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Star Wars Gifts:
25 Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Since the first Star Wars movie hit theatres in 1977, it has risen in popularity to become one of the most successful film franchises of all time.

Nowadays, with 12 movies under its belt, multiple spin-off series’ and over $10 billion in box office sales, this intergalactic empire is showing no signs of slowing down.

With a huge cult following, we thought we’d bring you a list of Star Wars gifts ideas are sure to go down a treat with the sci-fi enthusiast in your life!

From movie artwork posters to Stormtrooper costumes for kids, our list provides a great selection of gift ideas for Star Wars superfans both young and old.

Check out our pick of the best Star Wars gifts below.

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The most memorable line from the Star Wars movie franchise is also its most misquoted. While many people quote Darth Vader’s revelation of being Luke Skywalker’s father as “Luke, I am your father.”, the actual line is “No, I am your father.”

Star Wars Mystery Gift Box

an image of a star wars mystery gift box - one of our picks of star wars christmas gifts or birthday gifts

Looking for some Star Wars gifts or memorabilia for the super-fan in your life, but unsure what to get? Don’t worry; this Star Wars-themed gift box could be just the answer!

The box includes a selection of awesome Star Wars merchandise and memorabilia and provides excellent value for money.

The pack’s contents are subject to change (it is a mystery gift, after all!), but they typically feature around ten items with everything from a wallet to a mouse mat!

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A3 Printed Signed Star Wars Movie Poster

an image of a signed printed a3 star wars movie poster

Any Star Wars fanatic is sure to be bowled over by this A3 framed autograph print!

Featuring the artwork from the Episode IV movie poster as the backdrop to cast member’s autographs, this would make a truly special gift for anyone who is a fan of the entire Star Wars franchise. Printed onto premium quality 250gsm card, the print will arrive beautifully displayed in a black polycarbonate frame with a matte black card mount.

Each of the autograph signatures is printed in a metallic silver ink to give it a premium finish.

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Star Wars Propaganda Print

an image of a star wars propaganda print

Star Wars super-fans will go wild for this Star Wars Propaganda art print!

The design features a blaster rifle-wielding Stormtrooper standing proudly next to the statement ‘We want you to enlist today. Join the Empire’. Printed onto archival grade canvas, this handmade piece of artwork has been expertly stretched over 18mm kiln-dried solid pine frames.

The genuine HP Vivera UV resistant pigment inks guarantee high quality, vibrant and accurate colours, making this a premium quality Star Wars gift.

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Star Wars Bi-Fold Wallet

an image of a star wars bi-fold wallet - one of our picks of star wars gifts for him

Help a Star Wars fan store their money and bank cards in style with this snazzy bi-fold wallet.

An official piece of Star Wars merchandise, the wallet has a stylish two-tone design and features the Rogue One symbol on the front.

It has five card slots and an 80mm note area, as well as a clear pocket for photographic ID, making this a thoughtful and practical gift for the Star Wars fanatic in your life!

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Star Wars Revenge of the Sith T-Shirt

an image of a revenge of the sith t-shirt gift idea

Help a Star Wars superfan experience the most memorable moments from Episode III Revenge of the Sith all over again by treating them to this awesome t-shirt.

The mural design on this t-shirt features a selection of iconic moments from the movie, including the epic lightsaber battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the scheming Emporer and the feared Jedi hunter General Grievous as he lunges into battle wielding his four lightsabers.

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Star Wars Periodic Table T-Shirt

an image of a star wars periodic table t-shirt - one of our picks of star wars gifts for her

This t-shirt, which displays all the elements of the Star Wars saga in the style of a periodic table, would make a fantastic gift for anyone who is crazy about all things Star Wars.

From Luke Skywalker, to the Ewoks, to the Death Star, all the iconic elements of the epic story have been broken down and divided into categories to create this awesome periodic table-style graphic.

Made from premium quality cotton, this t-shirt is available in a variety of colours and sizes to fit men, women and children.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Apron

an image of a darth vader apron gift idea

Lure a Star Wars fan over to the dark side in the kitchen by treating them to this Darth Vader cooking apron.

One of the more unusual star wars gifts out there, this adult-sized apron is modelled on Vader’s suit of cybernetic armour and will help a Star Wars fanatic create super-powered meals whilst channelling their inner Sith Lord.

This officially licensed character apron features a tie fastening and is machine washable, and it would make a brilliant gift for anyone who is a Star Wars enthusiast!

