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Gifts for Dog Walkers:
23 Useful Gifts for Dog Walkers

There’s nothing quite like getting out for a long stroll with man’s best friend.

Most dogs will jump (quite literally!) at the chance to stretch their legs and have a bit of playtime, and it’s also an excellent way for us humans to clear our heads and get a bit of daily exercise.

It’s the ultimate win-win if you ask us.

Inspired by this, we’ve searched high and low for the best gifts for dog walkers.

So, whether you’re after a handy gadget to clean even the dirtiest of dogs after a long muddy walk, or a toy that a playful pup is sure to appreciate, you’re sure to find the perfect dog walking gift or accessory below.

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The Guinness World Record for the most dogs walked simultaneously by a single person is a whopping 36! It was awarded to Maria Harman, an Australian from Queensland, on 17 June 2018.

Pet Room Dog Walking Pouch Bag

an image of the pet room dog walking pouch bag gift idea

From poop bags to those all-important treats, there’s no shortage of essentials that dog walkers not only need to remember to bring but also stuff into their pockets.

Luckily, this super-handy dog walking pouch bag is here to help.

Not only can the lucky recipient keep all the essentials in it between walks, ensuring everything is there for their next outing, but they can also fire it over their shoulder or around their waist, leaving their pockets free for their phone or keys. Perfect!

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Pack of 2 Collapsible Dog Water Bowls

an image of a pack of two collapsible dog water bowls

Forget going to the hassle of bringing a full-sized dog bowl out with you, or trying to get a dog to drink from a bottle; all you need is one of these handy collapsible water bowls to quench a pup’s thirst during walkies.

Made from food-grade plastic, they can be flat-packed or expanded in seconds, with different levels of expansion to suit smaller and larger dogs.

Available in a two-pack, they’re machine-washable and come with handy clips for clipping onto a belt loop or bag while out and about.

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Portable Dog Water Bowl

an image of a portable dog water bowl gift idea

Help a parched pooch quench their thirst while out on walkies with this super-handy portable water bowl. Gone are the days of needing to take their bowl with you, or trying (and failing) to get them to drink from a bottle.

Made from food-grade plastic, it features a 12oz capacity and the bottle’s contents can be drained into the bowl at the push of a button. It even features a lock and a leakproof design to avoid any mishaps.

What’s more, any unused water can be quickly and easily returned to the bottle without removing the lid. Simple!

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Portable Dog Pooper Scooper

an image of a portable dog pooper scooper

It might not make for one of the most glamorous gifts for dog walkers, but we’d argue that this portable dog pooper scooper is definitely one of the most essential!

Perfect for the dog walker who doesn’t want to get messy, it features a handy expandable side for larger messes from bigger doggies.

Super-easy to use, it clips handily to leases or belts, and it comes complete with a roll of disposable bags with which to get started.

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Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

an image of biodegradable dog poop bags

It might not make for one of the most glamorous gifts for dog walkers, but we’d argue that this bumper pack of poop bags is definitely one of the most essential!

Not only are they biodegradable, but they’re also made with a corn starch blend that makes them even more eco-friendly.

100% leak-proof and made from extra thick material, this pack comes with 350 bags which should keep your dog walking friend or loved one stocked up for a while!

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Nerf Dog Ball Thrower

an image of a nerf dog ball thrower

If you know a happy pooch that can’t get enough of playing fetch, then why not gift their favourite human this fantastic ball thrower from Nerf?

From helping them avoid picking up a drool-covered ball with their bare hands, to being able to throw the fall further (which their furry friend is sure to appreciate!), there’s no shortage of benefits to this awesome doggy-inspired contraption.

It fits standard tennis balls, too, which is perfect for when the original ball gets chewed apart or goes missing!

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Dog Whistle

an image of a dog whistle

No one likes having their day at the park ruined by a misbehaving dog, or having their peace and quiet ruined by a disobedient dog’s owner shouting ‘Fentonnnnnnn!’.

(If you haven’t seen the famous Fenton video on YouTube, what rock have you been living under!?).

One of the ideal gifts for dog walkers who’d rather not lose their voices from endless shouting, this dog whistle from Acme can be heard in even the loudest environments, from beside motorways to building sites.

