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Harry Potter Gifts for Kids:
27 Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

The magical world of Harry Potter first burst onto the literary scene over 20 years ago, and since then has racked up a whopping seven books, eight movies, three spin-off movies and an award-winning play.

With a line-up as extensive as that, it’s no wonder so many muggle kids are obsessed with the enchanting world of witchcraft and wizardry.

We’ve collated a spellbinding selection of awesome gifts that a young aspiring witch, wizard or muggle will be delighted to receive has a gift.

From wands to secret notebooks with invisible ink pens, you’re bound to find the perfect Harry Potter gift from our selection of awesome gift ideas!

Check out our pick of the best Harry Potter gifts for kids below.

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Both J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter share the same birthday, which is on July 31.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook

an image of the unofficial harry potter spellbook sub-titled wizard training

Help a wannabe wizard brush up on their magic skills by treating them to this Harry Potter Spellbook!

Packed full of magic and mystery, this book will help them learn the names, pronunciations, wand movements and interesting facts of over 200 Harry Potter spells. The beautifully designed pages are made to look like they’ve been written with a quill and ink, giving this awesome book some extra charm and authenticity.

Young wizards will have a ball learning their Illegibilus from their Immobulus with this magical gift!

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Harry Potter Paper Flyers Instructions

an image of a harry potter paper flyers instructions book - one of our ideas of gifts for harry potter fans

From quidditch players to dragons, owls to golden snitches, the world of Harry Potter isn’t short of things that fly!

In a muggle world where broomsticks are more limited to a cleaning closet than the sky, treat a young wannabe witch or wizard to the Harry Potter Paper Flyers book so they can immerse themselves in the magical world.

This crafty book comes with pages to transform into 12 flying characters by punching, cutting and folding them into shape by following the instructions included.

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Wizard Training Wand

an image of a wizard training wand

Let a wizard train like their favourite magical character by treating them to their very own wand!

This awesome toy wand has 11 different spells for kids to master in the training mode, before taking on a wizard pal in the multi-wand mode.

This interactive wand plays sound effects, lights up and is responsive to movement, so once they’ve mastered each spell from the spell chart, they can practice their skills in one of the five game modes.

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Harry Potter Scrapbook Set

an image of a harry potter scrapbook set

Fuel a child’s imagination and help them get crafty by treating them to this Harry Potter scrapbook set.

A wizard-in-training will have hours of fun developing their creativity by decorating each page of the scrapbook with the 65 accessories which come included in the kit.

The set comes with ribbons, glitter, feathers, stickers, stampers, printed cards, gel pens and more to help them get artistic and create their own book of magic.

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Harry Potter Sequin Notebook Set

an image of a harry potter sequin notebook set

Impress a young Harry Potter fan with this unique notebook and pen set!

The front cover features an enchanting sequin design, which will reveal a different cover design when touched from top to bottom and vice versa. The A5 lined notebook, which comes with an awesome wand-shaped ballpoint pen, is the perfect place for writing out spells, wizardry secrets and magical notes.

A wannabe witch or wizard will be thrilled to receive this lovely Harry Potter themed gift for their next birthday or Christmas present.

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Harry Potter Lockable Diary Set

an image of a lockable diary gift set

Help a young boy or girl keep their secrets safe from prying eyes by treating them to this lockable A5 diary.

This spellbinding gift features the Hogwarts crest on the front cover alongside a series of magical symbols. It also comes with an invisible ink pen with a UV light, so they’ll even be able to scribble down their biggest secrets without having to worry about anybody seeing them!

For extra security, the diary also comes with a padlock and two keys to ensure nobody tries sneaking a peek inside.

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Personalised Wooden Bookmark

an image of a personalised harry potter inspired wooden bookmark - one of our picks of personalised harry potter gifts for kids

Are you looking for inspiration for Harry Potter gifts for kids who always have their nose buried in a book? Well, look no further than this charming personalised bookmark.

Made from high-quality wood, this lovely bookmark will be engraved with their name and chosen Hogwarts house, making it a truly unique gift for a Potter-mad bookworm!

Whether the Sorting Hat opts to put them in Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, a young Harry Potter fan will be thrilled to receive this thoughtful gift.

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Harry Potter Lego Forbidden Forest Set

an image of a harry potter lego forbidden forest set - one of our picks of harry potter gifts for kids

Amalgamate a child’s love of Harry Potter and Lego by surprising them with this terrific Enchanted Forest Lego set!

One of the best Harry Potter gifts for kids to bring out their creative sides, the kit helps develop their building skills by challenging them to construct a complex yet fun scene.

The collection includes Harry, Hermione and Umbridge figurines, as well as two centaurs and a giant Grawp that they’ll be able to recreate epic movie scenes with!

