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Guitar Gifts – 25 Gifts for Guitar Players

For many, playing the guitar is as much a way of life as it is an interest or hobby.

And who can blame them?

Research has shown that playing the guitar can lead to a whole host of cognitive benefits, with the process of learning to play chords and read sheet music opening up new neural pathways in the brain.

Inspired by this, we’ve searched high and low for the best gifts for guitar lovers.

So, whether you’re after something that will help them learn their first chords, or a state of the art gadget to help them record their guitar playing on their phone, tablet, or laptop, you’re sure to find the perfect guitar-themed gift here.

Check out our pick of the best guitar gifts below.

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The most expensive guitar ever sold was a special edition of Fender’s Stratocaster dubbed the “Reach Out to Asia” edition, which was created to raise funds for the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Signed by 19 professional musicians including Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger, it raised a whopping $2.7 million at auction!

Premium Guitar Pick Bundle Set

an image of a premium guitar pick gifts bundle set

One of the perfect guitar gifts for that well-strummed guitar-loving friend or loved one, this bundle from Gift Geeks provides everything they’ll need to get the most out of their guitar.

The bundle comes with thirty-two picks in a variety of thicknesses, a digital micro tuner, quick-release capo clamp, a pick holder, a special steel pick, and a stylish enamel pin.

It all comes neatly packed in a smart ‘wooden style’ box, too, to provide a great first impression.

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Essential Album Cover Guitar Picks

an image of essential album cover guitar picks - our pick of the essential guitar player gifts

Between losing or breaking them, the average guitar player can find themselves going through picks pretty quickly.

Arguably as cool and stylish as they are functional, this pack of twenty guitar picks are that extra bit special, and the lucky recipient is likely to treasure and look after them all the more as a result.

The 0.71mm medium-gauge picks feature some of the most iconic album covers of all time, and they’re perfect for both electric and acoustic players alike.

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Personalised Silver Guitar Pick

an image of a personalised silver guitar pick - one of our picks of personalised guitar gifts

Eddie Van Halen famously said that “a guitar is a very personal extension of the person playing it”, and what could be more fitting to this pairing than one of these high-quality, personalised guitar gifts?

Made from polished stainless steel, the pick can be personalised with an engraved heartfelt and inspirational message, and it comes in a stylish ‘Personal Picks’ gift box for that premium look and feel.

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Guitar Pick Punch

an image of a guitar pick punch - one of our picks of guitar themed gifts

One of the best guitar gadgets for the guitarist who is always losing or snapping picks, this handy pick punch will help them craft new plectrums in seconds.

The all-metal punch works along the same lines as a conventional hole punch, and it comes with a variety of pick strips that are ready to be punched at a moment’s notice.

Our favourite part? You can even make plectrums out of old credit cards or gift cards, too!

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Guitar Aerobics Book

an image of the guitar aerobics book

Andrés Segovia, the Spanish guitarist, once said that the guitar is the easiest instrument to play, but the hardest to play well.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of help out there for the aspiring guitarist, and Troy Nelson’s ‘Guitar Aerobics’ book is just one hugely-popular example.

Broken down into one ‘workout’ per day across a variety of musical styles, the book provides a 52-week program to help someone develop, improve and maintain their guitar technique, and it’s one of the essential guitar gifts for beginners as a result.

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Guitar Practice Prompt Cards

an image of guitar practice prompt cards

Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction fame one said, “Guitar playing is just something that came to me and is really second nature now”.

Help an aspiring guitarist reach this level of skill with this set of handy guitar practice prompt cards.

Packed in a stylish gift box, the set includes 50 cards that will help spark curiosity, inspiration, and most importantly, fun, during their practice sessions.

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Skull Print Guitar Strap

an image of a skull print guitar strap

Joan Jett famously said, “My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am”.

Yes, Joan was probably talking about her ability to express herself through her guitar playing. Still, we’d argue that the quote is just as applicable when selling the benefits of using a high-quality guitar strap to make the guitar easier to hold and play.

Suitable for electric, acoustic, or Bass guitars, this strap features a cool skull print design that’s sure to turn heads, and it’s made from cotton with PU leather ends for added durability.

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Handmade Real Leather Guitar Strap

an image of a handmade real leather guitar strap- one of our picks of guitar themed gifts

If you’ve ever tried to play the guitar standing up without the help of a strap, you’ll know just how annoying and cumbersome this can sometimes be.

A good strap will keep a guitarist’s mind off issues like their aching arms and trying to keep the guitar balanced, and on where it should be; playing their favourite songs.

Perfect for bass, electric, or acoustic guitars, this handmade leather strap certainly looks and feels the part, and thankfully, it will perform just as well too.

