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Gifts Beginning With A:
35 Presents Beginning With the Letter A

What are you looking for in the perfect gift? Do you want something unique, sentimental, or practical? Unsure of where to start your search?

Well, look no further because we have just what you need!

This gift list is dedicated to bringing you the best gift ideas beginning with ‘A’ for both men and women.

From AncestryDNA Test Kits to AirPods, this has to be one of our most eclectic lists yet, and we know you’ll find the perfect ‘A’ gift from one of our fantastic suggestions.

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Gifts Beginning With A for Her

Art Print – Letter A

an image of a letter a art print

Jazz up somebody’s home with this stunning Dalmatian Spot Monogram Initial Wall Print! With 10 colourways to choose from, you can pick a combination that will suit their style and taste the most.

All prints are printed onto 300gsm quality card and it is available in a variety of sizes from A5 up to A0.

The print features a black and white spotted background with the initial ‘A’ in bold, but this isn’t just a gift for the Alanas, Annas or Andreas, because you can personalise this unique piece of art with any of the 26 letters of the alphabet!

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Aromatherapy Diffuser

an image of an aromatherapy diffuser

When it comes to aromatherapy, this ultrasonic NEOM essential oil diffuser is the product that everyone needs in their life!

Whether they want to be energised, soothed or uplifted, the NEOM diffuser is switchable between moods at the touch of a button, ready to deliver the perfect blend of whatever the lucky recipient is feeling.

The compact pod features a low-energy LED light timer and humidifier that delivers just the right amount of scent in minutes.

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AncestryDNA Kit

an image of an ancestry dna kit

The AncestryDNA Test Kit is an innovative product that can help someone discover where they come from.

All it takes is a simple saliva sample, and in under eight weeks, they’ll have access to information about their ancestral origins, as well as access to their family tree.

They will also get to learn about the history and cultures of the different regions that make up their genetic background, making this an interesting and unique gift for someone special in your life.

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Apothecary Jars Set

an image of a set of apothecary jars

Apothecary jars are great for stylishly organising the home.

Made from shatter-resistant plastic, this set of three jars are safe to use in a bathroom or kitchen setting. They’re attractive enough to leave on a vanity all day without feeling like it needs to be hidden away, whilst also being functional and practical for storing essentials.

These apothecary jars come in sizes of 60oz, 30oz, and 15oz and would be perfect for storing beauty products in the bathroom or even breakfast cereals in the kitchen.

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Apple AirPods Case

an image of a silicone case for apple airpods

The playful Ben & Jerrys design of this Apple AirPods Wireless Charging Case will undoubtedly brighten up somebody’s day.

The soft silicone case not only protects a pair of Apple AirPods, but it is also scratch-proof, rustproof and shockproof! Compatible with Apple Airpods 1 and 2, this Airpods case has a precise cut-out for the charging cable and a soft silicone inside that will not scratch the case.

It also comes with a clip attachment which will easily affix to clothing or keychains.

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Avocado Body Wash

an image of avocado body wash

This avocado body wash by Faith in Nature works up to a rich, thick lather that easily rinses off the skin and leaves it feeling fresh, healthy, and well moisturised.

Packed with essential oils, avocado, ginger, peppermint and citrus fruits, this natural body wash is excellent for relaxation, pampering and mental clarity.

Nourishing hemp extract blended with vitamin E, antioxidant meadowfoam and fresh ginger provides the skin with everything it needs for pure hydration.

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Apricot Facial Scrub

an image of apricot facial scrub

The St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub is not only instantly satisfying to use on the face, but it also leaves skin feeling extra clean and smooth.

With a fresh apricot scent that will leave them ready for anything, this product works wonders on the skin. The effective exfoliator gently sloughs off dead cells to restore a more youthful complexion, while the smooth beads polish away those pesky flakes.

Give someone special the gift of glowing skin by treating them to this energising facial scrub.

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Aloe Vera Moisturising Cream

an image of aloe vera moisturising cream

Akimo Natural Aloe Vera Gel is a hair styling gel, moisturiser, aftershave, and post-waxing treatment in one!

