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Gifts for Someone Renovating Their House:
21 House Renovation Gifts

Renovating a house can be an exciting and daunting process.

However, there are many gifts that one can give to someone who is renovating their home that will make the project go more smoothly.

With so many options available for every price point, you don’t need to break the bank in order to provide meaningful support for your loved one’s remodelling plans!

From top of the range power tools to innovative gadgets, we have collated a list of fantastic home improvement gift ideas that would be great for someone who is renovating their house.

Check out our pick of the best gifts for someone renovating their house below.

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It’s possible to add a whopping 30% to the value of your home by converting your basement.

Yep it’s true – check out the following infographic we produced to accompany this gift list:

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Collins Complete DIY Manual

an image of the collins complete diy manual book

The Collins Complete DIY Manual is an essential guide for novices, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals when they are renovating a home.

This updated version includes information on electricity, plumbing and more! From minor maintenance to designing their dream home, this book has everything a DIYer will need to finish the job.

This updated version has a huge library of photographs and illustrations, as well as easy-to-follow guides to take them through each task step-by-step.

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Renovate Decorate Reinvigorate Book

an image of the renovate decorate reinvigorate book

‘Renovate Decorate Reinvigorate’ by Susan Francombe is the go-to guide for turning a house into a home.

With handy tips, checklists and space to record all their ideas, this book will help someone to plan rooms layouts, consider design styles, plan budgets and keep track of costs.

This handy book would make an excellent gift for someone who is embarking on a renovation journey and needs a little support to guide them through it.

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Google Nest Learning Thermostat

an image of the google nest learning thermostat

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is an easy-to-use, energy-efficient thermostat that’s guaranteed to please.

The intuitive software learns how the user likes their home’s temperature to be and sets up a customised schedule to meet their needs.

Not only can it help save as much as 12% on the user’s heating bills in just two years (based on independent US studies), but its user-friendly interface means anyone can use it to set their temperature preferences with ease.

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Google Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

an image of the google nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

The Google Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm has a sleek and modern look with an intuitive design.

With an industrial-grade sensor that lasts up to 10 years, the Nest Protect will send alerts directly to the user’s phone to let them know if something is wrong at home.

The Google Nest Protect checks itself over 400 times a day, so the user can sit back and relax knowing that it is keeping them and their family safe.

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Ring Video Doorbell

an image of the ring video doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell from Amazon is a revolutionary visitor notification system for the front door.

It’ll allow the lucky recipient to see, hear, and speak with anyone on their doorstep through the free Ring app from anywhere in the world! What’s more, with Ring’s all-new 1080p HD video that offers nighttime visibility and a field of view covering 180-degrees, there will be no hiding from view.

Powered by the built-in rechargeable battery or via existing doorbell wires for constant power, the sleek doorbell can be fitted quickly and easily with the supplied installation tools.

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Philips Hue Starter Kit

an image of the philips hue starter kit

Help someone experience the world of Philips Hue and control their lights from wherever they are in the house.

Equipped with three LED smart bulbs, two Hue Buttons and one Hue Bridge, the Philips Hue Starter Kit will instantly bring their home into the 21st century, and lets them experiment with different colours, patterns and moods to create an atmosphere that’s perfect for any time of day!

With a full range of features such as synchronising their lights with movies, music and games, the Philips Hue Starter Kit is so much more than a light switch.

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Ultimate Cleaning Hamper

an image of an ultimate cleaning hamper

It’s no secret that renovating a house is messy work, with the dust and debris that is left over once the builders have left often being a mammoth job to tackle.

Give a renovator a helping hand in keeping their house looking clean and fresh by treating them to this fantastic hamper of cleaning products!

It comes with a selection of essential cleaning products to help them spruce up their newly-renovated abode, including rubber gloves, microfibre cloths, air fresheners, tea lights, and a scourer.

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Handy Picture Hanging Tool Kit

an image of a handy picture hanging tool kit

Finally, a simple way to hang photos and artwork on the wall!

This ingenious gadget holds frames firmly in place and features a handy measuring button that marks precisely where a nail or screw needs to be placed in the wall.

Perfect for beginner and veteran DIYers alike, it eliminates all the guesswork and mistakes to provide perfectly hung photos and artwork every time.

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The Little Box of Chalk Furniture Paint

an image of a little box of chalk furniture paint gift starter kit

With the Rust-Oleum Little Box of Chalk Chalky Furniture Paint Starter Kit, the DIYer or home renovator in your life can update their boring old furniture without spending a fortune.

Whether they’re looking to add some chalky paint to an old dresser or liven up their dining room suite with just the right amount of shabby-chic appeal, this kit is up for the task.

It comes with two colours of paint, clear finishing wax, metallic gold paint, a paint brush and a wax application cloth.

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Bosch Professional Spirit Level

an image of a bosch professional spirit level

This Bosch spirit level is perfect for any DIY task, big or small.

The magnet fastening on the side means it can be conveniently attached to metal surfaces, making it extremely easy to use even on the most fiddly tasks. It’s also slim and compact for convenient storage while being large enough to be easy to read from any working position.

Whether used by a DIY novice or a professional tradesperson, this spirit level will always be up for the job and would be a brilliant gift for anyone tackling a home renovation project.

