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Elephant Gifts:
21 Gifts for Elephant Lovers

Branded the gentle giants of the animal kingdom, elephants are amazing creatures, so it’s no surprise humans love them so much.

They bear many qualities that are similar to humans, such as loyalty, sensitivity and intelligence.

The close social and family bonds that elephants show also makes us more alike to these gentle giants than we even realise.

They say an elephant never forgets, so here is a list of unforgettable elephant gifts and accessories to delight the elephant lover in your life.

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Adult elephants consume up to 300lbs of food, every day! They’re known to walk over 20km each day, too, continually on the lookout for the vast quantities of food needed to sustain their behemoth bodies.

Marble Elephant Tea Light Holder

an image of marble elephant tea light holders - one of our elephant gift ideas

These marble elephant tea light holders are beautifully crafted and add a touch of whimsy to a room’s decor.

Carved from Himalayan marble, the beautiful stone tea light holders are available in a variety of neutral colours, so you can pick the tone to match a particular colour scheme. They would make stunning ornaments, table decorations and of course, ambient lighting when lit.

Make a loved one very happy with one of these beautiful elephant gifts.

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Elephant Bookends

an image of elephant bookends

If you’re looking for a unique elephant gift, this elephant-shaped bookend set could be just the ticket.

The wooden bookshelf sculptures are beautifully designed and intricately detailed, and they’d make a beautiful addition to bookshelf or table.

Make a bookworm’s day by surprising them with this gorgeous bookend set that will keep their books looking organised and stylish.

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Jumbo The Elephant Head

an image of a jumbo hangable wool elephant head gift - one of our ideas of gifts for elephant lovers

Bring the safari home with a gorgeous Jumbo The Elephant Head. Handmade from wool, Jumbo is lovingly brought to life using needle felting techniques and hand pressure to shape the head and trunk.

The stuffed elephant head is adorned with a colourful headdress and matching collar, making this one of the most unique elephant gifts on the market.

Perfectly suited for most spaces, this would also look lovely in a jungle-themed baby nursery or playroom.

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Elephant Print Scarf

an image of an animal print scarf

They may be known as the gentle giants of the animal kingdom, but elephants are also a symbol of majestic strength and power.

Remind a special person in your life of their own mental and physical strength with this gorgeous elephant print scarf.

Available in 6 different colours, the soft and cosy scarf features an elephant pattern print that is sure to delight any elephant fan. It comes beautifully packaged, choose for it to be either wrapped in tissue or presented in a gift box.

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Personalised Elephant Felt Name Garland

an image of personalised elephant felt name garland - one of our personalised elephant gifts ideas

This personalised elephant felt name garland is adorable and would make a lovely gift for a new baby.

The multi-coloured letters and elephant decorations have been meticulously sewn by hand from soft felt and threaded through a piece of natural jute twine.

Each garland is handmade to order, so the colours can be altered to match a particular room colour scheme, making this a genuinely thoughtful and unique elephant themed gift.

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Elephant Charm Necklace

an image of an animal themed charm necklace gift

Elephant gifts make wonderful presents because these magnificent creatures represent a multitude of symbols, including happiness, strength, wisdom and constancy.

By treating a loved one with one of these sterling silver elephant charm necklaces, they can carry those values with them everywhere they go.

The beautifully detailed necklace would make a welcomed addition to an elephant lover’s jewellery collection, you can even add a personal touch by opting for a letter or birthstone charm.

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Dry Wipe Memo Ceramic Elephant

an image of a dry wipe memo ceramic elephant - one of the more unique elephant presents

You’ll never forget anything ever again with this dry wipe memo ceramic elephant because, well, an elephant never forgets!

The elephant’s trunk cradles the marker pen, take it out and start jotting your notes down — whether it’s a shopping list, appointment or message, this fun memo board has got you covered! When you need to erase anything, take the wipe from underneath the elephant’s tail and rub off any notes that you’re done with.

The ceramic body is sturdy and durable, and it will sit comfortably wherever it is placed and also makes a fun and modern decoration.

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Wooden Elephant Phone Stand & Desk Organiser

an image of a wooden elephant phone stand and desk organiser

Elephants are widely known for their reliable temperament, and this wooden phone stand and desk organiser is no different because it encompasses heaps of reliability just by sitting on your desk.

Made from environmentally friendly beech wood and walnut, this handy desk tidy has a built-in stand for a phone (simply balance it on the trunk) as well as a container to hold stationery such as pens, pencils and scissors.

The elegant shape of this desk organiser means it is not only highly practical, but it also makes a lovely decoration.

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3D Elephant Journal

an image of a 3d elephant journal

The design of this 3D elephant journal is undoubtedly exquisite and would make a fantastic elephant themed gift for a special person in your life.

Embellished with a stunning 3D cover, the A5 ruled hard covered book features a majestic elephant meandering through the jungle.

Each of the 200 pages are lined and include a space for the date at the top, so it would make a lovely journal for a person in your life with an infatuation for the gentle giants of the earth.

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Baby Comfort Security Blanket

an image of an animal themed baby comfort security blanket

This super-soft baby security blanket is highly practical and cosy at the same time.

Equipped with a detachable teether, a loop for a pacifier, rattle and coloured ribbons, this is an all-singing, all-dancing baby comforter. The cute, cuddly elephant head on the blanket makes it the ultimate on-the-go animal buddy for a little one.

