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Sloth Gifts:
23 Gifts for Sloth Lovers

With demanding work, family and social schedules keeping us on our toes, sometimes we all need to slow down the hectic pace of life.

Take a leaf out of a sloth’s book and take some time to pause, breathe and chill out.

The lazy jungle dwellers have become a hot trend recently, with their sweet, friendly faces emblazoned on all sorts of things like mugs, prints, scarfs, jewellery, cushions and more.

Treat a loved one in your life to one of these sloth gifts that will remind them to ‘be more sloth’ and live life in the slow lane for a change.

Check out our selection of sloth gifts below.

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Sloths travel an average of just 37.5 metres every day…that’s not even one length of an Olympic sized swimming pool!

Adopt a Sloth

an image of an adopt a sloth gift box

For the sloth lover in your life, we’ll bet that nothing will beat being able to adopt a cute sloth friend for twelve months.

Beautifully packaged in a stainless steel gift box, this adoption pack works with The Sloth Conservation Foundation, a registered charity helping these cute tree-dwellers through the conversation of their habitat.

The tin is packed full of facts and figures about sloths and provides access to claim a personalised supporter certificate for that extra special touch.

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Sloan The Sloth Back Massager

an image of sloan the sloth back massager gift

If you’re looking for one of the cutest sloth gifts for the sloth lover in your life, then look no further because Sloan the sloth back massager is cute, cuddly and relaxing!

Wrap his arms around your shoulders and sit back as he gently vibrates and massages your back.

This back massager is the closest thing you’ll get to hugging a sloth without trekking into the jungle and attempting to snuggle the real deal (which we wouldn’t recommend, it turns out that actual sloths have some pretty scary claws).

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Sloth Onesie

an image of a sloth onesie - one of our ideas of sloth gifts for her

Whoever said onesies are just for babies was a liar, because we think onesies for adults might be the best clothing invention ever.

The all-in-one pyjamas are super cosy, perfect for lounging around the house or snuggling on the sofa during movie night.

This hooded sloth onesie is made from super fluffy fleece and is just as soft on the inside as it is on the outside, so we can confirm it’s a 10/10 on the cosy scale.

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Cute Sloth T-Shirt

an image of a sloth t-shirt

The perfect gift idea for a sloth lover who’s loud and proud, this sloth-themed t-shirt will help them show off their affection for the cute and relaxed tree-dweller in style.

Available in a variety of colours and sizes, it features a cute sleeping sloth design and large lettering to show off the lucky recipient’s love for sloths.

The t-shirt comes with a classic fit for extra comfort and features a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem to make it longer-lasting and harder-wearing.

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Cartoon Sloth Enamel Pins

an image of a trio of sloth enamel pins which would make an awesome gift for her or him

When in your life will you ever get the chance to see a sloth casually lounging on a unicorn-shaped inflatable? Answer: probably never, so settle for the next best thing with a set of three enamel cartoon sloth pins.

These cute and colourful badges will jazz up a sloth lover’s wardrobe, they look great fixed to a jacket collar, hat, bag, jeans and more! Plus, the badges are made from environmentally friendly zinc alloy and eco-friendly paint, so they’re practically rainforest-saving badges.

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Sloth Clock

looking for sloth things for around the house? look no further than this stylish sloth cloth gift idea

It’s time to make a sloth lover’s day by gifting them with this round sloth clock which is perfect for their office, bedroom, or bathroom.

The clock face, which is made from acrylic, features an oil-painted illustration of an adorable sloth hanging from a tree.

One of the ideal gifts for sloth lovers with a quirky sense of style, it measures 9.5-inches in diameter and takes just 1x AA battery to operate.

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Grow A Sloth Toy

an image of a grow a sloth toy gift

With an average pace of 2 metres per minute, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever see a sloth in a rush.

This ‘Grow A Sloth’ toy is no different because you’ll have to patiently wait up to 72 hours for it to grow to its full size. Drop the toy sloth into a glass of water and let the magic unfold as grows to up to 6x the original size.