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Stanley 30-Piece Tool Kit

an image of a stanley thirty piece toolkit

In the midst of renovating a house, there are bound to be unexpected DIY hurdles along the way, and that’s where this Stanley home tool kit comes in handy!

Whether the lucky recipient is a novice or an experienced DIYer, the kit comes with everything they’ll need to tackle DIY jobs around the home.

Not only will the tools prove invaluable time and time again, but the handy storage bag will help keep things neat and tidy whilst not in use.

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6-in-1 DIY Combi Tool

an image of a six in one combi tool

A lucky DIYer or home renovator will never underestimate the abilities of a pen again after getting their hands on this innovative 6-in-1 pen tool!

Whichever way it’s turned, there’s a tool that will make the lucky recipient’s tasks that much easier, including a ballpoint pen end, a ruler, a spirit level, a stylus, and both a flathead and Phillips screwdriver.

If you know someone who is renovating their house, treat them to this handy tool, and they’ll wonder how they ever coped without one!

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Bosch Cable Finder

an image of a bosch cable finder

Nobody wants to play Russian roulette when it comes to DIY.

Luckily, the Bosch Cable Finder Trouvo makes it easy to locate live cables, so the DIYer in your life can drill into a wall with the confidence of knowing they won’t get electrocuted! The device is able to detect live wires up to depths of 50mm and lets of a warning signal if it detects anything.

Get this nifty gadget for someone who is in the midst of renovating their home and they’ll be forever grateful.

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Stanley Laser Distance Measurer

an image of a stanley laser distance measurer

DIYers, tradesmen and contractors all love the Stanley TLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer.

This handy gadget is able to measure up to 15m in distance with an accuracy of plus or minus 3mm @ 10m. With a multitude of convenient and time-saving features, with the Stanley TLM to hand, users will be ready for anything their project throws at them.

Not just limited to measuring distances, it can also be used to quickly calculate the area and volume for residential, commercial design and construction projects.

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Keter Folding Work Table

an image of the keter folding work table

The Keter Master Pro folding work table is the perfect way to create a professional workspace in any room.

Guaranteed to withstand the abuse that comes from even the toughest home renovations, it features strong legs to provide a stable platform for tasks like sawing or routing.

Thanks to its simple foldable design, it can be deployed or stored away in 30-seconds or less, and it’s capable of supporting a frankly ridiculous 453kg!

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DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

an image of a dewalt random orbit sander

The perfect tool for tackling rough walls and woodwork, the DEWALT DWE6421 spins at an impressive 12,000 RPM to leave surfaces feeling silky smooth.

Forget the elbow grease that comes from manual sanding; this random orbital sander is an all-around workhorse that’s perfect for finishing projects quickly and efficiently with less arm fatigue.

What’s more, thanks to its ergonomically shaped handles and rubber over-mould grip, it’ll be a joy to use throughout their entire house renovation.

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Bosch Professional 43-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set

an image of a bosch professional 43 piece screwdriver bit set

This Bosch Professional 43-piece screwdriver bit set is perfect for both beginners and pros alike.

Each of the bits is made from special S2-modified steel that follows an optimised heat-treatment process for above-average hardness and increased durability.

The bits also feature a ‘conical torsion zone’ to handle peak torque outputs during use, something which absorbs force and vibrations for increased comfort and performance. Oh, and if that’s too scientific, we’ll just sell you on the fact that they’re colour-coded too for quicker identification!

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Bosch 34-Piece Drill Bit Set

an image of a bosch 34 piece drill bit set

This 34-piece Bosch screwdriver and drill bit set is ideal for home renovation projects both large and small.

Perfect for more than just timber, it can also handle a variety of materials like metal and masonry thanks to the fifteen supplied drill bits that come in a variety of sizes.

What’s more, the pack also comes loaded with thirteen different screwdriver bits, three socket wrenches, a countersink bit, and a universal magnetic bit holder for maximum versatility.

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Universal Socket Wrench Set

an image of a universal socket wrench set

Whether it’s removing stubborn lagging bolts or fitting new kitchen taps, this 3-in-1 multi-function socket wrench set is more than up to the task!

Made from durable chrome-vanadium steel, it features an auto-adjusting ratchet that automatically adjusts to the size needed, meaning there’s no fuss or time lost trying to find the right tool for the job.

This 3-in-1 wrench is designed for versatility and would make an excellent gift for anyone from a DIYer to a professional tradesperson.

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15″ Multi-Function Demolition Tool

an image of a fifteen inch multi function demolition tool

There’s no point messing around with lightweight tools that aren’t up to the job, which is why you should treat any renovator tackling a bit of light demolition work to this 15″ multi-function demolition tool.

Tiles, wood, drywall, glass, plaster, nails – this hardwearing tool can handle it all.

It’s like a hammer, pry bar and nail puller all rolled into one and would make an excellent gift for anyone embarking on a home renovation project.

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Rechargeable LED Work Light

an image of a rechargeable LED work light

This rechargeable LED work light is a must-have for any home renovation project.

Powered by a 5000mAh battery, the rotatable work light is super-bright and lightweight and is perfect for illuminating everything from the tight cupboard under the stairs to entire rooms.

It’s capable of up to 8-hours of runtime on a single charge, and even features a handy USB port that can be used as an emergency power source for the user’s mobile phone.

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