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New Mum Gifts – 25 Ideas for Gifts for New Mums

The first steps into motherhood can be daunting, so you’ll want to make sure you get her the perfect gift that’ll make her feel loved and extra special.

This can also prove a daunting task in itself, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together this new mum gift list which encompasses a spectrum of thoughtful, practical and adorable gifts that any new mum will be touched to receive.

Check out our ideas for new mum gifts below.

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A shocking 90% of new mums feel the need to be ‘perfect’. Let a new mum know that she’s doing a great job, and make her feel loved with one of our special new mum gift ideas!

Mama Bear Mug

an image of a mama bear mug gift ideal for new mums

A nice warm brew is precisely what a new mum is going to be craving in between all the feeds, nappy changes and general chaos that comes with having a newborn.

Treat the new mum in your life to a caffeine boost with this beautiful mama bear mug.

Featuring a hand-drawn bear hugging her new cub, this 10oz ceramic mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe – perfect if she’s let her coffee go cold while tending to the little one!

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Sanctuary Spa New Mum Gift Set

an image of a sanctuary spa gift set for new mums

It’s unlikely that a new mum could even dream about going off on a spa break, so why not bring the spa to her?

Give a new mum a chance for some much-needed pampering with this Sanctuary Spa new mum gift set.

Pregnancy and childbirth undoubtedly put a toll on the body; this beauty gift set aims to soothe and nourish the body with its moisturiser, heel balm, hand cream and face wash.

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Disney Classic Pooh Baby Keepsakes Box

an image of a disney classic poooh baby keepsakes box - one of the Taz & Jay suggestions for new mum gifts

For many new mums, the first year of their new baby’s life will be a blur. Those long, sleepless nights seem like they’re never-ending at the time, but blink and they’ll be a thing of the past before you know it.

Give a new mum the gift to hold on to some precious keepsakes in this Disney Classic Winnie-The-Pooh keepsakes box.

With eight separate compartments, there’s space for all the little one’s treasures, memories and keepsakes to be kept in one safe space.

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Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood

an image of a mr men book for adults about surviving motherhood - one of the Taz & Jay suggestions for new mum gifts

The Mr. Men for Grown-Ups series is a welcomed addition to the Mr. Men collection because they give adults the chance to laugh along and empathises with the trials and tribulations that adulthood entails.

Any new mum will be able to relate to the trials and tribulations of Little Miss Busy, so let them experience the journey together by giving the new mum in your life this lighthearted book. Hopefully, she’ll find time to read it amongst the chaos and demands as she ventures into motherhood.

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The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums

an image of a book about self care for new mums

It’s no secret that the first steps into motherhood are an emotional and physical rollercoaster.

Bring a little clarity and support to a new mum’s life with ‘The Little Book of Self-Care For New Mums’.

Packed full of useful information, tips and words of comfort, this book will feel like a warm, reassuring hug to any new mum who needs to feel a little empowered, supported and understood as they take on motherhood for the first time.

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Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

an image of a morphy richards slow cooker - one of the Taz & Jay suggestions for new mum gifts

Mothers with newborns barely have enough time to shower themselves or go to the toilet in peace, let alone spend hours slaving away over a hot stove every night. Slow cooker meals, however, take minimum effort to prepare and are delicious, nutritious and packed full of flavour.

Gift a new mum with a slow cooker and she’ll be able to create hearty meals from scratch, but still have time to meet all the other demands of motherhood while the slow cooker does the hard work.

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Welcome To The World Hamper

an image of a hamper gift for new mums

Hampers always make lovely new mum gifts, and this ‘Welcome to the World’ hamper is no exception. Bundled with both practical and adorable items, the contents of this hamper are beautifully presented in a lined wicker basket.

The neutral grey theme of this hamper gift is not only modern and on-trend, it also would be suitable as a baby shower gift when the sex of the baby is still a secret.

Items included are a 2.5 tog sleep bag, star fleece blanket, 0-3 month onesie, comforter, soft toy, towel and photo frame – all of which are a welcomed addition to a new mum’s kit bag.

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Nipple Cream

an image of nipple cream that will be a great gift for mums of new baby boys

Having a baby certainly takes its toll on a woman’s body in a multitude of ways.