The Grow A Sloth toy is a fun and unique gift for all the sloth lovers out there.

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Sloth & Flowers Pattern Tie

an image of an animal themed tie for men - one of our ideas of sloth gifts for him

Bring a sloth to work, the office party, or next weekend’s social gathering with a sloth and flowers pattern tie.

This patterned is sure to smarten up any sloth lover’s wardrobe, and it’s perhaps one of the best novelty sloth gifts for him if you ask us.

The 100% polyester tie has a silky finish and is printed in vibrant full colour directly onto the material for maximum wow factor.

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Sloth Tea Infuser

an image of a sloth tea infuser

This sloth tea infuser casually hangs inside a mug while it slowly brews a batch of tea.

Just like a real-life sloth, this tea infuser works at a slow pace, ensuring the tea leaves are unhurriedly infused with the hot water and creating the perfect cuppa.

Made from heat-resistant, BPA-free and phthalate-free silicone, this would make an enjoyable gift for a tea-loving sloth enthusiast.

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Super Sloth Coaster

an image of an animal themed coaster gift

Brighten someone’s day with one of these funny sloth gifts.

A superhero sloth doesn’t sound like he’ll be much of a threat to rival the big league superheroes, but you can rest assured he will rescue you…eventually.

This coaster, which features an illustration of a bewildered-looking sloth who has donned a cape and has claimed the title of ‘Super Sloth’, would make a charming gift for any sloth lover.

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Sloth Nursery Art Print

an image of a sloth art print - one of our ideas for sloth presents

Bring the sloth theme into the home with this sloth nursery art print.

One of the ideal gifts for sloth lovers young or old, the print is beautifully hand-illustrated onto high-quality matte card, and it comes with the option to purchase it with a frame.

The soft, neutral colours will add warmth to a room, and the sloth’s friendly face will brighten everyone’s day and will be a wonderful addition to any baby’s nursery or adult’s living room.

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Personalised Mum & Baby Sloth Necklace

an image of a pendant necklace featuring a mum and baby sloth - one of our sloth related gifts ideas

This beautiful personalised necklace features gold plated mother and baby sloth pendants hanging side by side from a dainty chain.

Each pendant can be personalised with the names of the recipient’s family, making this a unique gift for the sloth lover in your life.

Up to five pendants can be added to the necklace, so there’s room for a tribe of children to be included in a metaphoric family hug.

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Handmade Sloth Felt Garland

an image of a handmade animal themed felt garland

In the wild, sloths spend 90% of their time hanging upside-down from tree branches, and the sloths in this handmade felt garland look happy enough spending 100% of their time casually hanging from the jute twine stringing them together.

The design of this handmade felt garland is super cute; each of the four sloths has been carefully stitched and embroidered together and threaded carefully along the 115cm piece of twine.

These sloth-themed gifts will add a pop of colour wherever they’re hung, and we think they would would look adorable in a child’s jungle themed bedroom.

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Sloth Lampshade

an image of an animal themed lampshade

Stylish, modern and unique – that’s how we would describe this most beautiful of sloth themed gifts.

Featuring a series of Victorian-style drawings of sloths printed on a white lampshade, the monochrome style is highlighted with flecks of gold in the form of a crown drawn on one of the sloth’s heads.

It certainly is a quirky piece of decor that will delight the sloth-obsessed person in your life and will cause everyone’s head to turn when they cross paths with it.

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Personalised Sloth Family Print

an image of a personalised animal themed family print

Hang out as a family but not as you know it.

Featuring a family of four sloths hanging casually from a tree branch, this cute personalised sloth print is a fun twist on a regular family portrait. You can add four family member’s names to each sloth so that every family member can be represented in sloth-form.

You can even take a walk on the wild side and opt for it to be printed onto the 100% recycled elephant dung card. Don’t worry, though, a regular plain white card is also available as an option if dung doesn’t go with your sloth fanatic’s decor.

