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Giraffe Gifts – 21 Gift Ideas for Giraffe Lovers

As the worlds tallest mammal, giraffes are both lanky and loveable.

The gentle giants have big hearts and gentle personas, so its no wonder they’re loved by so many people.

If you have a giraffe obsessed loved one in your life, why not make their day by treating them to a giraffe-themed gift?

We’ve done the hard work and collated this great list of gifts that will make any giraffe lover’s day. From phone cases to jigsaw puzzles, we’ve got a brilliant selection of giraffe gifts for all men, women, girls and boys!

Check out our list of giraffe gifts below.

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A fully-grown giraffe’s tongue is a whopping 21-inches long. That’s over half a metre!

Giraffe in Glasses Print

an image of a print featuring a giraffe in glasses - one of our giraffe gifts ideas

This quirky giraffe in glasses print would make a lovely gift for any animal lover and would look the part in any room from an office to a bedroom.

Available in both A4 and A3 sizes, you can choose from a variety of colours for the glasses depending on the lucky recipient’s tastes.

The originally hand-painted design is printed on 160gsm smooth white card for a quality finish, and although it doesn’t come with a frame, it shouldn’t be a problem picking one up separately.

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Giraffe Print Scarf in Gift Box

an image of a giraffe print scarf in a gift box

Treat a giraffe lover to a gift they will love with this adorable giraffe print scarf.

Made from 100% polyester, the soft, lightweight fabric features an illustrated giraffe print and is available in either turquoise, blue, grey, or cream to match the lucky recipient’s tastes.

The scarf comes packaged in a beautiful gift box and would make an excellent gift for the fashion-conscious giraffe enthusiast who enjoys long winter walks.

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Giraffe Cuddly Toy

an image of a giraffe cuddly toy

Quite possibly our favourite giraffe gift for kids, this cuddly toy is sure to delight any young giraffe fan.

Made from high-quality, super-soft plush material, the toy is sure to stand up to hours (and hours…and hours…) of the most intense and satisfying cuddling. We reckon you’d struggle to find a more satisfying cuddle buddy if we’re honest!

At 18cm tall, it’s the perfect size for babies and young children, and we love the fact that it’s handmade for that extra personal touch.

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Giant Giraffe Toy

an image of a giant giraffe toy

It’s no secret that giraffes are the tallest animals in the natural world, and this awesome plush giraffe is sure to follow suit by being the tallest toy in any child’s bedroom!

Measuring an impressive 4-foot tall, the super-realistic giraffe is not only durable enough to withstand knocks (and the occasional falling over, we bet), but it features a handy surface material that is washable to keep it looking fresh.

Best-suited to children aged 3-years and up, the lucky recipient is sure to be the envy of all their friends with this incredible giraffe-themed gift.

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Colourful Giraffe Print

an image of a colourful giraffe print

There’s a vast array of giraffe gifts out there, but we think that this print of a giraffe’s head is as beautiful as it is colourful, and is a must-have for any stylish giraffe lover.

The simplistic style of the bold outline and variety of colours gives this art print a modern vibe that would brighten up any room in which it’s hung.

Available in a multitude of sizes from 40x60cm up to 90x120cm, it’s printed on cotton canvas, and is available either framed or unframed.

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Giraffe-Themed Phone Case (5x Styles Available)

an image of a giraffe themed phone case

They say that the average smartphone owner checks their phone over one hundred times a day. We reckon it’d be a lot higher if you give them one of these awesome giraffe phone covers, though.

The cover shown here features a funky giraffe drinking through a straw, but there are four other styles available, too, meaning you’re sure to find one to suit any giraffe lover’s tastes.

The various covers are available for iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei devices for maximum compatibility.

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Giraffe Necklace

an image of a giraffe necklace - one of our giraffe gifts ideas

Want to combine a friend’s or loved one’s interest in giraffes and jewellery, but can’t find the right gift? Well, look no further than this beautiful giraffe necklace.

Both fashionable and lightweight, the sterling silver necklace exudes a sense of both quality and style, and will undoubtedly be a treasured statement piece for years to come.

The perfect gift for any occasion, the beautiful love heart pendant comes with a sterling silver chain, a cleaning cloth, and a stylish gift box.

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Personalised Giraffe Notebook

an image of a personalised giraffe notebook

Notebooks make lovely gifts because they are a trusty place to put pen to paper and scribble down secrets, stories, doodles and more!

This giraffe-themed softback notebook features 60 pages of high-quality A4 paper that are waiting to be filled with things from the lucky recipient’s active imagination.

The giraffe front cover can even be personalised with their name for that extra personal touch.

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Wooden Giraffe Alphabets and Numbers Jigsaw Puzzle

an image of a wooden giraffe alphabet and numbers jigsaw puzzle

Help combine fun and learning with this beautiful wooden giraffe alphabet and numbers jigsaw puzzle.

Measuring an impressive 41cm tall, it’s suitable for children aged three and up. The puzzle features the twenty-six letters of the alphabet on one side, and twenty-six numbers on the other, and when built, resembles a very colourful giraffe.

It’s kind to the environment, too, thanks to being made from sustainable wood and using kid-friendly non-toxic paints.

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Giraffe 100% Cotton Print Quilt

an image of a giraffe 100% cotton print quilt

As soft and cuddly as it is beautiful, this cosy giraffe-themed quilt is perfect for keeping a little one warm during those cold winter nights.

The quilt measures 41×41-inches and is made from 100% cotton for maximum cosiness and snug-ability, and it features a variety of adorable giraffe poses that little ones are sure to adore.

The beautifully made quilt would make a wonderful gift that the lucky recipient can continue to use and enjoy for years to come.