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Harry Potter Lego Privet Drive Set

an image of a lego privet drive set

Unleash the magic within the wizardry world’s most famous muggle home with this amazing lego kit.

Aimed for ages 8+, this set comes with all the parts they’ll need to build a detailed replica of 4 Privet Drive including the cupboard under the stairs, a fireplace which shoots out letters from Hogwarts and an excitable house-elf named Dobby.

A young wizard or witch will have great fun letting their imagination run wild when they recreate their own movie scenes!

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Hedwig Plush Toy

an image of a hedwig plush toy

Every witch or wizard is entitled to a creature companion, so treat a Harry Potter fanatic to this adorable Hedwig owl plush toy!

Whilst a real owl might make a more extravagant gift, this toy owl is easier to look after and will give great bedtime snuggles because it won’t be out hunting at night.

Let a young Harry Potter devotee feel like a real Hogwarts student by treating them to this thoughtful gift which comes from the official movie merchandise line.

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Harry Potter Plush Toy

an image of a harry potter plush toy - one of our picks of harry potter gifts for kids

As the eponymous hero in the magical series, Harry Potter is a lot of people’s favourite character for several reasons.

This cute soft toy is one of the essential Harry Potter gifts for kids who can’t get enough of the boy wizard.

Featuring his trademark green eyes, glasses and lightning bolt scar, this plush toy measures 20cm and is the perfect size for cuddling at night whilst they dream about catching the Hogwarts express.

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Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light

an image of a harry potter golden snitch light - one of our ideas of gifts for harry potter fans

Catching the all-important golden snitch will end a game of quidditch and add 150 points to your team’s total score, so it has the power to change the outcome of the match completely.

Put a smile on a Harry Potter fanatic’s face by treating them to this novelty golden snitch light, which they will be able to put on display with pride.

The cleverly positioned perspex plinth gives the illusion that the golden snitch is effortlessly floating inside the tall illuminated bell jar.

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Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Heat-Changing Mug

an image of a harry potter marauders map heat changing mug gift idea for kids

Treat a kid to this heat-changing mug and let them watch in awe as it magically reveals the Marauder’s Map when it comes into contact with hot liquid.

Cold, the mug will show the password – I solemnly swear that I am up to no good – and some footprints to indicate some students or teachers of Hogwarts are close by.

A young witch or wizard in the making will love sipping on a mug of warm tea or hot chocolate as they watch it transform into Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prong’s map infront of their eyes!

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Harry Potter Hair Brush

an image of a harry potter hair brush

Treat a Harry Potter maniac to this detangling hairbrush which will leave them with silky, frizz-free locks.

The high-quality brush has an innovative comb design to deliver pain-free and optimum detangling results and is the perfect tool for when they don’t have their wand to hand.

Perfectly sized to fit in the palm of the hand, this lovely brush features the Hogwarts school coat of arms and comes packaged in a delightful Harry Potter themed box.

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Harry Potter Scarf and Hat Set For Kids

an image of a harry potter scarf and hat set for kids

If you know someone who shows courage, chivalry and determination, they are a true Gryffindor and will wear this smart bobble hat and scarf set with pride.

The red and gold set is super warm and cosy, making it one of the best Harry Potter gifts for kids for young fans who’ll be out and about it colder weather.

This official Harry Potter product comes in one size for ages 3 to 14 years old, with the stretchy fabric offering a comfortable fit for both young boys and girls.

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Personalised Scarlet & Gold Wizard Scarf

an image of a personalised harry potter inspired scarlet and gold wizard scarf

A young Gryffindor will love wrapping up to keep warm in this brilliant personalised Hogwarts scarf.

The luxurious double layer knit scarf is red and gold to reflect the colour scheme of Gryffindor house, making it a lovely gift for any young witch or wizard who demonstrates a courageous, courteous and determined persona.

The soft and cosy fabric will be embroidered with the recipient’s name, so everyone will know they are a true Gryffindor, through and through.

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Hogwarts-Themed Pyjamas for Girls

an image of hogwarts themed pyjamas for girls

Treat a young girl to these Hogwarts themed pyjamas, and she’ll feel like she’s stepping into the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry every time she gets ready for bed!

Made from 100% cotton, these pyjamas feature the Hogwarts coat of arms on both the top and the bottoms.

This officially licensed Harry Potter product would make a fantastic gift for a wannabe witch who is patiently waiting for her Hogwarts acceptance letter to arrive via owl post.

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Harry Potter Backpack for Kids

an image of a harry potter backpack for kids

Whilst not every kid will have to catch the Hogwarts Express to school, make them feel just as magical by treating a young wizard in training to this lovely ‘Back to Hogwarts’ backpack.