It’s filled with the nutrients that everyone’s skin needs to stay moisturised and feeling healthy. The genius aloe vera plant has heaps of positive effects on all skin types, including dryness relief, anti-ageing hydration (goodbye wrinkles!), renewed shine & improved hair strength.

Why not treat somebody who deserves a pampering session to this natural and versatile gel? Maybe you could treat yourself too while you’re at it!

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Anklet – Sterling Silver

an image of a sterling silver anklet

If you are looking to treat someone with a fine piece of jewellery, this adjustable anklet ticks all the boxes.

Made from high-quality metals and materials, it is no surprise that many people fall in love with Amberta jewellery. This adjustable anklet has just the right amount of panache to make someone feel like royalty, yet the design gives an understated look of elegance.

This stunning gift will be cherished by anyone who receives one!

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Alphabet LED Sign – Letter A

an image of a letter a led light

This stylish alphabet letter light is the perfect decorating piece for any space!

The marquee letter is portable and can be easily wall mounted by the keyhole slot in the back or sit free-standing on a table or shelf. Made from environmentally friendly plastic, these lights are sturdy, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and durable.

The LED bulbs provide low energy consumption while adding an ambient glow to a room, space or window.

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Air Purifier

an image of an air purifier

Treat a loved one to the gift of fresh and clean air in their home by getting them the Philips compact Air Purifier.

This clever gadget filters the air around it to ensure the whole household can take deep breaths of fresh air that is free of allergens and pollutants.

With a both elegant and practical design, this air purifier is so compact that they will almost forget it is there. However, what it lacks in size is more than makes up for in performance because this filter can ensure 99.5% of ultrafine particles are removed from the room.

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Accent Chair

an image of an accent chair

The HOMCOM Linen Fabric Accent Dining Chair is sure to be loved by anyone with an eye for exquisite design.

The smooth linen upholstery of this retro chair will stand out amongst any furnishings in the room, and not just because it’s so practical! With thickly padded foam cushions for ultimate comfort, anyone will love the fact that they can easily clean the fabric with a damp cloth.

A versatile addition to any home, this beautiful statement design is perfect for the living room, office, bedroom or dining room.

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Anchor-Pattern Canvas Storage Box

an image of an anchor pattern canvas storage box

This oversized canvas storage basket would make a brilliantly practical gift for that person in your life who loves to keep things tidy and organised.

This nautical-themed collapsable storage bin features a delightful anchor print design with contrasting brown handles. Disorganisation will become a thing of the past with a set of these stylish yet practical storage baskets at their disposal.

Whether used for laundry, clothing, toys or tools, this sturdy and spacious storage container is more than up for the job.

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Alpaca Wool Socks

an image of alpaca wool socks

Are you looking for the perfect present for the person that seems to have everything? Knock their socks off (quite literally) by treating them to this 3-pack of super high quality and comfortable socks!

Made from 100% alpaca wool, these ecologically dyed socks are dryer friendly, and they felt less than other types of wool so that they will stand the test of time.

They are stylish while also serving as an excellent thermal barrier against cold feet during chilly weather.

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Apron for Cooking, Baking, or Crafting

an image of an apron for women

This star print apron from Dusenly is both fashionable and practical.

It features two front pockets and can be altered to fit any shape and size with adjustable straps. The star print adds some flair and style and the front pockets are great for storing baking essentials.

It offers excellent protection from dirt, spills, and stains when cooking around the house and would make a lovely gift for the baking enthusiast in your life.

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Arrow Neon Light

an image of an arrow neon light

Give someone a glowing gift by treating them to this fantastic neon arrow light.

This battery-powered light is made with high-quality materials for ultimate durability. Perfect for parties, gatherings and family get-togethers, this funky light could be mounted on a wall or propped up on a shelf to guide guests towards all the fun and action.

This neon arrow light would make a great gift for someone who has a retro sense of style.

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Amaretto Sour Pre-Mixed Cocktail Drink

an image of a bottle of amaretto sour pre mixed cocktail drink

If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone, why not treat them to a bottle of Tails Cocktails premixed Amaretto Sours?!

The mix of liqueur, lemon juice, Gomme syrup and lime gives this drink just enough citrusy sweetness and tartness to quench that burning need before it becomes a full-on emergency.