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4-Pairs of Star Wars Socks

an image of a four pack of star wars socks

Help a Star Wars fan embrace their love of the epic sci-fi movie franchise by treating them to these Star Wars character socks!

The set comes with four pairs of premium quality socks, each of which features a different evil character from the fictional intergalactic world.

Featuring Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, Emperor and Boba Fett, the villainous characters featured on these socks would make a great present for anyone who wants to step over to the dark side.

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Star Wars Jedi Bathrobe

an image of a jedi star wars bathrobe - one of our picks of the best star wars gifts for men

This soft and cosy bathrobe is the perfect gift for a wannabe Jedi who is looking to channel their inner Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Based on a traditional Jedi’s flowing robe and undertunic, this dressing gown will help any Star Wars super-fan feel like they’ve stepped right into the Jedi Temple.

Made from sumptuously soft polyester fabric, this quirky gift is sure to impress any wannabe Jedi of the light side.

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Yoda Bookend

an image of a yoda bookend

This Yoda bookend seemingly uses ‘The Force’ to defy gravity, making it an awesome gift for Star Wars fanatics!

Made from a solid metal bracket, books can be leant on the sloping vertical piece, giving it the illusion that Yoda is holding them up using the power of his mind.

Whether placed on a shelf, desk or table, this clever bookend would make a great addition to any Star Wars superfan’s memorabilia collection.

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The Definitive Guide to Star Wars Book

an image of the definitive guide to star wars book - one of our picks of starwars gifts

Ultimate Star Wars New Edition is the paramount encyclopaedia to the Star Wars galaxy, making it a perfect gift for anyone obsessed with all things Star Wars.

From character bios to behind the scenes movie content, this in-depth book explores the extensive breadth of the infamous galaxy far, far away.

With a forward written by C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels, this fantastic book would make one of the ideal Star Wars gift for the fanatic in your life.

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Star Wars Folded Flyers Book

an image of a star wars folded flyers book

Give a Star Wars fan the chance to use the force and fly paper replica spaceships around their living room by treating them to the Star Wars Folded Flyers Craft Kit!

This awesome kit comes with 40 sheets of custom-designed paper, tape, display stands and a 60-page instructional book to help them make 30 paper star flyers from the Star Wars movies.

Suitable for ages 8 and above, kids and adults will love getting crafty by creating their fleet of Y-wings and X-wings and sending them into battle against one another.

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Lego Star Wars: Stormtrooper Helmet

an image of a lego star wars stormtrooper helmet - one of our picks of star wars gift ideas

This LEGO Stormtrooper helmet display building set would make a brilliant gift for anyone who is devoted to the sci-fi world of Star Wars.

Made up of 647 pieces, both adults and kids will have a great time piecing the model together and watching as it takes shape.

It even comes with a base and nameplate, so they can put it on display once it has been completed!

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Star Wars TIE Fighter Lamp

an image of a star wars tie fighter lamp - one of our picks of cool star wars gifts and gadgets

Help a Star Wars fanatic fight the dark side by treating them to this fantastic TIE Fighter lamp!

The iconic symbol of the Imperial fleet, avid fans of the sci-fi movie franchise will be blown away by one of these awesome Star Wars gifts.

USB powered, the TIE Fighter Posable Lamp is approximately 60cm high when fully extended and would make a perfect desk or bedside table lamp for the Star Wars enthusiast in your life.

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Star Wars Light Switch Sticker

an image of a star wars sticker for a light switch

Help a Star Wars fanatic turn to the dark side (or the light side!) with this cool Star Wars-themed light switch sticker.

Easy to apply, the sticker is made from a precision-cut vinyl decal and is designed to fit any white, lightly coloured, or silver light switch for maximum visibility.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a Star Wars fan with a quirky sense of style, you’re sure to be onto a winner with this one!

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Star Wars Ice Cube Tray

an image of a darth vader ice cube tray

Break the trend of regular shaped ice cubes by serving your drinks with Darth Vader shaped ice cubes at your next Star Wars-themed party!

Made from BPA-free and food-safe silicone, the tray contains moulds for six ice cubes that are perfectly sized for any glass.

And you don’t even have to stop at just ice cubes, use this mould to create Star Wars-themed chocolate treats, jelly or even gummy sweets!

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Star Wars Heat-Changing Mug

an image of heat changing star wars mugs

Use the force of a warm brew to trigger the lightsabers on this awesome Star Wars mug!

