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Owl Gifts – 21 Gift Ideas for Owl Lovers

They’re known for being shrouded in mystery as the night-time dwellers of the forest. It’s this sense of ambiguity and wise traits that makes owls a popular woodland animal throughout the world.

With over 200 different species, the mystical feathered creatures have captured the hearts of so many, and there are a lot of owl gifts out there that are sure to turn heads.

Treat the owl-loving person in your life to an owl-mazing gift that’ll have them hooting and raving for days. From adorable egg cups to cosy hot water bottle covers, we’ve collated a list of twenty-one fantastic owl gifts for all ages.

Check out our awesome selection of owl gifts below.

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Thanks to special feathers that break down air turbulence into smaller currents, owls make little to no noise when they fly which helps them sneak up on prey.

Owl Bird Gift Set

an image of an owl gift set

If you know someone who’s barmy about owls, this gift set would be their absolute dream!

It comes with a matching tote bag and purse, along with a keyring, brooch and necklace, so it really is the ultimate bundle of gifts for fans of the beautiful nocturnal birds. The purse and bag feature a cute design of an owl perched on a branch, whilst overlooking the night’s sky.

The matching keyring, necklace and brooch are made from laser-cut acrylic and cherry wood, giving them a very stylish finish.

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Owl Eggcup

an image of an owl eggcup

Enjoy dippy soldiers and runny egg with this playful owl design egg cup!

Available in a variety of colours, it will brighten up any breakfast table, and we think it would make an egg-straordinary gift for the owl-mad person in your life.

Designed in the UK by ceramic artist Hannah Turner, these quirky egg cups are dishwasher safe so they won’t even have to worry about whose turn it is to do the washing up!

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Owl Print Scarf

an image of an owl print scarf

This owl print scarf is simply ‘hootiful’, and we think it’s one of the loveliest owl gifts out there.

It has a cute pattern of owls repeated all over it and is available in a grey, navy or red fabric. Mad from a soft and lightweight fabric, this scarf could be worn throughout the year, either wrapped around the neck in winter or draped over the shoulders in the spring.

It is also made from 100% polyester and can be machine washed.

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Fun Owl Art Print

an image of a fun owl art print - one of our funny owl gifts ideas

Hoo doesn’t love a good pun?! Here at Taz & Jay, we certainly have a hoot when it comes to owl puns, which is one reason why we love this ‘Hooters’ print.

Featuring beautiful illustrations of a parliament of 13 different types of owl, this poster is both educational and fun. Each one was originally hand-painted in watercolour before being digitally designed to create this stunning piece of artwork.

From the graceful barn owl to the adorable pygmy owl, this print beautifully showcases all the big names in the owl kingdom.

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Owl Profanity Mug

an image of an owl themed profanity mug - one of our funny owl gifts ideas

Make tea times a hoot with this cheeky owl profanity mug! Featuring a cute design of an adorable little owl, this mug is a tongue-in-cheek way of warning people to steer clear until a full mug of caffeine has been consumed.

If you know someone who is renown for being irritable in the mornings, treat them to this joke mug to brighten up their daily caffeine fix.

Just be warned, it is not censored, so it isn’t a gift for those who are easily offended!

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Cute Owl Keyring

an image of a cute owl keyring

This NICI owl keyring is one of the cutest ways to keep keys safe and secure.

Made from a silky soft blend of fabrics and stuffed with bean bags, it’s arguably one of the cutest owl gifts on this list, and it would make a wonderful collectable for an owl-mad friend or loved one.

NICI has been creating plush toys and gifts for over 30 years, so you can be sure that this is a well-made, premium quality product.

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Warmies Heatable Cuddly Owl

an image of a warmies heatable cuddly animal gift idea

Snuggle in and get cosy with a Warmies heatable light brown owl soft toy.

A safe alternative to a hot water bottle, the bean-filled plush toys can be gently warmed in the microwave for just 90 seconds to become a toasty bed companion.

Infused with lavender, This warm and cuddly soft toy also emits a comforting lavender aroma to help you relax into a deep slumber, whilst keeping warm during a chilly winter’s night.

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Mini Owl Flowerpots with Bamboo Tray

an image of mini flowerpots with bamboo trays

These mini owl planters are simply adorable and would make a lovely gift for a green-fingered loved one who also has a passion for the wise birds.

Made of high-quality clay fired at 1300℃, each pot comes with a funky bamboo saucer to catch any water that drains through the planter.

The perfect size for small succulents or cacti plants, these mini planters will add a splash of colour and greenery to your loved ones home.

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Owl Pendant Necklace

an image of an animal-themed pendant necklace

A symbol of wisdom and clarity, owls are so on-trend nowadays, which is why this stunning pendant necklace would make a lovely gift for anyone who appreciates the mysterious nocturnal birds.

Handmade from sterling silver, the owl pendant is gracefully perched on a hammered sterling silver hoop, which hangs from a sterling silver 16″ trace chain.

This lovely gift comes beautifully packaged in a branded gift box, making it a truly thoughtful gift for a loved one.

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Novelty Owl Socks for Women

an image of novelty animal socks for women

These novelty owl socks are an ideal gift for the wise owl in your life!

Your owl-mad loved one will be able to dress to impress from head to toe with not one, but five pairs of cute owl-themed socks. Each pair features a different whacky design, complete with a pair of beady eyes and a funky pattern.

Made from a high-quality blend of cotton and elastane, they are breathable, soft, and a great fit.

