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Gifts for Walkers:
21 Gift Ideas for Walkers

Hiking is the perfect hobby for those with a sense of adventure and a love of the great outdoors.

There’s nothing quite like escaping the stresses of everyday city life and immersing yourself in nature.

We’ve pulled together a list of gift ideas for walkers, so if you’ve got a friend or relative in your life with a passion for walking, look no further because we’ve searched the internet high and low for these handy walking gifts.

Check out our pick of the best gifts for walkers below.

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The Guinness World’s Record for the longest distance walked in 24-hours is a whopping 228.93km (142 miles, 440 yards) achieved by Jesse Castenda in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the United States between 18-19 Sep 1976.

Illustrated UK & Ireland Walking Map

an image of an illustrated UK and Ireland walking map - one of our ideas of personalised gifts for walkers

This beautifully illustrated map is for all the hardcore hikers out there who are ticking off all the long UK and Ireland walks off their bucket list!

Originally hand-drawn in monochrome pencil, the map pinpoints famous walks such as the South West Coastal Path, Cotswold Way and the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

For every route they’ve walked, they could even mark it off on the map using a different coloured pencil for each, turning the print into a personalised tapestry of colour.

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Apple Watch Series 3

an image of an Apple Watch Series 3

It certainly isn’t one of the cheaper gifts for walkers out there, but there’s no denying just how handy the Apple Watch can be for keeping track of data while staying fit and active.

The Activity App tracks total daily steps and distance covered that day. It also has music control, so you can choose what songs, podcasts or audiobooks to listen to whilst out on a long day’s hike.

For those times where you’ve lost your sense of direction, you can even track your location on a map and work out what route you should take next.

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Water Filter Bottle

an image of a water filter bottle

Staying hydrated whilst hiking in the wilderness is imperative, so make sure your walking enthusiast loved one is well prepared with this water bottle and filter.

The filter component eliminates 99% of bacteria, viruses and parasites, so they’ll be able to safely drink tap, river, snow and even rainwater whilst out and about.

It even has a compass built into the lid so they’ll never lose their way and the handy carabiner means it can be hung on the outside of a rucksack, so it’s always within reach on long hiking days.

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The North Face Recon Day Backpack

an image of The North Face Recon day backpack

Perhaps one of the most useful gifts for walkers, this backpack is as stylish as it is versatile.

It has an array of pockets to help organise all their gear and equipment, which are all easy to access. It has injection-moulded shoulder straps and a breathable lumbar panel which ensures maximum breathability and comfort.

The 30L capacity also makes this backpack the perfect size for a day’s worth of hiking out in the great outdoors.

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Carbon Fibre Trekking Poles

an image of carbon fibre trekking poles which would make handy presents for walkers

Trekking poles are a vital accessory for those walking enthusiasts who like to brave those tricky terrain routes.

The poles provide good anchor points to help balance on steep hills, as well as offering stability when carrying a heavy backpack for hours upon hours. This set of carbon fibre trekking poles are shock absorbent, sturdy and durable, so they reduce the impact on the joints while navigating harsh terrain.

They also have interchangeable tips to suit a variety of climates and are adjustable in height so they can be easily packed away when not in use.

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North Face Evolve II Triclimate 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket

an image of The North Face Evolve II triclimate 3-in-1 waterproof jacket

Any keen hiker will tell you that when it comes to braving the great outdoors, being prepared for everything and anything mother nature throws at you is vital.

Treat the walking enthusiast in your life to a North Face Evolve II Triclimate 3-in-1 windproof and waterproof jacket, and they’ll be more than ready to face the elements. The coat has two zip-in layers to create a 3-in-1 jacket that can be adapted depending on the weather conditions. It has a removable fleece layer that also works as a jacket on its own, as can the outer shell and they can also both be worn together when the temperature drops.

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Merino Wool Hiking Socks

an image of merino wool hiking socks - a gift idea for walkers

Having wet and cold feet whilst out on a walk is every hiker’s nightmare, so make sure it never happens by treating them to a pair of these snazzy merino wool hiking socks!

The fibres of the high-quality wool have innovative heating, cooling and antibacterial properties that keep the feet at optimum temperature, whatever the weather.

They are also cushioned to prevent blisters and ergonomic design for ultimate comfort.

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Walking Boots

an image of walking boots - one of the essential gifts for ramblers

A good pair of walking boots is a cornerstone piece of clothing for anyone who has taken up hiking as a hobby.

This pair of Riemot walking boots will be any hikers new best friend and will quite literally be there with them every step of the way. The suede leather has breathable pores, and they are also 100% waterproof.

They have a sturdy rubber sole and a protective toe cap, so they’re more than ready to tackle even the toughest of terrains.

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Step Counter with Lanyard

an image of a step counter with lanyard

Keeping track of steps during a long day of hiking is a great way to stay motivated through a tough day of walking.

This step counter would make a brilliant gift for the walking enthusiast in your life; it’s simple to use and easy to carry either around the neck or clipped onto a piece of clothing. The advanced 3D Tri-Axis Sensor technology means it is super accurate compared to other devices, no matter what angle it sits at.

An auto-sleep function means it has a long-lasting battery that will see them through millions of steps.

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Reusable Hand Warmer

an image of a reusable hand warmer

Ward off any risk of frostbite with a rechargeable hand warmer! This pocket-sized gadget is the perfect gift for a hiker who likes to brave the great outdoors, even in the harshest of conditions.

With temperatures ranging between 45° C – 55°C and lasting up to 8 hours, it will provide enough heat for a day hiking even in sub-zero climates. The Saderell Hand Warmer has the capabilities to warm surfaces evenly and thoroughly, using the built-in two temperature sensors with smart chip control.

