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Minecraft Gifts:
29 Gift Ideas for Minecraft Fans

Released in 2009, Minecraft has gone on to become one of the most popular online video games with well over 100 million registered users worldwide.

For many players, it’s as much a way of life as it is a hobby or source of entertainment and creativity. There are now hundreds of dedicated YouTube channels covering providing entertainment, building tutorials, and strategic advice on how to not only survive but thrive in the world of Minecraft.

If you know someone who has been bitten by the Minecraft bug, then why not treat them to some of this marvellous Minecraft merchandise that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face?

Check out our pick of the best Minecraft gifts below.

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Fed up with running his company, Minecraft’s creator, Swedish programmer Markus Persson, issued a tweet in June 2014 to see if anyone was interested in buying his shares in his company, Mojang. You could say that people were pretty interested because just three months later, Mojang was acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion!

Minecraft Creeper Light

an image of a minecraft creeper light

Illuminate a Minecraft fan’s bedroom or game room with this awesome Creeper light!

Lighting up brighter than a Minecraft glowstone, the stylish light celebrates one of the icons of Minecraft (and easily one of the peskiest monsters in the game); the Creeper.

Whether they choose to use it as a desk lamp or put it on a shelf as a feature piece of artwork, this officially licensed collector’s item would make a brilliant gift for Minecraft fans.

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Minecraft Steve Icon Light

an image of a minecraft steve icon light - one of our minecraft gift ideas

The perfect companion for those night-time gaming sessions, this Minecraft-themed light made to resemble the game’s main protagonist, Steve, and it’s as stylish as it is practical.

Measuring 12.5cm tall, it’ll look great sitting on any Minecrafter’s desk or shelf, and it uses 2x AAA batteries to provide some ambient mood lighting in a gamer’s bedroom or games room.

If you’re in the market for some unique Minecraft gifts, we reckon that this should be top of your list!

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Minecraft Mini Mobs Hoodie

an image of a minecraft mini mobs hoodie

From humans to zombies, there’s no shortage of enemies looking to spoil someone’s day in the Minecraft world. As much as we love to hate them, though, the game wouldn’t be the same without them!

Paying tribute to the peskiest of pesky mobs, this hoodie makes for one of the coolest Minecraft gifts out there.

It’s available in a variety of sizes to fit kids of between around five to thirteen-years-old, and is made from a combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester for softness and durability.

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Minecraft ‘Steve and Friends’ T-Shirt

an image of a minecraft steve and friends t-shirt

Did you know that Minecraft features a ‘Peaceful’ mode without enemies? It’s generally less scary and violent, which is ideal for younger players.

The perfect accompaniment to a more relaxed and friendly game of Minecraft, this officially licenced t-shirt features the game’s main protagonist, Steve, and a host of friendly animals that he’ll see on his travels including chickens, cows, and sheep.

Available in a variety of sizes to fit children between five to thirteen-years-old, we especially love the t-shirt’s bright, vibrant colours.

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Minecraft ‘Like a Boss’ T-Shirt

an image of a minecraft like a boss t-shirt - one of our minecraft gift ideas

Did you know that Creepers have nervous tendencies? It’s true…they can shake so much, too, that they’re prone to exploding.

Paying tribute to perhaps the worst combination in the Minecraft world, Creepers and TNT, this stylish t-shirt is the perfect gift for any young gamer.

Available in a variety of sizes to fit kids from between around five-years-old to thirteen, it’s only available in black, but we reckon that’s for the best as it makes the t-shirts colourful design well and truly pop!

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Minecraft Baseball Cap

an image of a minecraft baseball cap

The perfect fashion accessory for any young gamer, this official Minecraft baseball hat won’t just help them look the part, it’ll also show off their affiliation to one of the most popular video games on the planet.

It comes in a one-size-fits-all design (for around three to 10-year-olds) with a snap fastening on the back for adjusting the size, and features an embroidered Minecraft logo on the front and a nod to the game’s famous pixellated design on the back.

