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Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Reaching 25 years of marriage is an achievement worth celebrating for any married couple.

Raise a toast to a special couple in your life – whether it’s your parents, friends or relatives – by treating them to a thoughtful gift on the silver wedding anniversary.

From personalised wall art to digital doorbells, we’ve scoured the web for the best 25th wedding anniversary gifts that are out there.

Celebrate a couple’s special day with one of these superb gifts that are bound to put a smile on their faces as they reminisce on 25 years of wedded bliss.

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The tradition of giving anniversary gifts dates back to Germany in the 1700s, when husbands gave their wives a silver wreath on the date of their 25th wedding anniversary.

Personalised Silver Plated Cake Fork Set

an image of a personalised silver plated cake fork set

Celebrate a happy couple’s silver wedding anniversary with a set of personalised silver-plated cake forks so they can have their cake and eat it too!

The forks are beautifully handcrafted and available in a choice of handle designs. Opt for a more simple style of handle, or choose an ornate one for a more vintage style.

Personalise this lovely gift for the special couple in question by engraving their names or a personalised message along the handle.

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Silver Wedding Anniversary Paper Boat Card

an image of a silver wedding anniversary paper boat card

Commemorate a silver wedding anniversary with this unique paper boat card.

Handcrafted using traditional origami techniques, the boat’s mainsail proudly displays the anniversary’s length in days, hours and minutes, alongside details such as names, places and dates. You can even choose from a selection of font styles and charms to dangle off the side.

This would make a lovely keepsake gift that will help the couple reminisce about their special day 25 years ago.

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Personalised Prosecco/Champagne Bottle Stopper

an image of a personalised Prosecco or champagne bottle stopper

Popping a bottle of bubbly on a special occasion such as a 25th wedding anniversary is a right of passage, so make sure they do it in style with this personalised champagne bottle stopper!

The clever mechanism will ensure the bottle of champagne or Prosecco will keep its fizz long after the cork has been popped.

Personalise this gift with the couple’s names and wedding date to make it even more special. The bottle stopper comes beautifully presented wrapped in a gift box tied with a ribbon.

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Final Touch Stainless Steel Twister Aerator and Decanter

an image of the final touch stainless steel twister aerator and decanter

If you’re looking for a great present for a pair of wine buffs, then this stainless steel aerator and decanter is what you’re looking for!

The clever 3-phase aeration and oxygen apparatus will instantly bring out the flavour and body of a bottle of red, without having to wait for it to air whilst in the bottle.

This unique gift comes beautifully presented in a smart gift box and would make a lovely silver wedding gift for a couple of wine connoisseurs.

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Ravensburger Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

an image of a ravensburger photo jigsaw puzzle

Bring an old wedding photo to life by transforming it into a unique jigsaw puzzle!

Mark the milestone occasion of a 25th wedding anniversary by gifting the couple with a jigsaw puzzle made out of a photograph from their big day.

Available in a choice of numbers of pieces, the happy couple will have fun piecing the jigsaw together whilst recollecting memories of their big day.

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Luxury Hammered Silver Stag Champagne Bucket

an image of a luxury hammered silver stag champagne bucket

This silver champagne bucket is sure to impress a couple on their 25th wedding anniversary.

The hammered silver bowl is flanked by two copper stag head handles, which gives it a real classy feel for that added wow factor.

Simply fill the bowl with ice, and it will keep the champagne and white wine cool for the duration of the silver wedding anniversary party!

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Personalised 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift

an image of a personalised silver wedding anniversary gift

This beautiful floating paper cut frame would make a truly special gift for a couple who have reached their silver wedding anniversary.

Cut from a single piece of high quality card, the design features the couples name, wedding date and venue as well as a pretty floral design.

Mounted in a unique floating frame and sandwiched between two panes of glass, the piece of coloured mount board behind gives the illusion the artwork is floating inside the frame.

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Ring Video Doorbell

an image of a ring video doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell is a brilliant gadget that would make a welcomed addition to a couple’s front door.

This nifty gadget lets you see, hear and speak to people who are at your front door from wherever you are in the world, using a smartphone, PC or tablet.

It also has motion detection and clear nighttime vision, so it brings extra peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security whether you’re at home or on the other side of the world.

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Personalised Silver Napkin Ring

an image of a personalised silver napkin ring

Bring elegance and decorum to the dining table with a pair of personalised silver napkin rings.

Each napkin ring can be engraved with their names, wedding date, or a short message in a selection of classic fonts.

These stunning napkin rings are made from solid silver with a London hallmark and will come beautifully presented in a fabric pouch and gift box.

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Eufy by Anker Robot Vacuum Cleaner

an image of a robotic vacuum cleaner - one of our silver wedding anniversary gifts ideas

The brazen statement “It’s your turn to do the hoovering, darling” is likely to cause tension in any marriage that’s got 25 years on the clock, so take away the tension by treating the couple in question to a robot vacuum cleaner!

This clever gadget is controlled via an app, so you can sit back and relax anywhere in the world whilst the hoover does all the hard work for you.