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Large Dog Stuff Storage Box

an image of a large dog stuff storage box - one of our ideas of unique gifts for dog walkers

From poop bags to those all-important toys, there’s usually no shortage of doggy-related paraphernalia cluttering up the average dog owner’s home.

Save a dog owner the hassle of hunting for the lead when it comes time for walkies with this stylish ‘dog stuff’ storage box.

Measuring 43cm long, 31cm wide, and 26cm tall, the foldable box features a removable central divider to form either one or two compartments, and it’s riveted and fully sewn for added strength and durability.

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Pet First Aid Kit

an image of a pet first aid kit- one of our ideas of useful gifts for dog walkers

It isn’t just us humans that are at risk of the odd grazed knee while out for walkies.

From retrieving their toys from the prickliest of bushes to getting into scraps with other dogs, it could be argued that (wo)man’s best friend is more likely to need medical assistance than us. So, it makes sense for them to have their own first aid kit!

This particular ‘Pawly’ kit comes with 40 items including a tick remover, syringes and bandages, and everything comes packed in a durable hard-shell zipped case.

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No-Pull Dog Harness

an image of a no pull dog harness

The perfect accessory for the pooch that’s prone to pulling, this clever dog harness eliminates the neck pressure commonly applied by regular collars that can lead to neck, spine, and windpipe injuries.

Available in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large, it has four adjustment points for a more customisable and comfortable fit.

It’s available in a range of snazzy colours, too, and features reflective thread to ensure the dog is more visible during nighttime walks.

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Heavy-Duty, Tangle-Free, Retractable Dog Lead

an image of a heavy-duty tangle-free retractable dog lead

The perfect way to give a dog a bit of freedom to sniff around while ensuring they don’t run off completely, this heavy-duty, tangle-free, retractable lead would make an ideal gift for a dog walker.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit dogs of different weights (anywhere up to a whopping 50kg!), it features a 5m long tape that is retractable at the press of a button.

Available in a range of stylish colours, it features a super-comfortable, anti-slip grip, and a handy quick-lock feature to prevent it extending or retracting.

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Hands-Free Dog Lead for Running

an image of a hands free dog lead for running- one of our ideas of good gifts for dog walkers

From needing to adjust headphones to changing a music playlist, it can be more challenging than you think to run while holding a dog lead.

Arguably one of the most useful gifts for dog walkers who love to run, this hands-free dog lead frees up their hands by attaching it to a clip around their waist.

Our favourite part? It’s super-strong and shock-absorbing to soak up the tug of their dog inevitably trying to run in a different direction, and it comes with a handy belt pouch that’s perfect for stashing their phone.

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Clip-On Dog Collar Light

an image of a clip on dog collar light- one of our ideas of useful gifts for dog walkers

From being able to keep an eye on them while they go for a sniff in the bushes, to making sure road traffic can easily spot them, these colourful clip-on collar lights are the perfect way to keep a dog visible during nighttime walkies.

Super-easy to use via the press of a button, the LED lights have three settings ranging from a constant glow to slow or fast blinking.

They feature a handy clip for clipping them onto a dog’s collar, and they’re available in a range of colours, too.

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Dog Car Seat Cover

an image of a dog car seat cover

Help a dog walker avoid the frustration of having their pristine car upholstery dirtied by a dog’s muddy paws with this innovative dog seat car cover.

The quilted cover not only provides maximum comfort for any dog’s derriere, but it can also be folded up to create a small basket to contain the dirt or folded down for maximum coverage and protection.

Waterproof, hardwearing, and super-easy to clean, it’s designed to fit all types of car, and it even comes with a premium seat belt harness to keep the dog safe and secure.

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Dog Car Seat Covers

an image of dog car seat covers- one of our ideas of good gifts for dog walkers

Perfect for bigger dogs or multiple dogs, this waterproof and scratchproof car seat cover will help the dog walker in your life avoid the frustration of having their pristine car upholstery dirtied by muddy paws.

It features a universal fit that’s compatible with most cars, and despite the fact it covers the entire back seats, it still allows access to seat belts and the armrest.

It also features a non-slip backing and seat anchors to ensure it stays in place, and it has handy side flaps for maximum protection from muddy dogs.