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Minecraft Hat & Gloves Set

an image of a gaming inspired hat and gloves set

Help the Minecraft super-fan in your life stay warm in the winter, and show their affiliation to a worldwide band of Minecraft fans that numbers in the tens of millions, with this cool beanie hat and gloves set.

It comes in a one-size-fits-most style thanks to its slightly stretchy material and fits children between around three to eight-years-old as a result.

Official Minecraft accessories, these stylish items don’t need huge logos to stand out…Nope, the familiar pixel design that has become synonymous with Minecraft is more than enough!

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Minecraft Top Trumps Card Game

an image of a minecraft top trumps card game

Top Trumps is a simple yet addictive card game that brings your favourite things to life.

In this case, Minecraft has been made into a fun, real-world game that the whole family can enjoy. Each card features a different character from the game, with which you have to trump your opponent’s card to win it over.

Who knows, even the Minecraft super-fans may learn something they didn’t already know, like whether Shulkers are stronger than Slimes, or whether a Vex has a more vigorous attack than a Vindicator.

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Minecraft ‘Builders & Biomes’ Game

an image of a builders and biomes game

Struggling to get a Minecraft fan away from their PC or games console and back into the real world? Well, this exciting Minecraft board game could be just the answer!

Developed in collaboration with Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, ‘Builders & Biomes’ follows the theme of the video game by thrusting the player into a world of exploring, facing dangerous mobs, mining resources, and building impressive structures!

Filled with familiar items from the game like wooden blocks, building cards, monster cards, and weapon tokens, it’s guaranteed to be fun for the entire family.

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‘100 Pics’ Minecraft Game

an image of a minecraft game called 100 pics - one of our suggestions for minecraft gifts for kids

Test a Minecraft addict’s knowledge with this fun and educational ‘100 Pics’ quiz which is guaranteed to provide hours of fun away from their screens.

From knowing their Soul Sand from their Sandstone blocks, there’s no shortage of puzzles to test their knowledge in all-things Minecraft.

One of the perfect Minecraft gifts for a fan’s birthday or Christmas, the handheld game will fit neatly in their bag or pocket, making it ideal for play on the move.

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Minecraft ‘Build a Level’ Mug

an image of a minecraft build a level mug

We know from experience that endless hours of crafting and trying to survive in Minecraft’s enemy-infested world can be thirsty work.

So, why not treat the Minecraft fan in your life to a well-deserved break and a hot drink with this fun and stylish mug?

Thanks to 4x sheets of peelable stickers, the lucky recipient can continue to craft even outside of the game. Simply peel a few stickers, position them on the mug and, voilà, a new Minecraft level awaits.

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Official Minecraft Creeper Mug

an image of an official minecraft creeper mug

Loyal Minecraft fans will be able to fulfil all their refreshment needs with this official Minecraft mug.

One of our favourite novelty Minecraft gifts, the mug features a 3D Creeper-inspired design with a 600ml capacity that is big enough to satisfy even the thirstiest of gamers.

Don’t worry if the Minecraft gamer in your life isn’t a tea or coffee drinker either, as the mug can also be used as a stylish desktop stationery holder to hold all of their pens and pencils.

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Minecraft Creeper Drinking Glass

an image of a creeper drinking glass

Die-hard Minecraft fans will be able to fulfil all their refreshment needs with this Creeper-inspired drinking glass.

Made from glass for that quality feel, it features an all-over print of the game’s infamous Creeper enemy and the equally famous pixellated design that has become something of the game’s trademark.

An official piece of Minecraft merchandise, it comes in a decorative box making it one of the easiest, ready-made Minecraft gifts out there!

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Minecraft Dressing Gown

an image of a minecraft dressing gown

Easily one of the best Minecraft gifts for the young gamer whose life revolves around Minecraft, this dressing gown will keep them warm and cosy whether they’re engrossed in the game, or they’re getting ready for bed.

