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Pokemon Gifts – 27 Gift Ideas for Pokemon Fans

People all over the world have been trying to catch ’em all for over 25 years now, and yet the Pokemon is still going as strong as ever!

With an empire composed of trading cards, an animated series, video games and even a movie, it’s no wonder people are still potty for Pokemon.

If you know someone who has been a Pokemon enthusiast since it was established in 1995 or even a child who has just discovered the Pokemon world, treat them to one or more of these fantastic Pokemon gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Check out our pick of the best Pokemon gifts below.

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From Arbok to Zubat, there are over 980 different types of Pokemon!

Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook

an image of the pokemon super deluxe essential handbook

Treat the Pokemon enthusiast in your life to this excellent book, and it will undoubtedly help them “catch em all”!

The Super Deluxe Essential Handbook is the encyclopaedia for all things Pokemon; it includes useful data for all 800 species and is jam-packed with handy hints and tips.

For each species of Pokemon, it details valuable data such as statistics, facts and insider information on attacks, giving the Pokémon trainer in your life the upper hand within this gaming world.

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Personalised Pokemon Poster

an image of a personalised pokemon poster

This awesome personalised print is the perfect gift for a child who loves to immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon.

From hairstyle to eye colour, you can customise the character’s design to look like the recipient. There is also a choice of six popular Pokemon characters to choose as their sidekick, so whether they love Pikachu or Charmander, you can tailor it to them.

For the finishing touch, the recipient’s name is printed below the characters, making this bold and bright print one of the most unique and thoughtful Pokemon gifts out there.

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Pokemon Plush Pikachu Toy

an image of a pokemon plush pikachu toy

Snuggle up to this super soft Pikachu plush toy! This cute and cuddly Pikachu is the ideal gift for a Pokemon enthusiast to take wherever they go.

Made from his trademark bright yellow coloured fabric, this Pokemon plush is just waiting to be taken on adventures with his new best friend.

They say you’ve “gotta catch ’em all”, but every true Pokémon fan knows Pikachu is the one everyone wants to catch.

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4-Inch Bulbasaur Figurine

an image of a pokemon bulbasaur figurine

Bulbasaur is a familiar face in the Pokemon world, with its blue-green skin and trademark bulb on its back, it is instantly recognisable in the card pack.

The green bulb stores energy through photosynthesis as well as from nutrient-rich seeds contained within. When it is ready to evolve into Ivysaur, the bulb will glow blue just before the transformation takes place.

This 4-inch Vinyl Bulbasaur figure would make a great addition to an avid Pokemon fan’s collection of memorabilia.

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4-Inch Pikachu Figurine

an image of a pokemon pikachu figurine

As the starring character’s loyal sidekick, Pikachu is an integral character within the Pokémon universe.

As an electric type of Pokemon, Pikachu stores electrical energy within his trademark rosy cheeks, ready to be unleashed during his next head to head.

Pokemon super-fans will love this 4-inch Vinyl Pikachu figure which would take pride of place within a Pokemon-themed display, where it could even eventually be joined by other characters from the collection.

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4-Inch Squirtle Figurine

an image of a pokemon squirtle figurine

The ever-adorable Squirtle has been well-loved since the early days of Pokemon.

With a lovely face and happy demeanour, it’s no wonder Pokemon trainers are always keen to add Squirtle to their Pokédex.

With details that make it look like it’s jumped straight out of a Pokeball, this 4-inch Squirtle Vinyl figure would make a welcomed addition to a Pokemon enthusiast’s ever-growing collection of models.

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4-Inch Charmander Figurine

an image of a pokemon charmander figurine

Rarely captured in the wild, Charmander was created as one of the first Pokemon and has become a firm favourite ever since.

The tip of Charmander’s tail is alight with a flame, which denotes its health and strength and if it were ever to go out, Charmander would go to Pokémon heaven.

This Pokemon figure is made from high-quality vinyl and would make a perfect gift for the Pokémon enthusiast in your life.

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Pokemon Multi-Pack of Five Action Figures

an image of a pokemon multi-pack of five action figures

Let the Pokemon battles commence with this fantastic set of action figures! It includes scaled Blastoise, Munchlax, Larvitar, Eevee and Pikachu figures, all of which possess a thorough amount of detail.

The larger Blastoise even has detachable water blasts for use during those crucial head-to-head battles. It also gives realistic articulation, so it can fully replicate moves as seen on the TV show.

This officially licensed Pokemon product is ready for action, so don’t miss out and catch ’em now!

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Monopoly: Pokemon Edition

an image of a pokemon edition monopoly board game

The world’s most famous board game has been given a makeover – join Pikachu and friends in a game of Pokemon Monopoly!

Players of this family-focused game must make their way around the board through the eight gyms, where they will partake in Pokémon battles and buy, sell and trade to collect the strongest team.