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Mud Daddy Portable Dog Washer

an image of a mud daddy portable dog washer- one of our ideas of good gifts for dog walkers

Perfect for returning even the muckiest of mutts into the fresh-smelling furry friends that we love to cuddle, this ‘Mud Daddy’ portable washer is easily one of the most useful gifts for dog walkers that we’ve featured.

Thanks to the Mud Daddy, cleaning a mucky mutt after a long, muddy walk doesn’t need to be a source of dread.

Simply fill it with up to 8-litres of water, pump it to build the pressure, and use the handy brush attachment to start cleaning even the dirtiest of dogs. No batteries or electric needed!

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Dog Bathrobe Towel

an image of a dog bathrobe towel

Perfect for the dog that can’t resist jumping in the nearest lake or river (or puddle!), this super-absorbent microfiber dog bathrobe will help them dry off in style.

Available in four sizes from small to extra-large, it features an adjustable belt to stop a wet pooch from shaking it off and can be put on or removed in seconds by simply popping it over their heads.

Both quick-drying and durable, the bathrobe is machine-washable to help it stay clean and fresh.

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Personalised Dog Name Treat Bag

an image of a personalised dog name treat bag- one of our ideas of personalised gifts for dog walkers

If you’re in the market for unique gifts for dog walkers that are as cute as they functional, then this lovely personalised dog name treat bag surely needs to be at the top of your list!

At 10cm x 13xm, it’s the perfect size for tasty bite-size treats that good dogs can enjoy while on their walkies, and it features a handy drawstring tie to keep the contents safe and secure.

It can be personalised with any dog’s name, and the creator uses a high-quality black vinyl that is pressed onto the bag to ensure a long-lasting finish.

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Tasty Dog Treats in Pocket Tin

an image of tasty dog treats in a handy pocket sized tin

Whether it’s for training or for rewarding a good pup while out on walkies, these tasty dog bites are sure to go down a treat!

Available in a variety of flavours including tasty chicken, lamb, and salmon, these natural oven-baked snacks feature both a strong smell and delicious taste that dogs will go wild for (in a good way!).

Each pack features approximately 50 of the mini bone-shaped treats, and the tin is pocket-sized for extra convenience while out and about.

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Waterproof LED Torch

an image of a waterproof led torch

One of the best gifts for dog walkers who love nothing more than a nighttime stroll with their furry friend, this waterproof LED torch will light everything up no matter how remote their walk becomes!

Made from high-quality aluminium alloy for added durability, it features a powerful 800-lumen LED output that can be focused like a spotlight or dispersed over a wider area depending on the user’s preference.

It’s small enough to fit in any dog walker’s pocket, too, and it’s both waterproof and shockproof to handle even the roughest of conditions.

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Beanie Hat With LED Light

an image of a beanie hat with led light- one of our ideas of useful gifts for dog walkers

One of the best gifts for dog walkers who fancy a nighttime stroll, this clever LED beanie won’t just keep their head warm, it’ll also light up wherever they’re walking.

The fabric of the beanie is soft and insulating, and because it’s super stretchy, one size fits all meaning you don’t need to worry about getting the size wrong.

The LED light will provide up to 4 hours of continuous usage, making it perfect for even the longest of nighttime dog walks.

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Unisex Thermal Gloves

an image of unisex thermal gloves- one of our ideas of useful gifts for dog walkers

Help the dog walker in your life avoid the pain of cold fingers, and ensure they keep a good grip on the lead of any pulling-pooch with these snazzy thermal gloves.

Available in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large, they use a stretchy skin-hugging thermal fabric for additional warmth and a better bit.

Our favourite part? The index and thumb of each glove feature a touchscreen compatible coating, meaning the lucky recipient won’t have to expose their hands to the chill to send a text or make a call!

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Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

an image of a fitbit inspire 2 health and fitness tracker

There’s no denying the benefits of walking for dogs. From stretching their legs to chasing after their favourite ball, most dogs are like a coiled spring if they don’t get their daily walk.

It’s just as good for us humans, too, with the health benefits of a long walk being widely known.

When it comes to tracking how much exercise you’re getting including steps walked, distance, and calories burned, we can’t think of a handier gadget than this Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker.

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