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Personalised Owl Keyring

an image of a personalised owl keyring gift idea - one of our personalised owl gifts ideas

Treat an owl obsessed friend or relative to this funky owl keyring, and they’ll be able to carry a reminder of their favourite wise and majestic animal with them everywhere they go!

The silver-plated owl charm can be accompanied by a personalised birthstone and initial charm, making this a unique and thoughtful gift for the owl-mad recipient.

This gorgeous handmade keyring comes packaged in a lovely satin gift bag, making it an ideal birthday or Christmas present for someone special in your life.

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‘Crazy Owl Lady’ Tote Bag

an image of an owl themed tote bag - one of our cheap owl gifts ideas

Shop in style and help save the environment with an owl-themed tote bag! Made from 100% cotton and ethically produced, this bag is the ideal substitute for the plastic, single-use bags that are causing such extensive damage to our planet.

Each bag is handmade to order, simply choose from a variety of vibrant colours, and the quirky owl design will be printed on one side.

Treat the self-proclaimed crazy owl lady in your life with this quirky tote bag, and we guarantee she’ll love it!

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Metal Owl Fence Topper

an image of a metal owl fence topper gift idea

This owl fence topper beautifully represents a barn owl elegantly swooping down to land or even catch some prey. Handmade with either a beautiful rust patina or black powder coated finish, the silhouette design is simple yet incredibly effective.

This attractive owl ornament is an eye-catching garden decoration that fits neatly on a fence, post or even a tree branch.

Measuring approximately 350mm x 290mm, this unique ornament is one of our favourite owl gifts in this whole list of products!

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Ollie the Owl Light & Sound Sleep Aid

an image of a light and sound sleep aid for children

Anything that helps a baby sleep will in turn help the parent get their 40 winks too, which is where Ollie the Owl steps into the spotlight.

This cuddly night-time companion helps a baby fall asleep to soothing sounds, gentle lullabies and a dimmable heart-shaped light.

It even has a built-in CrySensor, so if the little one starts crying in the night, it will automatically start playing calming sounds to help send them back into the land of nod.

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Ollie the Owl Sleep Bag

an image of an ollie the owl sleep bag

Grobag is the top dog of baby sleep bags, as recommended by The Lullaby Trust, the UK’s leading safe sleep charity.

A safer alternative to loose sheets and blankets, this Ollie the Owl sleep bag will keep a little one snug as a bug during the night, no matter how much they wriggle around whilst in the land of nod.

The cotton-rich fabric is sumptuously soft and will ensure a cosy nights sleep again and again.

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Personalised Owl Hot Water Bottle Cover

an image of a personalised owl themed hot water bottle cover - one of our personalised owl gifts ideas

Treat a night owl to this lovely glow-in-the-dark hot water bottle cover for them to snuggle with under the covers (please note: the hot water bottle isn’t included, just the cover).

This envelope-back hot water bottle cover is made from soft fleece, and the design features a cute owl dozing under a starry sky.

The recipient’s name is spelt out as a glow-in-the-dark constellation, making it a one of a kind gift for a special person in your life.

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Little Owl’s Bedtime Book

an image of an animal themed book for children

Follow the adventures of Little Owl as she spreads her wings and explores the world whilst the stars twinkle through the night.

This board book features stunning illustrations and beautifully written rhymes from cover to cover, making it a special book for bedtime stories.

Illustrator Miggy Blanco and author Karl Newson joined forces to put together a beautiful story as Little Owl blows out the stars one by one to make way for the sun rising in the morning.

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Personalised Owl Clock

an image of a personalised owl clock - one of our personalised owl gifts ideas

Telling the time never looked so cute than with this lovely personalised owl clock!

The quirky framed time-piece features an adorable owl design alongside the lucky recipient’s name. It features a high-quality non-tick mechanism with silver metal hands and it can either be wall-mounted or placed on a shelf.

If you’re in the market for personalised owl gifts, then this could be just the ticket to brighten up a young owl lover’s nursery, playroom, or bedroom.

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Little Owl Stationery Set

an image of a little owl stationery set

Treat a little owl to this ultimate stationery bundle which comes with a fluffy owl notebook, a pencil case, gel pens, pencils, a rubber and six sheets of colourful animal stickers.

This bright and cheery stationery set is so on-trend, whoever’s lucky enough to receive it will be the envy of everyone in the classroom.

It would make a brilliant birthday or Christmas gift for children aged 4-11 who love anything with an owl theme.

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Owl Nursery Print

an image of a nursery print gift idea

This quirky owl print is a simply ‘hoot-iful’, and would make a fantastic addition to a baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom!

The print features a monochrome owl illustration and hand-drawn ‘twit-twoo’ lettering, the black and white contrast makes it perfect for baby’s to gaze at whilst mum or dad is busy changing yet another nappy.

Available framed or unframed in A4 or A3 sizes, the gorgeous artwork is printed onto high-quality 190gsm fine textured matt archival paper.

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Owl Backpack for Toddlers

an image of a backpack for toddlers

Fun meets function with this adorable owl toddler backpack. Send a little one off on an adventure to nursery, the zoo, the park or even the beach with this practical, all-singing and all-dancing rucksack.

It has an insulated pouch for those all-important snacks, padded shoulder straps, an adjustable mesh pocket for a water bottle and a write-on name tag attached.

Toddlers will love the bright and colourful owl design on this backpack, and they’ll wear it with pride on every adventure they take.

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