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Penguin Gifts:
21 Gifts for Penguin Lovers

Penguins are such lovable creatures and it’s no wonder why they’re so popular and widely adored.

They’re the kings of the sea, champions at catching fish, not to mention the cutest waddlers of the southern hemisphere. Whilst they might not have the ability to fly, these adorable birds have soared straight into so many people’s hearts.

From pretty artwork to cute storage solutions, we’ve collated an extensive list of penguin gift ideas that are perfectly penguin-tactic and guaranteed to please!

No matter the occasion or price point, check out our pick of the best penguin products and accessories for 2021 below.

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Far from savouring the flavour, penguins can’t taste their food given that they always swallow everything whole!

Adopt a Penguin

an image of an Adopt a Penguin gift idea

For the penguin lover in your life, we’ll bet that nothing will beat being able to adopt their own cute penguin friend for 12 months.

Beautifully packaged in a stainless steel gift box, this adoption pack works with the Galapagos Conservation Trust, a registered charity helping Galapagos penguins through the conversation of their habitat.

The tin is packed full of facts, figures and information about Galapagos penguins and provides access to collect a personalised supporter certificate for that extra special touch.

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Sterling Silver Penguin Necklace

an image of a sterling silver penguin necklace - one of the ideal penguin gifts for her

Are you looking to combine someone’s interests in cute penguins and jewellery, but can’t find the right gift? Well, look no further than this penguin charm necklace.

Both fashionable and lightweight, the sterling silver necklace exudes a sense of both quality and style, and it will undoubtedly be a treasured statement piece for years to come.

Even better? The necklace’s creator has vowed to donate a percentage of their sales to support penguins all around the world. So, not only will the recipient of this beautiful gift be incredibly stylish, they’ll be ecologically responsible, too!

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Personalised Baby Penguin Footprint Kit

an image of a personalised baby penguin footprint kit

Did you know that a baby’s feet grow by a half size or so every two months? It’s true, and so it couldn’t be more important to lock in the memories of their tiny tootsies.

Whether you’re looking for a newborn gift idea or something special for your bestie at Christmas, we can’t think of any better (or cuter!) personalised penguin gift ideas than this footprint kit.

It doesn’t just cater to babies, though, with sizes available for ‘little penguins’ up to 12-years old. It comes with everything needed to get started, too, including instructions and child-friendly ink, helping to produce a stylish print that can be cherished for years to come.

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Penguin Plush Soft Toy

an image of a penguin plush soft toy - one of our ideas of penguin baby gifts

Delight a young penguin lover (or an adult in need of some TLC!) with this cuddly plush toy.

Not only is it made from high-quality materials to withstand the tests of prolonged cuddling, but it’s also super-soft thanks to its plush texture making it a super-satisfying snuggle buddy.

At 20cm tall, it’s the perfect size for both kids and adults alike. So don’t delay, order one of these cute penguin gifts for the penguin lover in your life today!

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Mr Penguin Balloons Print

an image of a mr penguins balloon print

Is there a better way to brighten up the walls of someone’s home than with this colourful Mr Penguin balloon print? We don’t think so.

Available in a variety of sizes from A4 up to 70cm (width) by 100cm (height), Mr Penguin is printed on premium-quality 230gsm paper with a matt uncoated finish for a contemporary and stylish finish.

The print comes unframed, letting the recipient choose a frame based on their tastes. Different colours are available, too, allowing you to include the recipient’s favourite colours in the design.

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Penguin Scarf

an image of a penguin scarf - one of our suggestions for penguin related gifts

For the fashionable penguin lover in your life, this printed scarf is sure to go down a treat. It can be gift wrapped too, saving you time while creating an unforgettable first impression.

Available in a variety of colours including grey (pictured), blue, light pink and hot pink, the scarf measures 180cm long and 70cm wide.

The handmade scarf is printed with a cute penguin design all over and would make an excellent gift for women and girls alike.

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Penguin Cufflinks

an image of penguin cufflinks - one of our ideas of cool penguin gifts for him

Who says that business needs to be boring? Help someone inject a bit of fun and personality into their work with these stylish penguin cufflinks.

Thanks to their alloy and rhodium-coated design, these high-quality cufflinks are sure to grace any man’s sleeves for years to come.

You’ve probably heard that first impressions are critical in business, and we’d argue that it’s the same for gifts. There’s no need to worry here, though, as the cufflinks come in a stylish presentation box that’s sure to impress.

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Penguin Mug

an image of a penguin mug

Whether their beverage of choice is tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, this stylish penguin mug will make the perfect gift for the penguin fan in your life.

It’s large enough to fit up to 275ml of the recipient’s favourite drink, while at only 82mm tall will fit under most espresso machines, too. You can also choose a luxury gift box to accompany the mug at checkout to make this penguin gift extra special.

Although it’s made from fine bone china, the mug is durable enough to withstand both microwave and dishwasher usage. However, we’d recommend washing it with colder water to protect the beautiful design.

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Penguin Backpack

an image of a backpack for kids

Help a young penguin lover be the envy of all their friends with this little penguin backpack.

Ideal for anyone from toddlers to boys and girls entering their first few years at school, the backpack is made from high-quality materials to help it withstand whatever youngsters can throw at it.

Measuring 24cm wide, 31cm tall, and 8cm deep, the backpack is big enough to hold everything they’ll need to accompany them for a day at school, at the beach, or while on a mini-adventure.

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Sock Penguin Craft Kit

an image of a sock penguin craft kit

What could be nicer on those cold, dark winter nights than snuggling up in front of the fire and creating an adorable sock penguin? Not much, we reckon!

