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Hedgehog Gifts – 21 Gift Ideas for Hedgehog Lovers

Are you looking for a gift for someone who has a soft spot for hedgehogs?

Well, Taz & Jay have got you covered because we’ve scoured the internet to bring you a selection of brilliant hedgehog gifts to inspire you!

From a makeup bag to a children’s book, our gift list is eclectic and bound to delight anyone with a soft spot for the spiky creatures that have captured so many people’s hearts.

Check out our pick of the best hedgehog gifts below.

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A hedgehog’s heart rate is just 20 beats-per-minute while they hibernate, versus a super-speedy 190 while fully active.

Hedgehog Storage Box

an image of a hedgehog storage box gift idea

As cute as it is functional, this handy hedgehog storage box is the perfect solution for decluttering your home. From kids toys to bits and bobs that have been cluttering your drawers for far too long, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

It’s super quick and easy to assemble and put away thanks to a foldable design, and at 13″ by 13″ by 13″ inches in size, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can fit inside them.

Made from 100% polyester, they’re strong enough to handle the bulk of whatever you can throw at them, too.

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Cath Kidston Hedgehog Hand Cream Trio

an image of a cath kidston hedgehog hand cream trio

Give a hedgehog fan the gift of soft, smooth, and lovely smelling hands with this delightful trio of hedgehog-inspired hand creams.

Each hand cream comes in a handy travel-friendly sized tube, and they’re full of ginseng root extract, shea butter, cocoa butter, carrot seed oil, and vitamin E to leave the lucky recipient’s hands feeling refreshed.

They’re certified vegan friendly and cruelty-free, too, which is sure to delight any hedgehog fan, or animal lover in general.

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Hedgehog Makeup Bag

an image of a hedgehog makeup bag

For the hedgehog-mad makeup wearer in your life, this gorgeous makeup bag featuring a cute and charming hedgehog print could make the ideal gift.

Measuring just 9.5-inches wide by 6-inches high, it’s the perfect size to fit in your loved one’s handbag for touchups on the go. Made from cotton, the bag features a fully waterproof lining and is washable in a cold wash to keep it looking good as new.

It features a zip fastening to keep everything inside safe and secure, and thanks to its small size and flat base, it can just as easily function as a funky pencil case.

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Plush Hedgehog Soft Toy

an image of a plush hedgehog soft toy

Why not delight a young hedgehog lover (or anyone in need of a bit of TLC!) with this plush hedgehog toy?

Not only is it made from high-quality materials that will withstand years of prolonged cuddling, but it’s also ridiculously soft thanks to its plush texture to make it a super-satisfying snuggle buddy.

There’s more, though. The toy is as educational as it is cuddly, all thanks to the educational facts about a hedgehog’s habitat and behaviour that the toy includes.

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Handmade Ceramic Hedgehog Heart

an image of a handmade ceramic hedgehog heart

Show a special friend or loved one how much they mean to you with this adorable handmade ceramic hedgehog heart.

The hand-crafted nature of the heart will lead to slight discrepancies that help make each one unique. You can even change the colour of the flower to make that bit more personal.

Let the recipient hang one of these beautiful hedgehog gifts in their house, and whenever they catch sight of it, they’ll instantly be reminded of your special relationship and how much it means to you both.

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‘Hedgehugs’ Children’s Board Book

an image of a hedgehugs board book for children

A simplified version of Horace and Hattie’s popular ‘Hedgehugs’ story, this children’s board book would make an ideal gift for any young hedgehog fan.

The book is printed on gloss laminated pages, and it’s smaller than the regular book to make it easier for smaller hands to hold.

It would make a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to read to their children, or for children that love to spend hours immersing themselves in books that are packed with beautiful pictures and cute characters.

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Sock Hedgehog Craft Kit

an image of a sock animal craft kit

What could be nicer on those cold, dark winter nights than sitting in front of the fire and creating a funky sock hedgehog? Not a lot, we reckon!

Well, that’s how a creative friend or loved one in your life could be spending their evening should you decide to treat them to this adorable sock hedgehog kit.

It’s perfect for adults and children (although, under 12’s will need adult supervision), and it comes with everything they need from socks to decorations. Our favourite thing about this gift? It even comes with a few sweet treats to keep your creative friend or loved one going!

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‘Hedgehog Yoga’ Throw Blanket

an image of a hedgehog yoga throw blanket - one of our ideas of funny hedgehog gifts

As soft and fluffy as it is beautiful, this cosy hedgehog-themed throw blanket is perfect for snuggling into on those cold winter nights.

Available in small (101x76cm), medium (152x127cm), and large (203x152cm) sizes, the blanket features a 100% polyester fleece finish for maximum cosiness and snug-ability, and an edge-to-edge sublimation print has been used for the various hedgehog yoga poses for maximum clarity and quality.

Don’t worry about any potential ‘oops!’ moments when using the blanket either, as it’s 100% machine washable.

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Brass Hedgehog Paperweight

an image of a brass hedgehog paperweight - one of our ideas of hedgehog gift ideas

Do people still use paperweights? Probably not. That doesn’t put us off this lovely hedgehog-themed paperweight at all, though. Quite the opposite, in fact!

You see, even if the recipient doesn’t use it to keep track of important documents, it will still make for a lovely ornament that’s sure to add a bit of class to any home office, work desk or even a bedroom chest of drawers.

Made from brass and gold-toned in colour, it’s sure to be one of the classiest hedgehog gifts out there.

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Hedgehog Tea Infuser

an image of a hedgehog tea infuser

The perfect teatime companion, this hedgehog tea infuser hangs inside a mug filled with loose tea leaves to brew the perfect batch of tea.