This would make an adorable baby shower, christening or new baby gift for somebody in your life who loves elephants.

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Elephant Duvet Cover & Pillow Case Set

an image of an animal themed duvet cover and pillow case set

Sleep tight and snuggle in for the night with this gorgeous elephant duvet cover set!

Featuring a beautiful elephant print on one side and an ethnic style paisley print on the other, the reversible duvet brings together shades of pastel turquoise, pink and soft greys.

It is made from a durable blend of polyester and cotton, so it requires minimal ironing and is quick to dry – a win in any household if you ask us!

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Elephant Colouring Book for Adults

an image of an animal themed colouring book for adults - one of our suggestions of elephant gifts for adults for christmas, their birthday, or any other special occasion

Colouring in isn’t an activity just for kids, so why not surprise a loved one with an elephant colouring book?

Adult colouring books have quickly become a popular craze across the globe. The nostalgic activity of colouring in is therapeutic, relaxing and beneficial for mental health. This elephant themed gift features 40 pages of beautiful black and white elephant illustrations and designs to bring to life with colour.

The designs range from simple outlines to intricate illustrations to suit various skill levels.

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Mandala Elephant Mug

an image of a mandala elephant mug - one of our ideas of for elephant related gifts

Have a cosy cup of tea or coffee with this mandala elephant mug.

The large and curvy ceramic mug is shaped like an elephant and has a delicate mandala style design featured on the ears.

The soft grey mixed with the pretty pastel colours of the mandala pattern make this mug pretty as a picture, and it would make an excellent gift for the elephant lover in your life!

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Elephant Rocker

an image of an animal themed themed rocker for children - one of our suggestions of elephant baby gifts

Elephants are known to represent protection, guardianship and family love, which is one reason why elephant baby gifts make such a thoughtful gesture.

This elephant rocker is just divine and not only will it look charming in a baby’s nursery, but it also makes an adorable toy for baby’s and toddlers.

The high backed seat is padded for extra comfort, and the wooden handlebars are ideally placed for tiny hands to grip tightly as they joyfully rock back and forth.

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Swarovski Elephant Bracelet

an image of a swarovski elephant bracelet - one of our picks of elephant gifts for her

Give someone the gift of sparkles with a stunning Swarovski elephant bracelet.

The centrepiece of this bracelet is a beautiful crystal elephant charm, which sits proudly on the grey cord which forms the chain of the bracelet. The sparkling elephant gem will glitter on the wrist and is sure to complement any outfit perfectly.

The bracelet is fastened using a friendship bracelet style pull cord, with stainless steel tips, making it even more chic and durable for everyday wear.

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Elefun Game

an image of the hasbro elefun game - one of the ideal elephant themed gifts for kids

If you’re looking for fun elephant gifts, then look no further because Elefun is exactly what you’re looking for – the clue is even in its name!

This kid’s game is an absolute hoot, Elefun shoots fluttering butterflies out of his 3-foot trunk, and the game players have to catch as many as they can in their nets, the person with the most butterflies at the end wins!

This hilarious game will cause endless giggles and hours of entertainment for kids, and it won’t be long before the adults will want to join in on the fun, too.

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Elephant Doorstop

an image of a doorstop

Make a house a home and prevent doors from banging at the same time with an adorable elephant doorstop.

Whether it is placed in a kids bedroom or a living room, one of these heavy-fabric doorstops will add charm and personality to any room.

With its smart tartan-style fabric cover and multicoloured rug, this elephant themed gift is sure to add a smile to the recipient’s face.

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Elephant Memory Wish Bracelet

an image of an animal themed memory wish bracelet

They say an elephant never forgets, and with this bracelet, you’ll always be reminded of that.

The elephant memory wish bracelet is a charming gift for someone you love, because every time they wear it, it will remind them of all the special memories you’ve shared and to look forward to future memories you are yet to make.

Personalise this gift by choosing the colour of string you’d like and add on an optional birthstone or initial charm.

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Personalised Elephant Family Print

an image of a personalised animal themed family print

Show someone that you’ll never forget them with a personalised elephant family print.

This gorgeous piece of artwork features a family of elephants linked together by their trunks and tails. You can choose the number of elephants depending on the size of the recipient’s family and personalise it with their names, surname and a date.

Spiritually, elephants epitomise loyalty, companionship and unity, all of which is embodied in this lovely print that will be cherished forever.

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Elephant Wall Hanging Tapestry

an image of an elephant wall hanging tapestry - one of our favourite pieces of elephant home decor

Add a bohemian touch to your decor with an elephant print wall tapestry.

Made from durable polyester material, the fabric will hang beautifully on a wall and will be the talking point of any room. Featuring an image of an embellished elephant roaming through a forest, the colours of this wall tapestry are so vibrant, making this a real statement piece.

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough wall space, because it would also make a great bedspread, blanket, table cloth, window blind or even a beach blanket!

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Mini Elephant Plant Pots

an image of animal themed plant pots

Treat the elephant lover in your life to this twin-pack of beautiful elephant-shaped plant pots..

With their beautiful hand-painted design, these ceramic pots will brighten any corner and will bring a smile to an elephant enthusiasts face.

Because each pot is meticulously handprinted by the seller, there will be slight discrepancies in the design, making each one these beautiful elephant gifts unique and that extra bit special.

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