Featuring a cute Harry Potter-themed design alongside Gryffindor’s house colours, this is a practical gift that will make a young Harry Potter very happy.

The bag has a zipped main compartment, two side pockets for drinks and a small top grab handle.

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Harry Potter Gryffindor Messenger Bag

an image of a harry potter gryffindor messenger bag

Whether used for school or holidays, this Harry Potter-themed messenger bag is perfect for any occasion!

Measuring 34 x 28cm, this bag has an adjustable woven strap so that it can be worn across the body or on the shoulder. It has a front pocket and a large main compartment with a zip fastening to ensure all the contents are kept safe and secure.

Decked out in Gryffindor’s house colours, this awesome bag is the perfect place to store a cloak and wand during quidditch practice, making it a great gift idea for the Harry Potter fanatic in your life!

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Harry Potter Satchel Bag for Kids

an image of a satchel bag for kids

This stylish satchel would be one of the ideal Harry Potter gifts for kids who wholeheartedly believe that they’ll be getting their Hogwarts acceptance letter any day now.

The limited-edition bag features a Harry Potter-themed design that is bound to put a smile on any child’s face and make them the envy of all their friends.

Featuring a bold and sparkling design, this eye-catching bag would make a lovely gift for a young child who is enchanted by all things Harry Potter!

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Harry Potter Insulated Lunch Bag

an image of an insulated lunch bag gift idea

This insulated lunch bag would make a great gift for a young wizard who likes to keep their Fizzing Whizzbees and Chocolate Frog’s stored safely away from prying eyes.

Featuring the Hogwarts coat of arms and decorated in Gryffindor’s red and gold colours, this quality product is an officially licensed piece of Harry Potter merchandise.

It has a zip closed insulated compartment to keep its contents cool and a carry handle, making it perfect for lunch on the go!

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Harry Potter Pencil Case

an image of a harry potter pencil case - one of our picks of harry potter gifts for kids

A kid obsessed with the world of Harry Potter will love to receive this multi-pocket Hogwarts themed pencil case.

Featuring the Hogwarts school crest on one side and a ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’ banner on the other side, this burgundy and gold pencil case would make a great gift for a wannabe witch or wizard.

A young boy or girl will be able to keep all their favourite pieces of stationery together in one place with this stylish and practical Harry Potter gift.

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Harry Potter Stationery Set

an image of a harry potter stationery set

Send a child back to school with this awesome Harry Potter themed stationery set!

This magical gift comes with a notebook, notepad, colouring pencils, eraser, ruler, pencil sharpener and a pen. Whether they’re a Hogwarts student or not, a young Harry Potter fan will love this fantastic stationery set which is from the official merchandise product line.

This kit comes with everything they’ll need to write out spells and practice their handwritten wizardry skills!

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Harry Potter Cluedo Game

an image of a harry potter cluedo game - one of our ideas of gifts for harry potter fans

This Harry Potter-themed gift is a spellbinding twist on the classic game of Cluedo, and would make a fantastic present for a young wizard or witch in training.

A friend has seemingly vanished, and players must become detectives, as well as wizards, in order to solve the mystery and find out who did it, what spell they used and where they were attacked.

This magical game takes players on a Floo Powder fuelled journey around the board to sniff for clues around places such as Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest and the Malfoy Manor.

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Harry Potter Labyrinth Game

an image of a harry potter labyrinth game

Players must find their way through the muddling maze, racing one another to be the first to locate all the Harry Potter characters in order to win this Labyrinth board game.

The ever-changing labyrinth is different every time so that it can be played over and over again and will provide hours of fun for the whole family!

The box comes with a game board, 34 maze cards, 24 treasure cards, 4 playing pieces and a set of instructions.

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Harry Potter HedBanz Game for Kids

an image of a harry potter hedbanz game for kids - one of our picks of harry potter gifts for kids

This Harry Potter edition of Hedbanz is a hilarious quick-fire guessing game of ‘what am I’ that the whole family will enjoy!

Players take it in turns to guess what card is on their head by asking “yes” or “no” questions to help give them clues.

Whether they pick up a card that is a character, an enchanted item, a creature or a spell, muggles will have a hoot trying to decipher what is, quite literally, right in front of their face!

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Top Trumps: Harry Potter Edition Card Game

an image of a harry potter edition of the top trumps card game

Young witches and wizards in training will be thrilled to receive this pack of Harry Potter Top Trumps cards!

Packaged in an easy-to-carry tin suitcase, this much-loved game can be played anywhere, anytime. This game comes with two packs, including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, for a couple of wannabe wizards to battle it out with one another.

Harry Potter fans will love discovering new and exciting facts about their favourite characters with this thoughtful gift.

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