Breastfeeding mums can vouch that nipple pain is one of the most challenging parts of nursing their new baby. Give the gift of soothed nipples to a new mum with a tube of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin nipple cream.

This product is 100% natural and will provide effective relief from nipple soreness brought on by breastfeeding.

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VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

an image of a VicTsing essential oil diffuser gift - one of the Taz & Jay suggestions for new mum gifts

There are an abundance of benefits from inhaling the scents of essential oils, such as improved sleep, relieved stress and healthier digestive systems.

The VicTsing essential oil diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to release an ultra-fine essential oil-infused mist into the air. The stylish wooden surface of this diffuser will blend in with the decor, and you can even choose between 7 LED coloured lights depending on the mood.

Bring some tranquillity to a new mum’s life with this thoughtful and practical gift.

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Wish Bracelet

an image of a wish bracelet gift aimed at new mums

Gift a new mum with magical powers with this super cute wish bracelet.

The idea is to make a wish as you tie the bracelet to your wrist, once the end of the cord starts to fray that’s when you know your wish has been released into the universe.

This thoughtful gift is a kind gesture that will remind the new mum in your life that she’s not alone throughout her first steps into motherhood.

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Hello Fresh Gift Card

an image of the hello fresh meal delivery service

Take out the stress of supermarkets and meal planning with a Hello Fresh gift card. As most of us know, as soon as a new baby arrives into the world, daily routines as we know it are turned upside down.

While a new mum is still trying to find her feet in the early days of motherhood, show you’re thinking of her with a Hello Fresh gift card.

Ingredients for the week will be delivered directly to their doorstep, all they need to do is follow the simple recipe card included, and dinner will be served in around 30 minutes. No stress-inducing trips to the supermarket required!

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Baby Milestone Cards

an image of disney baby milestone cards - one of the Taz & Jay suggestions for new mum gifts

Time flies in the first year of a baby’s life; that’s one thing for sure.

A set of baby milestone cards are an adorable way of capturing precious moments that new parents will want to cling on to.

First smile, first steps, first Christmases – whatever the first milestone is, any new parents will want them to be cherished forever. This pack of 30 Disney themed baby milestone cards each have a unique character design for every event.

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Always Love You Ultrasound Scan Frame

an image of an ultrasound scan frame for new parents

With the science of ultrasound scans, we can capture a glimpse of a baby before he or she has even entered this world.

This gorgeous ‘Always Love You’ frame is perfectly sized for a baby scan image to be displayed, so they can look back on the first time they ever laid eyes on their new addition, months before they even held them in their arms.

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Custom Baby Name Plaque

an image of a custom baby name plaque

In a social media driven world, publishing the arrival of your new baby online is swiftly becoming more and more elaborate.

For the Instagram-savvy new mum in your life, gift her a custom baby name plaque that she can use to stage an Insta-worthy announcement photoshoot for all of her loved ones to see. This wooden plaque will be engraved with the little one’s name in a modern font and a pretty floral embellishment.

This would also look perfect mounted on the wall of the nursery.

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Framed Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit

an image of a framed baby handprint and footprint kit for new mums

Babies grow so fast before our very eyes, and without the power to freeze time, the only thing we can do is find new ways of treasuring all those precious memories.

With this baby handprint and footprint kit, their tiny newborn hands and feet impressions can be immortalised in the clay and cherished forever.

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Beurer FB35 Foot Spa

an image of the Beurer FB35 foot spa

Give a new mum the chance to unwind and put her feet up with this Beurer FB35 foot spa.

It’s no doubt her feet will be throbbing from constantly being on the go while looking after her new arrival, so give her a chance to pamper her sore tootsies with this stay-at-home foot spa.

Equipped with vibration and bubble massages, infrared light therapies and interchangeable pedicure treatment accessories, this gadget will help her soothe her aching feet in between feeds and nappy changes.

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Pukka Tea Selection Box

an image of a Pukka Tea selection gift box

Help a new mum relax into motherhood with a Pukka Tea selection box.