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Clip-On Guitar Tuner

an image of a clip-on guitar tuner - one of the essential gifts for guitar lovers

Whether they’re jamming to themselves or playing for an audience, this clip-on tuner is one of the best guitar ideas for helping them improve the quality of whatever they’re playing by keeping their guitar in-tune.

Ideal for acoustic, electric, or Bass guitars, it can be conveniently clipped-on to the guitar’s headstock and features a 3-colour LCD screen that will provide the lucky recipient with accurate tuning guidance in seconds.

Why not give a beginner or expert guitarist the gift of in-tune music with this handy guitar gadget?

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Glass & Stainless Steel Guitar Slides (2-Pack)

an image of a two pack of glass and stainless steel guitar slides - one of our guitar gift ideas

Guitar slides have been around for a very long time, and they’re probably one of the simplest but effective guitar ‘gadgets’ out there.

You’ve probably heard their distinctive sound in blues music, with the smooth sound occurring from gliding the slide up and down being particularly well-suited to the blues genre.

This pack of slides comes with both a glass and a stainless-steel variant, which will let the lucky recipient experiment and add a couple of different silky-smooth, bluesy undertones to their guitar playing.

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Quick-Release Guitar Capo

an image of a quick release guitar capo - one of our ideas of guitar presents

A capo is a device used to effectively shorten the string length on an electric or acoustic guitar. When clamped at a particular fret, they cause the strings to play at a higher pitch due to their shortened length.

A quick-release capo like this one is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change a guitar’s sound, for example, being able to change the key of a song instantly, or producing a more mandolin-like sound.

One of the essential gifts for guitarists, this one is made from solid silver chrome metal, and features a solid metal-hinge and reinforced springs for extra durability.

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Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal

an image of a dunlop crybaby wah-wah pedal - one of our picks of cool gifts for guitar players

With over one-million units sold since first being introduced in 1966, it’s safe to say that the ‘Cry Baby Wah’ guitar pedal has been pretty popular.

Famously relied upon by the guitar-playing greats like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, as well as hundreds of thousands of guitarists ever since, the pedal produces an unmistakable sound.

Built to handle years of abuse thanks to its sturdy die-cast build, the ‘Cry Baby Wah’ produces a single iconic effect which is driven by either pushing or letting go of the foot pedal. Simple, but oh so effecive!

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Marshall MG15 Practice Amplifier

an image of the marshall MG15 practice amplifier

Compact enough to fit in a guitarist’s front room or garage, yet powerful enough to pack a serious punch during solo play, band practice, or when playing to a small crowd, the Marshall MG15 Practice Amplifier is the perfect personal or travel amp for beginner and expert guitarists alike.

The 15W amp features an 8-inch speaker that delivers both power and sound clarity and features separate Clean and Overdrive channels, as well as a 3-band EQ for Bass, Middle, and Treble to help the user dial in the perfect guitar tone.

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THE SPAMP Guitar Practice Amplifier

an image of the spamp guitar practice amplifier

Easily one of the quirkiest and most unusual guitar gifts out there, the SPAMP, or ‘Spicy Amplifier’, can function as a preamplifier, a source of various distortion effects, or as a headphone practice amp.

Boasting serious eco-credentials thanks to its use of an actual repurposed SPAM tin, the SPAMP can be used either free-standing or while clipped to a belt for portable play.

Thanks to its use of pro-audio grade componentry, the SPAMP doesn’t just look the part (although, that’s what we love the most!), it’s highly-functional, too.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Headphones

an image of the audio-technica ath-m50x studio headphones

The perfect accessory for those late-night jamming sessions, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Headphones will help them play as late (and as loudly as they want!) without waking up the neighbours.

Delivering an audio quality that has impressed both top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers, the ATH-M50X headphones deliver exceptional audio clarity and stellar bass response thanks to their extended frequency range and sound-isolating earcups.

What’s more, thanks to their sturdy construction, they’ll be able to handle whatever even the most passionate and energetic guitarist can throw at them!

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BOSS WL-20L Plug-and-Play Wireless Guitar System

an image of the boss wl-20l plug and play wireless guitar system

From the wire getting tangled and wrapped around the amplifier, furniture, and goodness knows what else, to causing a potential trip hazard, wired guitar playing is not without its hassles!

Thankfully, a gadget like the BOSS WL-20L compact wireless instrument system sorts all that by removing the need for those pesky wires.

There’s no complicated setup to worry about, with the transmitter and receiver connecting in about ten seconds thanks to plug-and-play wireless technology, and the built-in rechargeable battery is capable of up to 12-hours of continuous playtime.

