy.

The cutters could also be used in the craft and hobby area as stencils for the shaping of clay, salt dough or cutting around coloured card.

These donkey themed gifts would make a fantastic present for a loved one who dabbles in baking or loves getting crafty.

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Don’t Be A Donkey Game

an image of a don't be a donkey game gift idea

Don’t Be A Donkey’ is a fast-paced game of card passing and carrot grabbing that the whole family will enjoy.

The aim of the game is to collect four matching cards in your hand and quickly grab a carrot before they all run out.

If you miss out, you’re one step closer to becoming a donkey! Lose three times, and you’ll have a set of donkey ears, a donkey nose and no dignity left in this fun-filled action game.

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Flopsie Donkey Plush Toy

an image of a flopsie plush toy

From Aurora World’s ever-popular Mini Flopsies range of soft toys, this cute and cuddly donkey would make a wonderful gift for anyone mad about donkeys!

Made with high-quality plush fabrics and filled with beans, this sumptuously soft donkey toy is a sought after collectable from a whole range of animal toys.

The bean bag body, along with the fluffy tail and mane make this one incredibly cuddly donkey that would make an excellent gift for both children and adults.

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The Wonky Donkey Children’s Book

an image of a book for children called the wonky donkey

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years and haven’t seen the hilarious viral Wonky Donky Scottish Granny video, we urge you to watch it immediately!

The Wonky Donkey is a delightful children’s book that will have both the kids and adults in stitches as they read all about the adventures of a one-eyed, three-legged donkey.

This best-seller book features catchy rhymes written by Craig Smith and fabulous illustrations by artist Katz Cowley, and it would make a fantastic gift for a particular donkey devotee in your life.

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The Dinky Donkey Book and Toy

an image of the dinky donkey book and toy

The Dinky Donkey is the sequel to the laugh-out-loud and viral sensation, The Wonky Donkey.

The second story in this series follows the antics of the Wonky Donkey’s daughter, Dinky Donkey, using more playful rhyming verses by Craig Smith and beautifully illustrated once more by Katz Cowley.

This gift also comes with a super cute cuddly baby donkey toy that will help to bring the story alive as children and adults read along.

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Winnie the Pooh Snuggletime Eeyore Soft Toy

an image of a winnie the pooh snuggletime eeyore soft toy

He may always show a gloomy outlook on life, but the beloved Disney donkey Eeyore is a strong and dependable friend to each and every resident of Hundred Acre Wood.

This soft and cuddly Eeyore Snuggletime toy would make a lovely gift for a particular person in your life who loves all things donkey.

Made from sumptuously soft fabric, this Eeyore has been created especially for children (and also adults) to cuddle and snuggle until their heart is content!

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