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Star Trek Gifts:
24 Gifts for Star Trek Fans

Since its debut in 1987, Star Trek has cemented its foundations as a classic cult franchise which is loved by fans all over the world.

If you have a Trekkie in your life who is obsessed by all things Star Trek, beam up one of these awesome gifts which will have them smiling from ear to ear.

From model kits to collectable action figures, you’re bound to find the perfect present for your loved one from our eclectic selection of Star Trek gifts!

Check out our pick of the best gifts for Star Trek fans below.

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The famous Star Trek Vulcan salute that means “Live Long and Prosper” isn’t original, with Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock, borrowing it from a Hebrew blessing.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Print

an image of a star trek uss enterprise print

Easily one of our favourite ideas for Star Trek gifts, this artistic masterpiece would look great hung in any Trekkie’s office, living room, or bedroom.

Printed on 250gsm, this print of a watercolour image of the USS Enterprise is both colourful and detailed, and it’s available either framed or unframed in both A4 and A3 sizes.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a Star Trek fan with a real sense of style, you’re sure to be onto a winner with this stunning print.

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William Shatner A4 Printed Autograph

an image of a william shatner a4 printed autograph

Aside from Leonard Nimoy who played Spock, William Shatner’s character, Captain Kirk, was the only other character to appear in every episode of the original series of Star Trek.

Given his prevalence in the series and the fact that Captain Kirk is a firm favourite among fans, this is likely to be one of the more popular Star Trek gifts out there.

Printed onto high-quality 250gsm card, this A4 print will be carefully packaged and arrives ready to be inserted into a frame.

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Patrick Stewart A4 Printed Autograph

an image of a patrick stewart a4 printed autograph

Another firm fan favourite, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, played by English actor Patrick Stewart, was captain of both the USS Enterprise-D and later USS Enterprise-E.

Sure, this might be a print of the actor’s autograph as opposed to an original signature, but if you’re after more budget-friendly Star Trek gifts that Trekkies will still love, we reckon this could be a winner!

Printed on A4 250gsm card, it will arrive unframed, ready for the lucky recipient to pick out a frame.

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Personalised Starfleet Academy Certificate

an image of a personalised star trek starfleet academy certificate

Give a Trekkie the ultimate Star Trek gift by treating them to this authentic Starfleet Academy certificate!

Personalised with the recipient’s name, it has been ‘signed’ by Captain Kirk and Hikaru Sulu and even features a Klingon authentication hologram and the Starfleet emblem. The A4 certificate comes beautifully presented in a vellum sleeve with a handmade wax seal and is placed inside a luxury gift box.

You can even add a personalised gift card with a special message to congratulate them on their achievement.

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Star Trek Captain’s Log Notebook

an image of a star trek captains log notebook

Help a Trekkie channel their inner Captain Kirk or Picard by treating them to this handy Captain’s Log notebook!

Whilst they may not be in charge of the Starship Enterprise, they will be able to use this A5 notebook for writing down reminders, lists, notes and much more.

Each page has a space to write the stardate, location and any supplemental log notes, making this unique notebook feel even more authentic.

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Star Trek ‘Control Panel’ A5 Notebook

an image of a star trek control panel a5 notebook

This Star Trek notebook is the perfect place for jotting down lists, reminders, phone numbers, and anything else the Trekkie in your life needs to remember.

With a front cover that resembles the control panel from the USS Enterprise, it’s as stylish as it is functional, and it’s one of our favourite Star Trek gifts as a result.

The A5 notebook is filled with white lined pages, and it comes with a handy elastic strap to keep it looking neat and tidy when not in use.

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Star Trek Sticky Notes Book

an image of a star trek sticky notes book

If the Star Trek fanatic in your life is a bit on the forgettable or disorganised side, treat them to this sticky notes book to help them get things back on track!

Featuring a whopping three-hundred sticky notes in various shapes, everything is packed in a stylish mini Star-Trek themed book cover to keep everything together and accounted for while not in use.

The perfect way to inject a bit of personality into those mundane admin tasks, this is one of the more unique Star Trek gifts out there!

