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Personalised Gifts for Couples

Choosing the perfect gift for one person is hard enough, so naturally it becomes twice as difficult when you throw another person into the mix.

When it comes to buying gifts for couples, you’re faced with the task of finding something that two people (who may or may not share some interests) will love, and that can be a bit daunting!

Luckily we have got your back and have compiled a list of 21 personalised gifts for couples for you to choose from.

Customised gifts that include names, dates and places that are personal to a couple make a really thoughtful gift that they’ll both enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding, engagement, anniversary or housewarming gift, the products in this list fit the bill for every occasion.

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Studies have shown that personalised gifts are more popular than shop-bought gifts, with a whopping 65% of people in the UK preferring to receive a personalised gift over something widely available in shops.

‘Love Is An Adventure’ Couples Portrait

an image of a love is an adventure portrait personalised gifts for couples suggestion

This bespoke portrait would make a lovely gift for a couple. It’s hand-drawn by a talented illustrator who will sketch the pair using a photo or description for reference, and it is then coloured up and printed digitally.

If the couple in question own any pets, you can also bring them to life in this adorable art print.

The couple’s names are printed alongside the endearing quote ‘love is an adventure’, making this a wonderful gift for a loved up couple to hang up in their home.

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Custom Couple/Family Cross Stitch Portrait

an image of a custom couple or family cross stitch portrait

A quirky twist on a traditional hand-drawn portrait, this cross stitch portrait hoop is a totally unique gift that is sure to make a couple smile.

When ordering, submit details such as eye colour, height and even photographs of the happy couple, and the artist will capture them in an impressively detailed cross stitch.

This is a one of a kind gift encapsulates special memories and would make a brilliant personalised gift for couples.

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Original Newspaper From Any Date

an image of an original newspaper gift

Give a couple a piece of history that’s personal to them by commemorating a special day in their relationship with the original newspaper from that day.

This would make a thoughtful wedding anniversary gift, or you could even honour the day they met when both of their lives changed forever.

This unique gift comprises of the original newspaper from that particular day, presented in a gift box alongside a certificate of authenticity.

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Personalised Papercut Love Tree

an image of a personalised papercut love tree

Relationships are like trees in the sense that they grow stronger over time, they weather through storms and hardships, and they are both built on a strongly rooted foundation.

Take those symbols and encapsulate them into a personalised gift like this ‘Love Tree’ papercut print. The delicate illustration of a tree, their names and initials will be laser cut directly into the paper.

You could choose to even commemorate a couple’s wedding day by including the date they said ‘I do’ in this stylish and bespoke gift.

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Road Sign Couple Name Black & White Print

an image of a road sign couple name black & white print

Pay homage to a couple’s relationship with this quirky road sign print.

Whether you’re looking for an engagement, wedding or anniversary gift, this customised print would be fitting for any of those occasions.

A metaphor for the junction in their lives when they met one another, this print can be produced in a variety of sizes and using a choice of materials to suit individual taste.

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Personalised Stainless Steel Luggage Tags – Life Is An Adventure

an image of personalised stainless steel luggage tags - life is an adventure

For a pair of travel bugs, these personalised stainless steel luggage tags would make a great gift for any occasion.

Each tag is engraved with a name as well as the quote ‘Life Is An Adventure’ and there is a card insert for them to fill out their address details on.

A jet setting couple will love this thoughtful yet practical gift that will ensure their suitcases don’t get lost as they embark on their adventures around the world.

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Personalised Relationship Illustration Print

an image of a personalised relationship illustration print

Immortalise all the memories a couple have shared with this personalised relationship illustration print.

Submit a list of anecdotes and memories that are specific to the couple in question, and the talented artist will recreate each one in a hand-drawn sketch.

This is a one of a kind gift that will evoke nostalgia as the happy couple reminisces on the memories they’ve shared.

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Watercolour House Portrait

an image of a personalised watercolour house portrait gift idea

While a house may be merely bricks and mortar to some, but for a sentimental couple, it’s much more than that.

If the couple in question are a nostalgic pair then this watercolour house print is definitely the gift for them! An artist will beautifully hand sketch the couple’s house from a photograph, before bringing it to life with watercolour style colouring.

Whether it’s a drawing of the first house they ever lived in or their current one, this is a lovely personalised gift for couples that will go down a treat.

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Custom Star Map

an image of a custom star map

This distinctive gift is genuinely out of this world! Realign the stars back to a particular date in a couple’s relationship with a cosmic custom star map.

Whether you want to immortalise their wedding anniversary, first date or the day they met, this unique print will capture precisely how the night’s sky looked where they were on that particular date.

Choose from a poster, canvas or framed print for your star map to be printed on and personalise it with a message, location and date.