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IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 Guitar Interface

an image of the IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 interface

If you know someone who is always jamming and creating new guitar riffs, the iRig HD 2 is a fantastic guitar gadget that will not only help them play, but also record, their music on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC.

The kit comes with everything needed to get started, including the required cables for connecting to the latest devices, and full versions of the AmpliTube software for Mac, PC, and iOS.

What’s more, the plug-and-play technology makes for super-easy setup, and the ‘rig’ is small enough to fit in a pocket for the animated guitarist who can’t stand still.

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Officially Licensed Fender Key Holder

an image of an officially licensed fender key holder - one of the essential gifts for guitar lovers

Easily one of our favourite guitar related gifts on this list, this officially licenced Fender key holder is as functional and practical as it is stylish!

Made from real amplifier components for that authentic look and feel, it includes four guitar plug keychains and can be mounted in under five minutes thanks to the supplied wall-mounting kit.

This stylish statement piece will not only show off their love of all-things guitar, but it’ll also keep them tidy and organised at the same time. Win-win!

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Gibson Les Paul Guitar Patent Poster

an image of a gibson les paul patent poster

First introduced by the Gibson Guitar Corporation in 1952, the Gibson Les Paul is one of the most iconic solid-bodied electric guitars ever made.

A charming and quirky acknowledgement of the Gibson Les Paul’s long and illustrious reputation as the electric guitar of choice for guitarists the world over, it’s printed with archival inks and is available in a variety of sizes and colours.

A real statement piece, for sure.

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Funny Guitar Mug

an image of a funny guitar mug - our pick of the best gifts for guitar players

Looking for inspiration for guitar gifts for the guitarist who doesn’t take themselves too seriously? Well, this funny guitar-themed mug could be just the ticket!

Yes, it does actually say what you think it does (we’ve just covered it a bit to stop anybody from being easily offended – we are in the 2020’s, after all!)

Made from high-standard ceramic (whatever that is!), the mug’s high-quality finish is both dishwasher and microwave safe for up to 800 washes.

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Guitar Pick T-Shirt

an image of a guitar pick t-shirt

For many, playing the guitar is as much a way of life as it is a hobby or interest.

Why not help a guitar-obsessed friend or loved one show off their passion in style with this awesome guitar-themed t-shirt?

Available in both men’s and women’s fits in a variety of colours and sizes, it features a retro, distressed graphic of a variety of different guitar types silhouetted against the familiar background of colourful guitar picks.

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Guitar Tie, Handkerchief & Cufflinks Set

an image of a guitar themed tie, handkerchief and cufflinks set - one of our picks of guitar gifts for him for christmas, birthday, or any other special occasion

If you’re looking for some stylish gift ideas for the guitar-obsessed loved one who can’t stop thinking about their passion even while at the office, this guitar-themed tie, handkerchief, and cufflinks set could be just the ticket!

The perfect accompaniment to a suit, the stylish trio comes packed in a black gift box, and they’re made from premium-quality materials including silk for the tie and pocket square, and stainless steel for the cufflinks.

A real conversation-starter, they’re one of the ideal guitar gifts for the man who likes to look the part while showing off his passions.

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26-Piece Guitar Maintenance Kit

an image of a 26 piece guitar maintenance kit

The perfect way to inject some new life into that old garage-find guitar, or to keep that new purchase in tip-top condition for years to come, this maintenance kit provides everything needed to repair, clean, and maintain a guitar.

The kit comes with a variety of handy guitar-related tools and accessories, including wire pliers, files, hex wrenches, a spanner wrench, a screwdriver, bridge pins, and some picks to name but a few, and it all comes packed in a handy, zipped storage bag.

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String Fuel Cleaner

an image of the string fuel cleaner

Aside from changing out their strings periodically, many guitarists don’t realise the benefits of throwing their strings the odd bit of TLC.

String Fuel is one of the essential gifts or guitar players who want to keep their guitar sounding great and in tip-top condition. The handy applicator applies a hybrid blend of oils that both cleans and lubricates the strings.

The result? Cleaner strings, obviously, but also strings that last longer and sound better through reduced finger noise while playing.

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Jim Dunlop Guitar Tech Care Kit

an image of the jim dunlop tech care kit

Perfect for the guitarist who treats their guitar like their child, this tech kit from Dunlop will provide them with everything they need to keep their pride and joy looking its best.

The kit comes with guitar care products that are used the world over by the likes of pro-guitar technicians and repair shops, including Formula 65 Polish, Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil, and Ultraglide 65 String Cleaner.

The kit also comes with two 100% cotton polishing cloths, a microfine fret polishing cloth, and a handy Jim Dunlop Stringwinder tool.

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