This Italian classic is best enjoyed served in a tumbler on ice and topped off with a lemon wedge garnish.

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Apricot Wine

an image of apricot wine

Lyme Bay Apricot Wine is a sweet, smooth and richly scented golden fruit wine which oozes the lingering flavour of soft, ripe apricots.

This delicious wine is distilled in the West Country of England and is the perfect accompaniment to a sweet dessert or cheese platter.

A summer day just doesn’t seem complete without a refreshing glass or two of Lyme Bay Apricot Wine garnished with some ice cubes.

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Gifts Beginning With A for Him

Apple AirPods

an image of apple airpods

Treat someone to a pair of Apple AirPods, and you’ll be sure to make their day!

When turned on, these wireless headphones will automatically connect to a compatible Bluetooth device. They’re easy to use, require no complicated setup, and provide quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri” or double-tapping on one AirPod at a time.

The new Apple H1 headphone chip delivers faster wireless connections to provide rich audio quality for all devices.

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Apple AirPods Case

an image of an apple airpods case gift idea for men beginning with a

If you know someone with a pair of Apple AirPods, this classic game player case will make a great birthday or Christmas gift for them!

Not only does it keep the AirPods safe from harm, but every time they pull out the cute little gaming console case, they will be fondly reminded of you.

The unique anti-slip coating inside the cap makes it easier to grip and keeps the AirPods safe from accidental drops.

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Acoustic Guitar – Fender CD-60 V3

an image of the fender cd60 v3 acoustic guitar

This Fender CD-60 Dreadnought V3 Acoustic Guitar is a stunning example of how affordable guitars can still excel in sound and quality.

Thanks to the top tonewoods and playability, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to pick up the guitar and start jamming. This awesome guitar emits an incredible tone that is guaranteed to tickle anyone’s musical bones!

It is available in a choice of a sunburst, natural or black finish.

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Atari Pac-Man Retro Handheld Console

an image of an atari pac man retro handheld console

Get someone who is into retro games this awesome Atari Pac-Man Retro Handheld Console!

This classic mini console would make a great gift for an old school gamer looking to relive the good old days by getting stuck into some of their favourite classic games.

This fabulous console uses retro-styled wood and is compact enough so they can take it anywhere. It is packed with 60 built-in games, including Tempest, Centipede and more.

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Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa

an image of an amazon echo dot with alexa

The newest, compact design Echo Dot from Amazon is a top of the range smart speaker which would make an excellent gift for a tech-loving person in your life.

The Echo Dot features crisp vocals and balanced bass for a full sound that’s improved over previous generations.

With an all-new, sleek, compact design and easy one-touch setup, this new Echo Dot lets users experience true hands-free voice control of their music!

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Adidas Men’s Shoes

an image of adidas shoes for men

The simple design of these Adidas Pace VS trainers will bring a fashionable and versatile look to a man’s casual wardrobe.

Available in a selection of colours, the contrasting stitching brings just enough detail in key places to make this pair of trainers somebody’s favourite item of footwear! Complete with a cushioned insole and shaped ankle collar, this pair of shoes brings ultimate comfort and style.

Treat a trainer obsessed loved one to these awesome Adidas trainers, and they’ll be forever grateful!

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Alarm Clock With Wake Up Light

an image of adidas shoes for men

Help someone wake up naturally every day with the Lumie Bodyclock GO 75.

This alarm clock will wake them gradually with a pleasantly bright light so they can feel refreshed, alert and energised for the day. This smart alarm can wake them up with a smooth sunrise with a ray effect, or it can put them to sleep with the soothing sunset effect.

It also has extra sounds such as alarm beeps, dawn chorus, drumbeat, wind chimes or even the dong of Big Ben to wake them from their slumber peacefully.

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Amplifier Key Holder

an image of an amplifier key holder

The Marshall Jack Rack would make a brilliant gift for a guitar-wielding man in your life!

Stylised with the iconic Marshall logo, this awesome keychain hook features four guitar plug keychains that can be taken out when the set of keys are in use. It comes with a hidden wall mounting bracket and hardware that makes installing this key hook as easy as 1, 2, 3!