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Sophie La Giraffe Baby Teething Toy

an image of a Sophie La Giraffe baby teething toy - one of our giraffe gifts for baby suggestions

First introduced in 1961, Sophie the Giraffe has been the teething toy of choice for generations of babies.

More than 50-million Sophies have been sold to date, and with celebrity customers such as Elton John and Jessica Alba, it isn’t hard to understand the toy’s appeal.

Made from 100% natural rubber that’s derived from the latex of the Hevea Tree, and finished with food-grade paint, you can relax in the knowledge that the toy is completely safe for little ones to chew on to help soothe their sore gums.

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Sophie La Giraffe Birth Basket Gift Set

an image of a Sophie La Giraffe birth gift basket - one of our giraffe gifts for baby suggestions

If you’re feeling extra generous, and a single Sophie the Giraffe teething toy simply won’t cut it, why not consider gifting this Sophie the Giraffe birth basket gift set instead?

It includes one of the famous Sophie the Giraffe teething toys, a pacifier holder, a swaddle, and a swing rattle all presented in a beautiful Sophie-themed basket.

Building on the popularity and success of the Giraffe toy that’s sold over 50 million units worldwide, these giraffe gifts are sure to impress the parents of any newborn baby.

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Giraffes Can’t Dance Children’s Book

an image of a children's book called Giraffes Can't Dance

‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ is a Number One bestseller that has been entertaining kids for over two decades.

This beautifully illustrated book covers the story of Gerald, a tall giraffe who wants to join in with all of the other animals in the Jungle Dance, and it’s sure to captivate children thanks to its colourful pages and captivating story.

‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ would make a wonderful gift that children will continue to enjoy and treasure over the years as they grow up.

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Little Giraffe Finger Puppet Book

an image of a little giraffe finger puppet book

Keep a little one entertained, or help send them off to sleep during storytime with this adorable giraffe-themed finger puppet book.

This cute children’s book is printed on extra-thick paperboard for added durability and features a cute, soft finger puppet that’s attached to the book and a peek-a-boo hole on each of the pages.

If you’re looking for giraffe gifts that will feed their imagination and bring their stories to life, we can’t think of a better option than this book!

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Giraffe-Themed Storage Basket

an image of a giraffe themed storage basket

This giraffe-themed fabric storage basket is so versatile and stylish that you’ll want one for your home, too!

Embellished within a lovely giraffe print, the grey-coloured canvas basket measures 40cm wide and 45cm tall and is perfect for anything from household laundry to storing a child’s toys.

As stylish as it is functional and sturdy, the lucky recipient will revel at their ability to tidy and organise any room in the house from the laundry room to the playroom with this handy storage basket.

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Giraffe Backpack for Toddlers

an image of a giraffe backpack for toddlers

Help a young giraffe lover be the envy of all their friends with this cute giraffe backpack.

Ideal for anyone from toddlers to boys and girls entering their first few years at school, the backpack is made from high-quality materials to help it withstand whatever youngsters can throw at it.

Measuring 25cm wide, 29cm tall, and 10cm deep, the backpack is big enough to hold everything they’ll need to accompany them for a day at school, at the beach, or while on a mini-adventure.

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Giraffe Height Chart

an image of a giraffe height chart

They might not grow up to be as tall as the average giraffe, but there’s no denying just how quickly children grow, especially during their early years.

This printed Giraffe growth chart would look great in any children’s bedroom or playroom and makes for a more stylish (and less destructive!) way to record their height over the years than drawing directly on the wall.

The chart is suitable between 65cm and 160cm, and it can be paired with an optional oak frame that will look beautiful on any wall.

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Sock Giraffe Craft Kit

an image of a sock giraffe craft kit

Combine someone’s creativity and their love for giraffes with this adorable sock giraffe craft kit!

The kit includes everything they need to get started, such as a needle and thread, decoration kit, instructions, stuffing, and perhaps, most importantly, socks! It even comes with some Love Hearts treats to satisfy their sweet tooth while they craft.

It’s perfect for kids and adults, alike; however, we’d recommend that children under twelve get adult supervision.

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Giraffe Illustration Fair Trade Tote Bag

an image of a giraffe illustration fair trade tote bag

Help a friend or loved one shop in style with this beautiful giraffe-themed tote bag.

The bag boasts eco-friendly credentials thanks to its use of organic cotton that meets all aspects of the Fairtrade Standards from growing the cotton to manufacturing the tote.

The 60cm handles mean this canvas bag can easily be worn on the shoulder, making it easier to carry heavy shopping loads. When not in use, it folds up small for easy storage in a handbag or pocket.

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Giraffe Wall Sticker

an image of a giraffe wall sticker

Add a touch of sub-Saharan Africa to a child’s bedroom or playroom with this lovely giraffe wall sticker.

Available in twelve different colours to suit any colour-scheme, there are four different sizes to choose from ranging from 25cm to a massive 140cm in height. You can even have it facing left or right too depending on which orientation works best.

Why go to the hassle of stencilling or painting a complicated design, when the matt finish of this vinyl sticker provides the same effect in a fraction of the time!?

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Giraffe Illustration Cushion

an image of a giraffe illustration cushion

Bring sub-Saharan Africa to the sofa with this fun and quirky giraffe cushion.

Featuring a cute giraffe illustration by UK-based illustrator Casey Rogers, the cushion is available in either faux suede, linen or canvas. It is available with either a single-sided or double-sided print that’s sure to make the lucky recipient smile.

Measuring 47cm by 47cm, this giraffe-themed gift is sure to add a pop of colour to the living room or bedroom of any giraffe lover.

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