Avoid taxes, jail and bankruptcy to accumulate the most significant fortune and be crowned the Pokemon master in this family fun game.

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100-Piece Pokemon Jigsaw Puzzle

an image of a 100 piece pokemon jigsaw puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle would make a brilliant gift for Pokemon fans, both young and old.

Created by puzzle experts Ravensburger, who have over 130 years experience producing high-quality puzzles, games and books. This 100-piece jigsaw measures 49 x 36cm when completed and is printed onto premium quality cardboard.

Featuring big names such as Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Squirtle and Bulbasaur, this puzzle is one of our favourite Pokemon gifts from this entire list!

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Pokemon Carry Case Playset

an image of a pokemon carry case playset

Bring the Pokemon world to life with this awesome Pokemon carry case playset! This all-singing, all-dancing carry case comes complete with a battle arena, launch pads, shaking bridge, secret hiding spots, and so much more.

All that fun packs up neatly into the handy carry case, so Pokemon enthusiasts can take it with them wherever they go.

The playset is scaled for all 2-inch Pokemon figures, also making it a great storage case for an extensive collection of action figures.

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Pokemon Trainer Trivia Game

an image of a pokemon trainer trivia game

Test a Pokemon enthusiast’s knowledge with the Pokemon Trainer Trivia game.

Up to four people can play this fast-paced quiz game where the game master asks a series of Pokemon-related questions, and they must beat their opponents to the buzzer and answer correctly. There are three levels of play: beginner, advanced and expert to put the players through their paces.

With over 1,000 questions to answer, this game is sure to turn anyone into a Pokemon expert, but who will come out of the battle victorious?

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Pokemon Trainer Guess Electronic Game

an image of a pokemon trainer guess electronic game

Pokemon Trainer Guess will figure out what Pokemon you’re thinking of, just by asking a series of questions! Treat the Pokemon enthusiast in your life to this nifty toy, and it’s bound to impress them and all their friends.

Players think of a Pokemon and answer the yes or no questions that the Trainer Guess ball asks. From those answers, it will decipher what species you’re thinking of and will add it to your collection.

A trainer field guide is included with this game, which includes vital details, pictures and names of all the Pokemon to test it with.

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Pokemon Pokeball Power Bank

an image of a pokeball power bank

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, but it also drains phone batteries at an uncomfortable rate. With a pre-charged Pokeball power bank in your pocket, you’ll never run out of power amid a hunt for a rare species again.

The size of a credit card, it has a 5000 mAh battery and 2.1A fast charge output, perfect for charging up smartphones and tablets whilst out and about.

A single charge will fully charge a smartphone fully at least twice before it needs replenishing with power again, making this a handy gift for the Pokemon enthusiast in your life.

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Pokemon Children’s On-Ear Headphones

an image of pokemon on-ear headphones for children

Catch all the tunes with a funky pair of Pokémon headphones! This set of Pikachu themed headphones are the perfect audio companion for a kid who’s so into Pokemon that they practically think they are Ash himself.

They have a padded headband and soft cups for extra comfort and are comparable with a range of smartphones, laptops, and handheld gaming devices.

For those with small and sensitive ears, they also come with sensitivity listening at 85dB, making these headphones one of the perfect Pokemon gifts for any young fan!

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Pokemon Backpack

an image of a pokemon backpack

Make a mini Pokemon trainer the envy of all their friends by treating them to this electrifying Pikachu backpack. It has a large main compartment and separate front pocket, perfect for storing all their Pokeballs!

The adjustable padded shoulder straps ensure all-day comfort, and there are even outer elasticated mesh pockets for storing water bottles. The backpack features a graffiti style graphic of Pikachu as he unleashes a shock of electricity during a battle.

Made from durable and showerproof nylon, it’s bound to put a smile on a young Pokemon enthusiast’s face.

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Pokemon Pikachu Messenger Bag

an image of a pikachu messenger bag

Say “I choose you, Pikachu!” to this brilliant Pokémon messenger bag. Featuring a high quality printed design of Pikachu pulling some animated poses, this official Pokémon merchandise is the perfect gift for a little gamer.

It has a secure adjustable shoulder strap and a large zipped main compartment, making it ideal for school, gym or even travels!

The bag also has the trademark red and white Pokeball design on the front, giving it a fashionable retro look that kids will love.

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Pokemon Pikachu Messenger Bag

an image of a pikachu messenger bag

Kids who “gotta catch ’em” all can do it in style with this vibrant Pokémon messenger bag! Featuring a picture of Pikachu in the foreground and a selection of other popular Pokemon in the background, this official Pokemon piece of merchandise is the ultimate gift for a devoted little trainer.

The bright blue and yellow design is sure to stand out from the crowd from day to night, thanks to the glow in the dark Pikachu motif.