Well, that’s what the creative friend or loved one in your life could be doing should you decide to treat them to this adorable sock penguin kit.

Perfect for both kids and adults alike (children under 12 will probably need some adult supervision), the kit comes with everything needed to get started, including socks, stuffing, needle and thread, a decoration kit, and even some sweet treats to keep the crafter going!

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Penguin Print Makeup Bag

an image of a makeup bag gift idea

If you know someone mad about penguins, we know they’ll love this gorgeous penguin-themed makeup bag.

Adorned with the cute faces of happy penguins on a white background, the high-quality polyester fabric of this makeup bag is durable and will not wrinkle to help it withstand daily usage.

It’s big enough to be used for toiletries, too, and thanks to a variety of pockets and compartments, the recipient will have no issue keeping it sorted and finding the right lotion or potion for any situation.

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Personalised Penguin Word Print

an image of a personalised word print gift idea

A penguin lover is sure to love this fun personalised word art wall decor!

You can personalise the entire artwork with meaningful words relating to the recipient, or get creative with penguin specific words.

The artist will then cleverly arrange all your words into the shape of an adorable penguin graphic that will make a fun and unique gift.

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Penguins Floral Framed Cut-out Print

an image of a floral framed cut-out print gift idea

This lovely cut-out artwork will add a cheerful splash of colour to any room.

The pretty floral backing paper sits behind the piece of laser cut mount board, with a white MDF frame bringing it all together.

This beautiful piece of wall art will add a touch of colour to a penguin lover’s house and is sure to make a brilliant gift.

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Penguin Bottle Flask

an image of a bottle flask

The penguin fan in your life will love this cute and funky vacuum flask!

Made to resemble the body of a penguin, this adorable flask is available in black, grey, red, and blue and makes a great gift for kids as well as adultss.

Crafted from stainless steel and ABS, it provides a safe and secure way to hold both cold and hot drinks up to a maximum capacity of 280 ml, and thanks to its insulating capabilities it is able to keep hot water hot and cold water cold for around eight hours.

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Penguin Tote Bag

an image of an animal themed tote bag

Shop in style with a penguin tote bag!

The original penguin design is printed on one side of this cream-coloured 100% polyester tote bag which measures approximately 37cm wide by 41cm tall.

The long handles mean this canvas bag can easily be worn on the shoulder, making it easier to carry heavy shopping loads. When not in use, it folds up small, so it can be stowed away in a handbag or pocket and whipped out whenever necessary.

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Penguin Nightlight for Kids

an image of a nightlight for kids

Babies and sleepless nights usually come as a pair, but this penguin-themed nightlight offers a helping hand to make the new parent’s lives a little easier.

This clever sleep aid has three lighting modes including a white light mode, along with eight vibrant colours and a standby mode. It also features a remote control timing setting for extra control and convenience.

The nightlight features a built-in 1200mAh lithium-ion battery capable of provididng up to 15-hours of use from each charge, and there’s no need to change batteries either with instead the light being charged via the supplied USB cable. Simple and effective!

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Penguin Plant Holder

an image of a penguin plant holder - one of our unusual penguin gifts ideas

Treat the penguin lover in your life to this funky plant pot designed to hold small to medium-sized air plants.

Available in either plain white, or black and white, the air plant is designed to poke out the top of the pot to resemble a penguin with a fun and quirky hairstyle.

Unlike a ceramic pot that is prone to breaking, this penguin-themed pot is made from biodegradable plastic that should better withstand any mishaps or ‘oops!’ moments.

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Penguin Zip Bag

an image of a penguin zip bag - one of our ideas of penguin gifts for her

You can never have too many zip bags, right?!

This 100% cotton canvas zip bag can be used as a wash bag to hold toilettries, to hold make up, as a travel bag, and even as a pencil case. It’s hugely practical thanks to its washproof nylon lining, flat base, and sturdy zip to keep its contents secure.

The design consists of an adorable penguin illustration on the bag’s light grey coloured front, with a dark grey contrasting colour on the back and a black washproof lining inside.

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Penguin Storage Basket

an image of a penguin storage basket - one of our ideas of gifts for penguin lovers

Arguably one of the most versatile and stylish penguin gifts on this list, we wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted one for your home, too!

Embellished in an adorable penguin print, these baskets come in three handy sizes that are perfect for storing toys, kitchen utensils, accessories and many more household items.

They can even be folded down to the desired height for maximum convenience and versatility.

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Penguin Hot Water Bottle

an image of a hot water bottle - one of our ideas for penguin gifts for adults or children alike

Arguably one of the cutest penguin gifts on this list, this penguin hot water bottle makes an ideal gift for both kids and adults alike.

Handmade from black needlecord with a cotton back and lined in super-soft fleece, it’s both strong enough and soft enough to be someone’s go-to winter warmer for many years to come.

The hot water bottle is available in both one or two-litre sizes and features a handy flap in the back for easy refilling without needing to remove the penguin-design cover.

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Watercolour Penguin Cushion

an image of a watercolour cushion - one of our  penguin gift ideas

Bring the Antarctic to the sofa with this beautiful hand printed watercolour penguin cushion.

Featuring a happy penguin on one side, this premium-quality natural linen cushion will add a sprinkle of fun and personality to any living room or bedroom.

Available as either a cushion cover measuring 40cm by 40cm, or as a filled cushion with a 100% polyester inner, it features a zip fastening for durability, and the cover is machine washable on a cool setting to keep it smelling fresh.

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