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Personalised Sloth Money Box

an image of a personalised animal themed money box

Due to an extra vertebra in their necks, sloths can turn their heads on a 270-degree axis and therefore have nearly a 360-degree view of their surroundings at all times.

Because of this, we think this personalised sloth money box is the best candidate to look after your cash because they’ll be able to keep an eye out from (almost) every angle.

Even better? It can also be branded with the owner’s name, just so it’s extra obvious who’s hard-earned cash it contains!

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Personalised Sloth Rainbow Mug

an image of a personalised animal themed rainbow mug

It’s believed that sloths will sleep 15-18 hours a day.

As humans, we can’t get away with that much shut-eye, so most of us will have to resort to our saving grace of choice – caffeine.

The lucky recipient of one of these cute, personalised sloth gifts will probably be wishing they could mirror a lazy sloth’s sleeping patterns, but at least they’ll be able to drink their morning tea or coffee from an adorable mug that will make them smile.

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Sloth Wooden Chopping Board

an image of an animal themed wooden chopping board

This sloth wooden chopping board is handmade using a pyrography technique. The drawing of the hanging sloth is meticulously burnt directly into the wood using a heated pen, leaving it with a beautiful textured finish.

Each chopping board is handmade to order, so this is a truly unique gift that any sloth admirer will be thrilled to receive.

It can be used as a kitchen chopping board, or even displayed as a stand-alone piece of decor or art around the house.

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Personalised Sloth Charm Necklace

an image of a personalised charm necklace - one of our ideas of personalised sloth gifts for her

Sloths are intriguing creatures that symbolise relaxation, groundedness, conservation and patience.

This personalised necklace encapsulates these sloth traits in the form of a gorgeous piece of jewellery.

Featuring a cute sloth charm happily hanging from a chain, this necklace can be customised with the recipient’s initial charm and also their birthstone gem. Personalise the necklace it even further by choosing the type of chain — black cord, silver plated, or sterling silver are the available options.

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Sloth Cushion Cover

an image of an animal themed cushion cover

Bring the Brazilian rainforest to the sofa with this adorable sloth cushion cover.

Featuring a cute sloth hanging from a branch, this cushion cover will add a sprinkle of fun to any living room or bedroom.

The phrase ‘Namast’ay in bed’ is also emblazoned across the bottom of the cushion, reminding us to take a leaf out of the sloth’s book and take some time to relax and unwind every once in a while.

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Sloth Hanging in a Tree Print

an image of a print featuring a sloth hanging in a tree - one of our suggestions for gift-worthy sloth merchandise

There’s a vast array of sloth gifts out there, but we think this print of a sloth hanging in a tree is charming and a must-have for a stylish sloth lover.

The simplistic style of the bold shapes and limited colour palette gives this art print a modern vibe that would brighten up any room in which it’s hung.

This print is available in either A3 or A4 and is printed on matte white card.

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Sloth Hanging Tree Ornament

an image of a sloth hanging tree ornament - one of our sloth gift ideas

Passers-by will do a double-take when they see this sloth hanging tree ornament because of its striking resemblance to the real deal.

This resin sloth sculpture hangs effortlessly from a piece of rope which can be tied to the branch of a tree, and it’ll be as if you have your very own sloth meandering through your garden.

It’ll make a quirky gift for a sloth lover and will undoubtedly be a conversation starter for anyone who can spot it!

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Personalised Sloth Night Light

an image of a personalised sloth night light - one of our ideas of sloth gifts for her

This night light will add a touch of ambience to a room and is an adorable sloth-themed gift.

It’s simple, clever, and is handmade from a frosted jar with battery operated lights inserted on the inside to give it a subtle glow when turned on.

The front of the jar is decorated with a unique sloth design with a lotus flower pattern, and the recipient’s name can be embellished across the front of the light to make this a truly personalised gift for the sloth lover in your life.

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