With a large main zipped compartment and separate front pocket, this bag would make a fantastic gift for storing all the essentials such as notebooks, pens, folders and Pokeballs!

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Pokemon Children’s T-Shirt

an image of a pokemon t-shirt for children

Treat a little boy who loves all things Pokemon to this officially licensed Pokemon Trainer t-shirt by Popgear!

The design features a selection of well-known species of Pokemon, such as Pikachu, Squirtle and Jigglypuff, alongside the catchphrase “Pokemon Trainer: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”. A young Pokemon trainer will love to wear this t-shirt while they watch their favourite cartoons or play games with their friends.

Made from a cotton and polyester blend, this quality piece of clothing has short sleeves and is also machine washable.

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Pokemon Children’s T-Shirt

an image of a pokemon t-shirt for children

Because Pokemon appeals to both boys and girls, make sure the little girls don’t miss out on the Pokemon-tastic gifts that are on offer!

This “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” girls t-shirt features a retro stripe design with the famous faces of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Charmander posing like they’re ready for action.

Made from 100% white cotton, the design also features the recognisable Pokémon icon on the left sleeve. If you’re on the lookout for Pokemon gifts for girls, look no further because this t-shirt is just the ticket!

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Pokemon Dressing Gown

an image of a pikachu dressing gown

Kids can dress up as Pikachu even when it’s nearly bedtime with this 3D Pikachu hooded dressing gown! Available between ages 4 and 14, this super-soft dressing gown comes complete with Pikachu hood and ears.

Created as official Pokemon merchandise, this is a premium quality bathrobe is so warm and snuggly that they’ll want to wear it day and night.

This vibrant and trendy dressing gown is made from soft yet durable fleece and would make a brilliant gift for a young Pokémon enthusiast.

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Pokemon Pikachu Slippers

an image of pikachu slippers

These officially licensed Pokemon merchandise Pikachu slippers are cute, comfy and cheerful. They feature a Pikachu face, complete with 3D ears made from a soft and squishy fabric.

The detailed embroidery of Pikachu’s face and the soft velvet fabric makes these slippers a premium quality product, and they’re one of the best Pokemon gifts for a young enthusiast to relax in after a long day training their Pokemon.

Available in a variety of sizes, they also have elasticated backs and anti-slip soles to ensure the perfect fit.

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Pokemon Personalised Sequin Cushion

an image of a pikachu personalised sequin cushion

Add a touch of sparkle to a young Pokemon fanatic’s bedroom by treating them to this quirky personalised Pikachu sequin cushion. The reversible sequins give this cushion two designs in one!

Smooth the sequins one way, and you’ll have a plain blue cushion, then rub your hand along them to reveal the Pokemon-themed design.

Each cushion is even personalised with the recipient’s name alongside a graphic of everyone’s favourite Pokemon poster boy, Pikachu.

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Pokemon-Themed Pencil & Eraser Set

an image of a pokemon themed pencil and eraser set

No Pokemon enthusiast’s pencil case would be complete without this pencil and eraser set!

This gift comes with two unsharpened “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” pencils which also feature some well-known Pokemon faces such as Bulbasaur, Mew and Psyduck. It also includes two shaped erasers – a Pokeball and Pikachu – both of which fit onto the end of the pencils.

This stationary set would make a perfect back to school gift for the young Pokemon trainer in your life.

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Pokemon Pikachu Bricks Building Kit

an image of a pikachu brick building kit

If you’re on the lookout for Pokemon gifts that would be suitable for someone who also dabbles in model making, this anime 3D model construction toy is exactly what you’re looking for!

Each Pokemon-themed model comes in 100+ pieces, so they must construct it from scratch using the step-by-step instructions included.

With six characters to choose from: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Eevee, Pikachu, Psyduck and Squirtle, it should take your Pokemon enthusiast around 2 hours to build their 3D model.

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Pokemon-Themed Children’s Name Wall Sticker

an image of a pokemon themed wall sticker for children

This vinyl name wall sticker features an array of Pokemon characters, both old and new.

Personalised to the recipient’s name, it would make a thoughtful gift for a child who has a big passion for Pokemon.

Printed on premium, specialised wall art vinyl, it has a high-quality finish and would make a fantastic statement piece in a bedroom or playroom. It comes with handy application instructions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

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50x Random Pokemon Cards Bundle (Holos/Rares Guaranteed!)

an image of a bundle of 50 random pokemon cards with holographic and rare guards guaranteed

It’s the card trading game that first took the world by a storm 25 years ago that is still going strong today.

An avid collector will be delighted to receive this pack of fifty random Pokemon cards for their birthday or Christmas gift this year. The pack contains 100% authentic and genuine Pokemon cards, ready and waiting to be traded and sent into battle.

This fantastic bundle is also guaranteed to include some sought after holos and rares, so we guarantee any Pokemon enthusiast will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on them!

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