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Personalised Tulip Champagne Flute Set For Couples

an image of a personalised tulip champagne flute set for couples

Toast a happy couple with this set of tulip champagne flutes! These Mr & Mrs glasses would make a perfect wedding or anniversary gift for a loved up husband and wife who are partial to a glass of fizz now and then.

Each flute will be hand-etched with either ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ followed by their surname using a handwritten style font.

These glasses would make an excellent gift for a couple who love reliving their special day over and over again.

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Personalised First Home Doormat

an image of a personalised first home doormat

This personalised doormat will warmly welcome visitors into a home and prevent mucky shoes from making a mess.

An ideal housewarming gift for a couple who’ve recently reached the milestone of moving in together, this doormat can be personalised with text of your choice.

The printed text is hardwearing, so there’s no need to worry about the personalisation being rubbed away over time.

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‘Our Favourite Places’ Personalised Print

an image of a personalised print featuring a couple's favourite places

Over the course of a relationship, couples are likely to enjoy travelling to new places together and making memories along the way.

Commemorate their most loved destinations with this ‘Our Favourite Places’ personalised print.

There is space for eight lines of text, and you can choose what word goes on each line, so be as inventive as you like! With a selection of vibrant colours to choose from, this gift is a lovely keepsake and trip down memory lane for a special couple in your life.

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Vintage Matchbox Personalised Print

an image of a personalised matchbox personalised print

For the couple whose flame is always burning bright, treat them to this funky ‘A Perfect Match’ personalised art print.

The vintage style digital print features two lovebirds in the style of a classic matchbox. Add the personal touch by including the couple’s names and a significant date in their relationship.

This retro piece of personalised artwork will remind a special couple that their love burns strong through thick and thin.

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Personalised Metallic Map

an image of a personalised metallic foil map

If there’s a place in the world that holds significance for a couple, this personalised map print will commemorate it beautifully.

Designed using metallic foil, this bespoke piece of artwork not only looks modern and different, but it is something that will be unique to the couple and a gift they will both enjoy.

A perfect gift for couples, if you ask us.

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Couple’s Initials Marble Serving Board

an image of a marble serving board adorned with the initials of a couple

This gorgeous personalised marble serving board is the ideal gift for a couple who love to entertain.

The hexagonal-shaped board is made from high-quality Carrara marble, a natural material with variances in each product.

Personalise it with the couple’s initials and an important date to make this into a bespoke gift that they will both love and treasure.

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Personalised Happy Couple Hanging Print

an image of a hanging print dedicated to a happy couple

This hanging fabric personalised ‘Happily Married’ print would make a lovely wedding anniversary gift for a married couple who are celebrating years of wedded bliss.

Available in denim, linen, paper or cotton, you could make this gift more symbolic by choosing the fabric based on the number of years they’re celebrating.

There are 16 different colours of ink to choose from, and you can add the personal touch by featuring their names and wedding date.

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Personalised Coasters

an image of a personalised gift for couples - personalised coasters

Made from top quality slate, a couple of these personalised coasters would make a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Customised with a name on either one, they are the perfect accessory to an afternoon mug of tea.

There is a selection of floral border designs to choose from, so you really can tailor this personalised gift with the recipients in mind.

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Personalised Gin Glass Set for Couples

an image of a personalised gin glass set for couples

This set of personalised gin glasses are a brilliant gift for a couple who are partial to a G&T or two.

With a round goblet shape to help collect the botanical fragrances and a large bowl wide enough for plenty of ice and garnishes, these glasses are designed for optimum gin satisfaction.

Their names can be engraved onto each glass using a pretty script font, which will guarantee there won’t be any arguments of who has had more to drink!

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Custom Couple/Family Portrait

an image of a custom couple or family portrait gift idea

This bespoke portrait will turn a couple into the cartoon versions of themselves and we think it would make a super cool gift.

Submit a photo of the couple in question and the incredibly talented illustrator will recreate it in a Disney-style hand drawn illustration.

Each print is completely unique which makes this a really special personalised gift that they will both cherish.

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Personalised Wooden Chopping Board

an image of a personalised wooden chopping board

Cut to the chase and show a couple how much you care about them with a one-off personalised chopping board.

Made from environmentally sustainable bamboo, the board can be used to chop, serve cheese or even left out on display.

Customise this special gift by adding the names and a date to add a personal touch to a lovely gift for the special couple.

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Personalised Egg Cups for Couples

an image of personalised egg cups for couples

If you know an egg-straordinary couple whose relationship is always sunny side up, we think these couples egg cups are the perfect gift for them.

Each wooden egg cup is engraved, and they’ll love using them at breakfast time for their eggs and soldiers, which can be closely followed by a morning egg-spresso!

Do we think we’ve overdone the egg puns in this description? Most probably, yes. But this would still make a cracking gift for a special couple in your life.

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