A super-fan of the sci-fi franchise will love watching the lightsabers light up whilst they enjoy a hot drink from this thermochromatic mug. The design features 13 lightsabers from the movies, including those from Darth Vader, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and more.

This fun and unique gift is the perfect present for any Star Wars fan who likes drinking tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Mug

an image of a star wars darth vader mug - one of our picks of the best star wars presents

Fans of the blockbuster movie franchise will be thrilled to receive this awesome 3D Darth Vader mug as a gift.

The embossed and sculpted design of this mug forms a fantastic replica of the Sith Lord’s infamous and iconic armour suit.

Made from durable and functional ceramic, this funky 14oz mug will make coffee and tea breaks more interesting for any Star Wars fanatic who wants to step into the dark side every so often.

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Star Wars Top Trumps Game

an image of the star wars top trumps game

Test a Star Wars fanatic’s knowledge by treating them to this Star Wars Top Trumps Quiz Game!

With 500 questions to answer on the Star Wars film series, this tricky game will challenge even the big league Star Wars fans.

A game for multiple players, people of all ages can enjoy this fun and exciting game which will take them to a galaxy far, far away as they battle it out to see who will use the force to come away as the champion.

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Star Wars Bop It! Chewie Game

an image of a special chewie edition of the popular bop it game

Kids and adults will be able to take the fun to a galaxy far, far away when playing this Chewie Bop It game.

The voice of Han Solo will shout out commands and the players have to respond quickly to either bop it, twist it or pull it! An excellent device for developing cognitive skills, not only is it a great toy but it helps with specific brain skills too.

Players will have a real laugh playing this fun game as Chewbacca belts out his trademark growls and Han Solo comes out with hilarious laugh-out-loud phrases.

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Lego Star Wars: The Mandalorian Set

an image of a mandalorian set of lego star wars toys

Combine a person’s love of Star Wars and Lego by surprising them with this terrific ‘The Mandalorian Trouble on Tatooine’ Lego set!

One of the best Star Wars gifts for kids or adults to bring out their creative sides, the kit helps develop their building skills by challenging them to construct a complex yet fun scene.

The collection includes a speeder model, a buildable Tusken semi-round hinged hut, and LEGO mini figures including The Mandalorian, Tusken Raider, and even ‘The Child’ AKA Baby Yoda!

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Lego Star Wars: TIE Fighter Set

an image of a lego star wars toys tie fighter set

A TIE fighter is an iconic symbol of the Imperial Starfleet, designed for fast-paced battles with Rebel X-wings and other enemy starfighters.

This awesome LEGO Imperial TIE Fighter toy would make an ideal gift for anyone who is a superfan of the Star Wars movie franchise.

The set includes a TIE Fighter Pilot with a blaster pistol, a Stormtrooper with a blaster, plus NI-L8 Protocol Droid figure. Both kids and adults will love using their Jedi skills to build this cool LEGO model.

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Lego Star Wars: Stormtrooper Clock

an image of a lego stormtrooper clock gift idea

Make sure a Star Wars enthusiast never runs late by treating them to this LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper alarm clock!

Shaped like a Stormtrooper LEGO figurine, this would make an extremely welcomed addition to a super-fan’s bedside table. This menacing decor features a digital display with an alarm clock, snooze and backlight functions.

Measuring 9.5 inches tool, the arms and legs are moveable, so it can take a seated, standing or walking position.

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Star Wars Backpack

an image of a star wars backpack - one of our suggestions of star wars gifts for boys

With a design based on the original Star Wars movie trilogy, this awesome backpack would make a great gift for Star Wars fans both young and old.

Made from a lightweight yet hardwearing fabric, the bag features a zipped main compartment and a zipped front pocket for smaller items.

The black and white pattern features old school favourites from the movie trilogy including Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and the iconic Death Star.

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Costume

an image of a star wars stormtrooper costume - one of our picks of star wars gifts for kids

A young Star Wars fan will love transporting themselves to a galaxy far, far away with this Deluxe Stormtrooper costume!

The all-in-one suit includes a padded chest and mask to complete the iconic Stormtrooper look. A budding Star Wars enthusiast will have great fun pretending to be an elite space marine and serve the Empire whilst wearing this awesome costume.

Available in sizes from 5 years to 14 years, young Star Wars fans of all ages can transform themselves into a Jedi fighting Stormtrooper by donning this costume.

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