Featuring a collection of 45 assorted organic herbs teas, the rejuvenating blends of natural herbs will, depending on the flavour, either awaken, soothe or relax when infused with hot water.

This selection box of organic teas includes flavours such as Turmeric Gold, Supreme Matcha Green, Three Ginger and many more, so there’s a brew for every occasion!

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Personalised New Mum Pamper Box

an image of a personalised new mum pamper box

A personalised pamper box is probably one of the most beautiful and unique new mum gifts you can buy.

You can personalise the gorgeous wooden box with your own words and filling it with indulgent pamper treats to make a one-of-a-kind gift. Whether you fill it with bath time essentials or deluxe spa beauty products, the possibilities are endless.

The box itself has space for three lines of text, so it’s up to you what the words say, but just make it obvious it’s for Mummy’s use only! This keepsake box also makes lovely bathroom decor.

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New Baby Personalised Prosecco and Gift Box

an image of new baby personalised prosecco with gift box

This personalised bottle of Prosecco and gift box is the perfect way for new parents to toast the arrival of their new baby.

You can personalise the label on the bottle with the baby’s name and date of birth, as well as on the wooden box.

This gift also makes a really special keepsake — the box could be used to store cards, mementoes and memories and the bottle, once empty, could be turned into a candlestick holder.

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Emergency Chocolate and Prosecco Kit

an image of an emergency chocolate and Prosecco kit ideal for new mums

All good things come in pairs, and if that pairing happens to be chocolate and Prosecco, then we would wholeheartedly agree with that phrase.

This emergency chocolate and Prosecco kit should be a household staple item for all new mums because, well, indulging in a glass of bubbles and tucking into some chocolate is just a fundamental human right.

Give the new mama in your life the chance to treat herself to a well-deserved glass of fizz accompanied by a luxurious Marc de Champagne chocolate truffle, and we guarantee she’ll be eternally grateful.

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Luxury Pamper Gift Box

an image of a luxury pamper gift box

Having a baby brings an abundance of joyful moments to every new mum’s life, but there will also be moments of anxiety, stress and worry while she is learning the ropes of this new role.

Give her the chance to unwind and relax with this gorgeous luxury pamper gift box. It comes with bath salts, a candle and homemade soap, all presented in a lovely gift box with a personalised handwritten card.

The beautiful products in this gift set will bring an opulent touch to her regular bathing routine.

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Personalised Baby Feet Penguin Print

an image of a personalised baby feet penguin print

Taking imprints of newborn hands and feet is a popular trend right now and a lovely way to cherish those baby memories.

This personalised baby feet penguin print is adorable and slightly more unique than the bog-standard footprint kits.

It comes with two penguin prints, a baby-safe inkpad and step-by-step instructions, so they’ll have everything they need to get started.

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Birthday Letters To My Baby

an image of a book titled birthday letters to my baby

Memories are a precious gift and are worth their weight in gold.

This birthday ‘Letters To My Baby’ book is the ultimate gift of memories. Consisting of 5 pages per year, this book has space for 18 years worth of letters to their child, with the idea that the parent can surprise them on their 18th birthday with it.

Each page has prompts for things to write, from what their favourite food has been that year, to where you went on holiday – this book gives the chance to share years worth of memories in one place.

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Mama Metallic Sweatshirt

an image of a mama metallic sweatshirt - an ideal gift for new mums

In case their unwashed hair, under-eye bags or slouchy posture wasn’t enough of a giveaway that they’re new to motherhood, make it plain as day with a branded sweatshirt.

This funky oversized sweater is brandished with the word ‘MAMA’ in metallic font across the chest, so she can look stylish and stay ‘on brand’ as a new member of the Mum tribe.

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New Mum Letterbox Gift

an image of a new mum letterbox gift

If distance is keeping you from visiting the new mum in your life, but you want to show her you’re thinking of her, then this new mum letterbox gift is the perfect solution.

As you probably guessed, this parcel is slim enough to be dropped straight through the letterbox so that it can be sent directly to them – no annoying trips to the post office for either of you!

The gift box contains a beautiful amulet necklace made from energy-infused crystals strung to a gold or silver chain. Also included is a personalised ‘You got this’ card, so you can offer some words of wisdom from afar.

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