Just like a real-life hedgehog, this tea infuser works at a relatively slow pace, perfectly infusing the tea leaves with hot water to create a delicious cuppa every single time.

Made from heat resistant and food-safe silicone that’s dishwasher safe, this infuser would make a lovely gift for any tea drinking hedgehog lover.

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Hedgehog Mitten Gloves

an image of mitten gloves

Add some cuteness to a hedgehog lover’s life with these adorable mitten gloves.

Meticulously hand-knitted, these mitten gloves would make the perfect fashion accessory for any hedgehog fan. The imaginative design even features a cute face and ears cleverly knitted on each one.

Each pair of mittens is carefully handmade to order with love and attention, and they’re sure to bring a smile to any hedgehog lover’s face when they receive them.

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Hedgehog Cross Stitch Kit

an image of a hedgehog cross stitch kit

A quirky twist on a traditional hand-drawn portrait, this cross stitch portrait hoop is a unique gift that is sure to make any hedgehog lover smile.

Ideally suited to beginners, the kit features an easy to follow pattern neatly contained in a 4-inch hoop, with everything included bar a pair of scissors.

If you’re in the market for cute hedgehog gifts, then look no further than this adorable cross stitch kit which would make for a lovely project for a creative friend or loved one.

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Hedgehog Embroidery Kit

an image of an embroidery kit gift idea

Featuring a hedgehog’s outline printed on hardwearing cotton, this embroidery kit comes with everything needed to embroider a colourful hedgehog.

The perfect gift for a creative friend or loved one, the kit includes an embroidery needle, a 7-inch wooden embroidery hoop, colourful threads, and simple illustrated instructions making it ideal for beginners and experts alike.

Once completed, the hedgehog masterpiece can be hung pride of place for everyone to admire!

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Hedgehog Fine Bone China Mug

an image of a fine bone china mug gift idea

For the avid tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate drinker in your life, this beautiful hedgehog mug could make the ideal gift.

We’re particularly fond of the mug’s stylish, understated and hand-decorated design, something that won’t look out of place in any kitchen, living room, or workplace.

While it may be made from fine bone china, the mug is still capable of withstanding microwave and dishwasher usage. We’d recommend washing it with colder water to help protect the gorgeous hedgehog design, though.

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Hedgehog Accordion Children’s Toy

an image of an accordion toy for children gift idea

Help keep a little one entertained with this hedgehog accordion children’s toy that will engage their imagination through hours of fun musical play.

Ideal for children over 6-months, it features rubberised areas to assist with teething and easy-to-grab handles that will help to develop their coordination.

Our favourite part? Just like a real accordion, this cute hedgehog-themed variant will emit a unique tune as the child pushes and pulls on its handles.

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Personalised Hedgehog Hot Water Bottle Cover

an image of a personalised hedgehog hot water bottle cover - one of our ideas of personalised hedgehog gifts

Arguably one of the cutest hedgehog gifts featured here, this cute personalised hedgehog hot water bottle cover would make a thoughtful gift for any boy or girl.

The cover features an adorable sparkling hedgehog, along with the child’s name and a constellation of stars printed on mesmerising glow-in-the-dark vinyl.

Our only criticism? The hot water bottle itself isn’t included but provided the lucky recipient already has a 2-litre hot water bottle, or one is purchased separately, this could be a gift that they treasure for years to come.

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Hedgehog Zip Bag

an image of an animal themed zip bag

You can never have too many zip bags, right!?

Whether you want to use it for makeup, toiletries, or heck, even as a pencil case, this cute zip bag is sure to delight the hedgehog lover in your life.

The bag’s 100% cotton canvas material has a premium feel, while the washproof nylon lining, flat base, and sturdy zip-close make it very practical.

We love the simplicity of the design, too, which features an adorable hedgehog illustration pride of place on the bag’s front.

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Wooden Hedgehog Chopping Board

an image of a wooden chopping board

Cut to the chase and show a hedgehog lover how much you care about them with this wooden hedgehog chopping board.

Made from Havea, a durable wood that is ideal for chopping boards, this particular example is as practical and useful as it is adorable.

Our favourite part? The hand-graved nature of the item and the unique features of natural wood mean that each chopping board is genuinely one-of-a-kind to make a unique and personal gift.

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Hedgehog Socks for Women

an image of hedgehog socks for women - one of our ideas of hedgehog gifts for her

You can never have too many pairs of socks, especially ones featuring a cute hedgehog print!

You don’t just get a single pair with this gift suggestion, though. Nope, the lucky recipient will get five pairs of hedgehog socks all in different colours.

Made from premium-quality cotton fabric, the socks are both breathable and sweat-wicking for extra comfort. They’re available in UK sizes 2.5-5, and they’re super stretchy too for an optimal fit.

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Hedgehog Plant Pot

an image of a hedgehog plant pot

Treat the hedgehog lover in your life to this stunning handmade plant pot made to resemble a hedgehog.

Thanks to its adorable design, this planter will brighten any corner or window sill and is sure to bring a smile to any hedgehog enthusiasts face. The hand-painted nature of the pot will lead to slight discrepancies that help make each one unique, and that bit more personal.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, each pot comes complete with miniature sunflower seeds, compost and growing cultures to get started.

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Hedgehog Phone Case

an image of an animal themed phone case

Did you know the typical smartphone user checks their phone over 100 times a day? It’s true! Although, with this funky hedgehog phone cover, we reckon that number will be quite a bit higher!

While this example features two cute hedgehogs kissing, there are five artistic designs to choose from, meaning you’re sure to find an option to suit any hedgehog lover’s tastes.

They’re available for iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei devices for maximum compatibility, too.

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