Made from a super-soft fleece material for ultimate comfort, it’s available in a variety of sizes to suit kids aged from around 5 to 14.

There are a couple of different colours to choose from, including grey or black, and each one features a different Minecraft-inspired print.

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Minecraft Creeper Onesie

an image of a creeper onesie

This long-sleeved pyjama onesie is perfect for lounging around the house or snuggling on the sofa in front of their favourite video game.

An officially licenced piece of Minecraft merchandise, it’s available in a variety of sizes to fit kids between around seven to fourteen-years-old.

It comes with a fleeced hood and zip fastening for extra warmth, and features both the Minecraft logo and a Creeper-inspired print which young Minecrafters are sure to love!

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Minecraft Drawstring Bag

an image of a minecraft drawstring bag

Ideal for their sports kit, or for holding their books and snacks at school, a Minecraft fan’s affiliation to the game will be unmissable with this Minecraft-themed bag.

Like many other cool Minecraft gifts on this list, the bag features the iconic pixel design, and some of the game’s most iconic villains including the Zombie, Creeper, and Skeleton.

As practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, it’s made from 100% polyester for durability and features a handy drawstring to keep everything contained.

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Minecraft Backpack

an image of a gaming inspired backpack

Make any Minecraft fan the envy of all of their friends by treating them to this Minecraft-themed backpack.

A piece of official Minecraft merchandise, it blends a pixellated print that any little gamer will love with some of the game’s most formidable baddies including the Zombie, Creeper, and Skeleton.

The adjustable padded shoulder straps and padded back ensure all-day comfort, and there is even a zipped front pocket for holding a pencil case or some tasty snacks!

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Minecraft Backpack 4-Piece Set

an image of a minecraft backpack four piece set - one of our suggestions for minecraft gifts for kids

One of the ideal Minecraft gifts for school, this four-piece backpack set includes everything a little gamer will need to get them through their school day.

The set includes a 100% polyester backpack, lunchbox, and pencil case, and a Minecraft logo water bottle to help keep them hydrated during a busy day of lessons and sport.

Officially licenced by Minecraft, each of the items comes emblazoned with the game’s most notorious baddies including the Creeper, Skeleton, Zombie, and Enderman.

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Minecraft Creeper 5-Piece Backpack Set

an image of a gaming creeper five piece backpack set

Did you know that Minecraft’s Creeper mob was actually supposed to be a pig? A simple coding error, however, swapped the character’s length and height and the game’s now infamous Creeper was born.

In keeping with a lot of Minecraft merchandise, this 5-piece backpack set has been inspired by the fearsome and strange-looking baddie, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit with young fans of the game.

It comes with everything needed for a day at school, including a backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, pencil case, and zip squishy.

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Minecraft Lunchbox

an image of a minecraft lunch box - one of our suggestions for minecraft gifts

The perfect addition to any young gamer’s schoolbag, this lunchbox is as functional as it is stylish.

Measuring 22cm wide, 22cm tall, and 8cm deep, it’ll hold enough rations to satisfy the appetite of even the hungriest Minecraft fan, and it features an insulated lining and dual zips to help keep the contents both fresh and secure.

Inspired by a grass block from the game, it replicates the game’s iconic pixelated style, and it’s one of the coolest Minecraft gifts out there as a result!

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Personalised Minecraft Print

an image of a personalised minecraft print - one of our personalised minecraft gifts ideas

This fantastic personalised print is the perfect gift for the young gamer who loves to immerse themselves in the world of Minecraft.

Printed on high-quality A4 gloss photo paper to a high finish, you can personalise the print with different words that will be used to make up the character’s body.

For the finishing touch, the recipient’s name can be printed below the character, making this bold and bright print one of the most unique and interesting Minecraft gifts out there.

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Minecraft Two-Sided Pillow

an image of a minecraft two sided pillow

We can’t think of a better way to keep a Minecraft fan comfortable throughout countless hours of crafting than with this stylish Minecraft-themed cushion.