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Set of 6 Star Trek Coasters

an image of a set of six star trek coasters

There’s nothing better than watching your favourite TV show with friends or family (as long as they don’t talk through it, of course!).

Ensure everyone looks the part when pairing their favourite drink with their favourite TV show with this six-pack of stylish Star Trek coasters.

One of our favourite Star Trek gifts, each coaster features an image of some of the USS Enterprise’s most iconic crew members.

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Star Trek Transporter Mug

an image of a star trek transporter mug gift idea

True Trekkies will be able to fulfil all of their refreshment needs with this stylish Star Trek mug.

Featuring a print of the show’s infamous transporters that are used for teleportation throughout the Star Trek universe, the mug is made from ceramic and features a high-quality print for that premium look and feel.

Unfortunately, it isn’t microwave or dishwasher safe, but we reckon that’s a sacrifice that Star Trek fans will gladly make to keep their new favourite mug looking its best!

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Star Trek Bi-Fold Wallet

an image of a star trek wallet gift idea

Help a Trekkie store their money and bank cards in style with this awesome bi-fold wallet.

An official piece of Star Trek merchandise, the wallet has a stylish two-tone design and features the show’s iconic Starfleet Insignia on the front.

It has five card slots and an 80mm note area, as well as a clear pocket for photographic ID, making this a thoughtful and practical gift for the Star Trek fanatic in your life!

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Star Trek Analog Watch

an image of a star trek analog watch

Treat a Star Trek fan to this awesome watch which we think is out of this world!

The watch face features a galaxy print background with the USS Enterprise orbiting through space via the second hand. Whilst this watch may not be able to count stardates, it is the perfect reciprocal of time for a Trekkie to use down on Earth.

The watch comes beautifully packaged in a space-themed gift box, ready to be handed over to the lucky recipient.

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Star Trek Snapback Cap

an image of a star trek cap

Whilst this snapback cap may not be part of the Starfleet Command’s official uniform list, it would still make a fantastic gift for anyone who is a big-time fan of Star Trek.

Featuring a snapback fastening and flat wide brim, this black and grey cap would make an excellent addition to a Trekkie’s wardrobe.

The hat also has a premium quality Starfleet Command emblem sewn to the front, so they’ll feel as if they have just stepped off the Enterprise.

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Starfleet Academy Beanie Hat

an image of a star trek starfleet academy beanie hat

In the fictional universe of Star Trek, all officers receive their training at the prestigious Starfleet Academy.

Whilst an actual space officer probably wouldn’t have use for a bobble hat, (what with them living in space where temperatures are comfortable regulated), a Star Trek fan will certainly love this beanie hat!

Made from a premium knitted acrylic, this cosy hat will keep their head warm when braving the winter days and nights down on Earth.

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Star Trek Starfleet Command Scarf

an image of a star trek starfleet command scarf

Inspired by the uniform worn by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D, this knitted high-quality scarf would make an excellent addition to a wannabe Starfleet officer’s wardrobe!

Featuring a stylish design, the scarf’s blue, red and gold coloured stripes reflect the three divisions of the Enterprise.

The scarf has a premium feel, and its soft fabric will help keep the lucky recipient warm while they brave the cold winters and go boldly where no one has gone before!

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Star Trek Men’s T-Shirt

an image of a star trek t shirt for men - one of our picks of star trek for him

Inspired by the iconic uniform worn by crew members of the USS Enterprise, this officially licenced t-shirt will help a Trekkie show off their love of Star Trek while out and about.

Aligning with the uniform colours in the show, the t-shirt is available in gold (which signifies a command position), blue (reserved for scientific and medical staff), or red (as worn by crew members in the operations division).

The cotton-rich t-shirt is available in a variety of sizes ranging from small up to 3XL.

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Star Trek Retro T-Shirt

an image of a star trek clothing with a retro design

One of the essential gifts for Star Trek fans who eat, sleep, and breathe the Star Trek universe, this t-shirt will help show off their love of the show to everyone.

This official piece of Star Trek merchandise is available in a variety of fits to suit men, women, or children. It’s available in a variety of sizes and a whole range of stylish colours, too.