Built-in sensors ensure it doesn’t fall down stairs or bump into obstacles and the brushless motor makes a minimum amount of noise.

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Silver Photo Frame

an image of a silver photo frame - one of our silver wedding anniversary gifts ideas

Silver wedding anniversaries traditionally call for a gift made from silver, so why not follow suit and treat a couple to this gorgeous silver-plated picture frame?

The frame itself is made from one solid piece, so there are no unsightly seams, and it’s plated in one micron of silver.

This frame is the perfect home for an old wedding photo, or it could even capture a new memory for the couple as they embark on the next 25 years of married life.

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Silver Wedding Rose – 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

an image of a silver wedding rose 25th wedding anniversary gift

This beautiful silver wedding rose will be a living and growing reminder for a couple who have reached the milestone of 25 years of wedded bliss.

A symbol of unity, the stunning white roses will bloom in July up until September.

With some TLC, the plant will flourish year after year and will continue to grow as the couple in question step into the next 25 years of marriage.

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Personalised Set of 2 Wooden Candle Holders

an image of a personalised set of 2 wooden candle holders

This rustic set of wooden candle holders would make a super thoughtful gift for a couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary.

Shaped, sanded and waxed by hand, each one features an aluminium silver strip that can be hand stamped with a personalised message to commemorate the occasion.

If you’re looking for a personalised silver wedding anniversary gift, these beautiful wooden candle holders could be just the ticket.

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Personalised Silver Wedding Anniversary Art

an image of personalised silver wedding anniversary art

Capture 25 years worth of anecdotes and memories with this personalised wedding anniversary art.

The print features a list of up to nine meaningful memories, headed by the couple’s names and wedding date.

This typographic piece of artwork is totally unique and personal to the recipients; whether you choose to include grandchildren’s names, previous holiday destinations or their favourite song, it will be treasured for years to come.

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Fondue Set

an image of a fondue set

Bring the cosy alpine atmosphere back home with this stunning fondue set.

Perfect for sharing comforting meals with friends and family, the set comes equipped with six colour-coded serving forks, a stainless steel outer pot, a ceramic inner pot and the stand/base and a burner.

Even better?

The set can also be used with chocolate to create a delicious after-dinner treat!

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Personalised Framed Print – Letter Tiles

an image of a personalised framed print made from letter tiles

Based on everyone’s favourite letter crunching board game, this personalised letter tile print would make a lovely anniversary gift for a couple celebrating a quarter of a century of marriage.

Enter the couple’s names, and they will be transformed into letter tiles that will be arranged accordingly.

The total word score and family name can also be added, as well as a personalised message or quote. This unique print comes in either a black or white frame.

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Silver Cocktail Glass

an image of a silver cocktail glass

A couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary will be able to toast to 25 happy years of marriage using these stunning silver cocktail glasses.

The polished stainless steel glasses are a perfect gift for a sophisticated and stylish couple who enjoy a martini or two.

They will arrive beautifully presented in a gift box or bag embellished with a sweet acrylic gift tag.

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Framed Butterfly Silver Wedding Anniversary Heart

an image of a framed butterfly silver wedding anniversary heart gift idea

Carefully hand-cut paper butterflies have been meticulously arranged by hand to form a beautiful 3D silver heart, with some of the butterflies spilling out onto the mount of this stunning framed piece of artwork.

Each butterfly has been diligently cut out from art paper and painted silver, making each print completely bespoke.

You can also include the names and anniversary date, which will be hand debossed onto the mount, before being framed in a white obeche wood box frame.

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Personalised Silver Wedding Anniversary Photo Album

an image of a personalised silver wedding anniversary photo album

Bring cherished memories back from the past with this gorgeous silver wedding anniversary photo album.

Available in two different sizes, the cover of this album is lined in high-quality fabric and bound with solid brass binding screws. This beautiful photo album also includes their names and wedding date imprinted in a metallic foil on the front cover.

Populate the album with old wedding photos of the couple, along with photographs of them throughout their marriage.

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Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine

an image of the nespresso vertuo plus coffee machine

A pair of coffee aficionados will go mad for this Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine!

It can use three different sizes of capsule to make a range of 4 sizes of perfect cups of coffee, so there is something to suit all types of coffee drinkers.

Treat a couple of caffeine enthusiasts to this coffee machine for their silver wedding anniversary, and they’ll wonder how they survived the first 25 years of marriage without one!

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Luxury 4-Person Wicker Chiller Picnic Hamper Basket

an image of a luxury 4 person wicker chiller picnic hamper basket with cooler compartment and bottle cooler bag - one of our 25th wedding anniversary gift suggestions

Help a couple celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss by treating them to this luxury picnic hamper.

The 4-person hamper comes equipped with cutlery, plates, bottle opener, plastic wine glasses and even a cool bag, so it has everything they’ll need for an afternoon of alfresco dining in the park.

We can’t think of a better gift to help the special couple create more special memories for years to come with family or friends.

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