This quirky piece of decor would look great in a recording studio, man cave or office.

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Apron for Men – Personalised

an image of an amplifier key holder

This personalised chef apron would make the perfect gift for any occasion, such as Father’s Day, a birthday or Christmas.

The apron is made from high-quality fabric and is machine-washable for all year round use.

Personalise it with the recipient’s name, followed by the self-confessed title of ‘Head of BBQ’, making it a very apt gift for that person you always find taking charge of the grill at summer parties!

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Aquarium Starter Kit

an image of an aquarium starter kit

Help someone make some memories with their friends and family by treating them to this fantastic Aquarium Starter Kit!

It includes everything they will need to start up a small eco-friendly aquarium; the only thing they will need to add is water and fish! The stylish 25L rectangular glass aquarium will illuminate any room whilst also providing enough space for five fish to live.

The Superfish Eco Heater will heat water to maintain the temperature at 26 degrees Celsius, while the 100W LED light will provide plenty of light throughout the day and night.

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Apple Watch Series 6

an image of an apple watch series 6

If you’re looking to push the boat out with a gift for someone special, why not treat them to the new Apple Watch Series 6!

This smartwatch lets them take calls and text from their wrist, track their daily fitness activity and measure blood oxygen levels (here’s to living healthier).

The all-new Retina screen is brighter than any of the previous models, and it comes with a faster chip that works 20% better than last year’s models!

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Novelty Air Freshener

an image of a novelty air freshener

Take away the stink by treating someone to their very own bottle of Anti-Bull S**t Spray!

This Spencer and Fleetwood Anti Bulls**t Spray is perfect for fighting against the very worst cases of spoken bulls**t. It is ideal for refreshing the office, car or family room after someone has spouted words of total ignorance and stupidity.

This little 100ml pump sprayer is loaded with enough bulls**t elimination to clear out any room in seconds with just one spritz!

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Allsorts Liquorice Sweets Jar

an image of an allsorts liquorice sweetss jar

This Liquorice Allsorts Jar is the perfect sweet jar for any occasion.

There are no artificial colours or flavours in these treats, so they can be consumed entirely guilt-free! The wide array of delectable Liquorice Allsorts make it the best gift idea for any friend, family member, teacher or loved one who has a penchant for sugar.

Housed in a traditional candy shop style jar, this sweet gift is great value for money, so you may even want to buy one for yourself too!

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Airplane Model Kit

an image of an airplane model kit

This Grumman F-14A Tomcat Plastic Model Airplane Kit is sure to make a great gift for the fighter plane enthusiasts out there.

The model features a model Tomcat in 1/48 scale and includes details such as full-colour insignia markings, three external fuel tanks, exhaust nozzles and two types of landing gear.

Any model-making guru will be able to enjoy hours of fun assembling their own Grumman F-14A aircraft from the comfort of their own home with this premium model kit.

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Amazon Gift Voucher

an image of an amazon gift voucher

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone you cherish, give them an Amazon Gift Voucher this year so that they can choose their ideal present for themselves.

There is no better way to show just how much you care than with a kind gesture and a small token of your appreciation for the person who has everything.

Amazon gift vouchers make gifting fast and easy with instant delivery and no postage fees!

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Aftershave – Paul Smith Extreme

an image of paul smith extreme aftershave

Give the gift of a signature fragrance with Paul Smith Extreme Aftershave.

This woody, spicy scent will be a daringly bold addition to any man’s cologne collection. A masculine yet light fragrance that is perfect for any occasion, Extreme by Paul Smith is the perfect gift for any man who oozes sophistication and poise.

The bottle design and packaging box both feature the signature Paul Smith stripes, making this a truly thoughtful gift.

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Absinthe Alcoholic Drink

an image of a bottle of absinthe alcoholic drink

La Fée Absinthe is an old-school french absinthe, distilled according to authentic recipes.

Crafted with wormwood buds hand-picked in southern France, this distinctive French liqueur recreates an experience from another era. La Fée’s aromatic flavour profile includes the fragrant notes of angelica root, fennel root, and green anise that will make taste buds come alive with delight!

This 70cl bottle comes with a stainless steel La Fée spoon for the authentic absinthe experience.

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