Made from a cotton-rich blend for extra comfort, it features a retro Star Trek logo and images of seven of the show’s most popular characters.

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Star Trek Inspired Novelty Socks

an image of star trek inspired novelty socks - one of our picks of funny star trek gifts

Don’t you hate it when someone talks over your favourite show? Well, treat the Trekkie in your life to these novelty socks and annoying disturbances during Star Trek should hopefully be a thing of the past!

Made from a cotton and elastane blend, this funny pair of socks are super-soft and comfortable, and feature sewn-in lettering as opposed to a print to help them last longer.

If you’re in the market for funny Star Trek gifts, you can’t go wrong with these snazzy socks!

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Star Trek Folding Umbrella

an image of a star trek folding umbrella - one of our picks of star trek for men or women

Treat the Trekkie in your life to this awesome Star Trek umbrella which will help them live long and prosper when braving the rainstorms down on Earth.

Made from a high-quality fibreglass and steel frame, this compact umbrella can be easily opened at the touch of a button.

It will keep a member of the Starfleet Academy dry when they are out and about on the wettest of voyages through the final frontier!

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Revell USS Enterprise Model Kit

an image of a revell uss enterprise model kit

Did you know that the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Original Series measured almost one-thousand feet in length? Yep, it was pretty massive.

Thankfully, the one in this Revell kit is a much more manageable size, and we reckon it would look great in a Trekkie’s bedroom or office (thanks especially to the stylish display stand that the kit comes with!).

The plastic kit includes 91 pieces and requires glue and paint to complete.

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Star Trek Light & Sound Borg Cube

an image of a star trek light and sound borg cube - one of our ideas for star trek novelty gifts

Fans of Star Trek will recognise the Borg cube as the huge, cube-shaped spacecraft that has appeared in a whole host of different episodes over the years.

Paying tribute to the strange spacecraft that’s devoid of typical features like a bridge or personnel quarters, the model features internal LED lights, sound clips, a display stand, and a Borg information booklet.

If you’re in the market for unique Star Trek gifts for the Trekkie in your life, well, it doesn’t come much more unique than this!

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Mr Spock Star Trek Action Figure

an image of a mr spock star trek action figure - one of our picks of star trek collectibles ideal as a gift for a birthday or christmas

Did you know that the episode titled “Spock’s Brain” from Star Trek: The Original Series ranks as one of the worst episodes ever due to its implausible plot?

Yep, it’s true, although, thankfully this hasn’t caused Spock’s reputation any lasting damage as shown by this incredible action figure released to commemorate the iconic character.

The 8-inch figure features an impressive fourteen points of articulation, and we reckon it’s a must-have for any Trekkie.

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Captain Kirk Star Trek Action Figure

an image of a captain kirk star trek action figure

Besides Spock, we can’t think of a more iconic Star Trek character than Captain Kirk.

Kirk, played by William Shatner, was one of only two characters to appear in every episode of the original series of Star Trek. So, it’s hardly surprising to find a massive amount of Star Trek memorabilia dedicated to the character, this action figure included.

Featuring fourteen points of articulation, the 8-inch Kirk action figure would look great sat pride of place in any Trekkie’s office or (wo)man-cave!

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Top Trumps: Star Trek Edition

an image of a star trek edition of the top trumps card game

Top Trumps is a simple yet addictive card game that brings someone’s favourite things to life.

In this case, Doctor Who has been made into a fun, real-world game that the whole family can enjoy. Each card features a different character from the game, with which you have to trump your opponent’s card to win it over.

Who knows, even the most dedicated Trekkies may learn something they didn’t already know, like how Spock’s ‘Starfleet Authority’ stacks up against Kirk’s, or who proves the biggest threat to the universe!

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Star Trek Ascendancy Board Game

an image of the star trek ascendancy board game - one of our picks of gifts for star trek lovers

Ascendancy is an action-packed game where players control a great civilisation and explore the Star Trek galaxy by commanding starships.

The game comes with a staggering 200-plus plastic miniatures, with players able to choose whether they want to bring about peace or conquest. Thanks to a virtually endless number of options and choices, no two games will ever be the same, keeping things fresh and exciting!

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