An official piece of Minecraft merchandise, it measures both 40cm wide and tall and comes with a super-soft filling for superior comfort and a wipe-clean cover.

As visually appealing as it is comfortable, it features a green Creeper-inspired design on one side, and one of the game’s familiar TNT blocks on the other.

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Minecraft Duvet Set

an image of a gaming duvet set

If you know a young gamer who eats, sleeps, and breathes everything to do with the pixellated game, then this has to be one of the best Minecraft gifts out there.

Available for both single and double beds, it’s reversible to provide two cool and stylish designs in one, including a design with the infamous Creeper mob, and another featuring a Creeper and TNT print that perfectly matches the two supplied pillowcases.

What’s more, thanks to its super-soft poly-cotton construction, the duvet set doesn’t just look the part, it’s super-comfortable, too!

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Minecraft ‘Good Guys’ Duvet Set

an image of a minecraft good guys duvet set

There’s no doubt about it…battling dangerous mobs, mining resources, and building everything from shelters to bridges can be tiring work. Help a young Minecrafter fall asleep in style and dream about their favourite game with this fantastic duvet set.

It’s available in both single and double bed sizes, and because it’s reversible, there are two stylish designs to choose from including the game’s ‘good guys’ preparing for battle, and a sword-themed print.

The set is finished off with a stylish pillow that features the game’s iconic logo which fans of the game will love.

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Lego Minecraft ‘The Pillager Outpost’ Set

an image of a lego set called the pillager outpost

Why not combine someone’s passion for small-scale construction and pixellated gaming with this awesome Minecraft-inspired Lego set?

This model kit comes with everything they’ll need to recreate scenes from the game in the real world, including various figurines, animals and fun accessories, but perhaps best of all, a working TNT function to blow the door off the cage!

The easy-to-follow instructions provide a step-by-step guide to turn the various blocks into a fun (and working!) model that is bound to appeal to any fan of the game.

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Minecraft Iron Pickaxe

an image of a minecraft iron pickaxe

Based on one of the most relied-upon mining tools in the game, this life-sized iron pickaxe is an absolute must-have for any Minecraft fan.

There’s no need to worry, though, because, despite its name, the axe is made from a child-friendly and less-likely-to-cause-lasting-or-serious-damage PVC plastic. Phew!

Perfect for both big kids and actual kids, the axe measures an impressive 47cm in height and would make a fantastic addition to any Minecraft fanatic’s room.

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Minecraft Steve Plush Toy

an image of a steve plush toy

The perfect addition to any young Minecraft fan’s bedroom, this plush toy is based on the game’s iconic playable character Steve and is as cuddly as it is stylish.

Made to resemble the in-game character’s boxy appearance, the 30cm tall plush toy even carries one of the game’s most trusty crafting tools; the pickaxe.

With twelve different plush characters to choose from, including the Creeper (shown below), Zombie, Skeleton, and Sheep, you’re sure to find one to suit any Minecrafter’s tastes!

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Minecraft Creeper Plush Toy

an image of a minecraft creeper plush toy

It’s no secret that Creepers are one of the most hostile enemies in Minecraft. While they might not be known for their friendly personalities, we still love this cuddly plush toy created in their honour nonetheless.

Measuring an impressive 30cm tall, the plush toy resembles Minecraft’s famously pixelated style, and it’s just one of a collection of twelve available types that includes the Steve model shown above.

Made from super-soft and durable plush material, it would make a great gift for the Minecraft enthusiast in your life.

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Minecraft Pig Money Bank

an image of a minecraft pig money bank

Whether they’re saving up for some in-game purchases from the Minecraft Marketplace, or some Minecraft-inspired merchandise, this (literal) piggy bank will help them save in style.

Made to resemble the pig character from the pixelated game, it measures 19cm wide and features a slot on its back for depositing pocket money or loose change.

The perfect way to instil a bit of financial discipline in a young gamer’s life, it’s sure to take pride of place in their bedroom.

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