What’s more, it even acts as a battery pack to charge a phone or other device.

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Lightweight Leg Gaiters

an image of lightweight leg gaiters - one of the essential gifts for avid walkers

These lightweight leg gaiters strap over a pair of hiking boots to give an extra added layer of protection from the elements.

Made from 600D anti-tear Oxford fabric, this pair of gaiters are durable, windproof, waterproof and even snow proof.

The adjustable elastic band and snap fastener provide a secure fit and also ensure unpleasantries such as mud, dew, insects, water and sand are kept at bay.

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UK & Ireland National Parks Art Print

an image of a UK and Ireland national parks art print - one of our ideas of quirky or unusual gifts for walkers

National Parks are a hiking enthusiast’s playground; somewhere they can be let loose to explore stunning trails and immerse themselves in beautiful surroundings.

This art print celebrates the outstanding national parks, rivers and mountain ranges of the UK and Ireland, and it would make a lovely keepsake gift for anyone who appreciates these beautiful places.

Available in a variety of sizes, it is printed on high-quality white card and comes unframed and unmounted.

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Britain’s Best Walks Book

an image of a book highlighting the best walks in Britain

Discovering new routes to explore on foot is any walking enthusiast’s dream, so why not treat them to ‘Britains Best Walks’ to help them stumble upon some new trails?!

The author, Christopher Somerville, has wandered around the entirety of the British Isles, and from this has recommended 200 walking routes that are worth trying. It includes helpful information such as OS grid references and postcodes of possible starting points, as well as directions on how to get there. All the walks are also graded on distance and difficulty, making it super easy to plan a walk based on their ability, fitness and preferences.

What’s more, it also details food and accommodation information for those who have worked up an appetite after a long day of walking.

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Portable Solar Power Bank

an image of a portable solar power bank - one of our ideas of gifts for walkerss

Running out of power on a vital piece of technology whilst out in the wilderness is less than ideal.

Treat your walking-obsessed loved one to this portable solar power bank, and they’ll wonder how they ever coped without one. With a huge capacity of 20,000mAH, this charger can charge a smartphone up to 7 times and an iPad or tablet up to 2 times.

It has four ports so it can charge multiple devices at once and is even waterproof and dust-proof, so it’s perfectly suited for the great outdoors.

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LED Lighted Beanie Hat

an image of an LED lighted beanie hat - one of our ideas of christmas gifts for walkers

This clever LED light beanie hat won’t only keep your head warm during chilly conditions, it’ll also light the way when it starts to get dark.

The fabric of the beanie is super soft and insulating, it’s also nice and stretchy so one size fits all so you don’t need to worry about getting the sizing wrong.

The LED light will last for 10 hours on one charge, making it perfect for an overnight camping trip or a night time trek.

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Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield

an image of Scotchgard heavy duty water shield

Help a hiker prepare their gear for the wettest of weather conditions by treating them to a can of Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield.

It can be applied to coats, backpacks and tents and will create a watertight barrier that will keep them drier for longer.

Furthermore, the formula doesn’t impede a fabric’s breathability, and it also dries odourless which the lucky recipient is sure to appreciate.

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12 in 1 Outdoor Survival Kit

an image of an outdoor survival kit

When it comes to braving the great outdoors, a hiker’s safety, and their ability to fend for themselves, should always be the biggest priority.

This 12-in-1 survival kit comes with all the essential safety gear just in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation whilst out in the wilderness.

It includes a compass, whistle, fire starter, knife, torch, chain wire saw, tactical pen, multi-function saver card and a portable mini light.

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Mini Pocket Picnic Blanket

an image of a mini pocket picnic blanket - one of our ideas of gifts for avid walkers

This super handy picnic blanket folds up so tiny that it can easily fit in the lucky recipient’s rucksack or even their pocket!

Made from quality hyperlyte nylon material, it is durable, water-resistant, sand proof and even scratch-proof to withstand even the harshest hikes.

The weighted corners can be filled with sand, stones or whatever else is to-hand to prevent it from being blown away on a windy day.

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Epic Hikes of the World Book

an image of a book outlining the epic hikes of the world - one of the essential hiking gifts or gifts for hikers

‘Epic Hikes of the World’ is the book for hikers who’ve caught the travelling bug.

It tells the tales of epic hiking routes in 30 different countries, which will inspire any walking enthusiast to explore trails further afield. From African plains to South American volcanos, this book shares over 200 ideas for amazing hikes across a variety of landscapes all over the world.

The beautiful illustrations, photographs and maps bring this book to life and make it one of our favourite gifts for walkers.

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Lightweight Foldable Daypack

an image of a lightweight foldable daypack - one of our gift ideas for walkers

This ultra-lightweight rucksack is ideal for hiking day trips or for packing away in a suitcase for a more extended trip away.

It folds down to pocket-sized so that it will save a lot of space for other vital walking equipment.

Made from a durable and waterproof fabric, this handy rucksack is available in 16L or 24L sizes and has adjustable mesh straps for extra comfort and breathability.

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Windproof Vented Double Canopy Umbrella

an image of a windproof vented double canopy umbrella - one of our ideas of gifts for walkers

Well-seasoned hikers who brave the UK footpaths throughout the year will be all too aware the rain is never far away.

This Ergonauts windproof vented travel umbrella, with its double canopy and reinforced fibreglass ribs will protect them even in the harshest of conditions.

Arguably one of the most useful gifts for walkers, it’s non-slip rubber handle and thick wrist strap provide not only a comfortable grip, but also a one-handed button-operated open and close function.

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