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Unicorn Gifts:
23 Unicorn Gifts for Girls

With their glittery horns, rainbow tails, sparkling hooves and a mystical persona, it’s no wonder why unicorns are so popular with young girls, whether they are a toddler or a pre-teen.

The mythical creatures which are so full of mystery and magic are often at the top of young girl’s Christmas and birthday lists, which is where Taz & Jay step in to help you out.

With a vast array of unicorn-themed gifts out there, you may be struggling to narrow your choices down, so we’ve done the hard work for you!

Our unicorn gifts for girls list includes adorable and unique unicorn gifts that are sure to put a smile on the little one’s face.

Check out our pick of the best unicorn gifts for girls below.

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Famously associated with Scotland’s King James III in the 1400s, the unicorn remains the national animal of Scotland to this day.

Set of 3 Personalised Unicorn Prints

an image of a set of three personalised unicorn prints - one of our picks of personalised unicorn gifts

Arguably one of the most stylish unicorn gifts for girls, why not brighten up a young girl’s bedroom, nursery or playroom with this set of three art prints?

The set includes an abstract unicorn graphic print, a personalised initial print and a rainbow print. Printed onto premium quality 300gsm A4 linen card, these art prints will look delightful framed and hanging up on a bedroom, nursery or playroom wall.

You can even add the little girl’s name and initial to one of the prints, making it a beautifully unique gift for a special young girl.

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Unicorn-Themed Water Bottle

an image of a unicorn themed water bottle

Encourage a little girl to stay hydrated whilst she is out and about by treating her to this awesome unicorn water bottle.

With a 500ml capacity, this BPA free plastic water bottle has a leak-proof lid with a handy one-touch opening with button lock. The shatterproof plastic comes with a spare stopper, a fruit filter and a soft sponge brush, making it easy to keep clean and bacteria-free.

The strong nylon strap also makes it easy to strap to a bag or rucksack.

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The Ultimate Unicorn Slime Making Kit

an image of the ultimate unicorn slime making kit - one of our picks of unusual unicorn gifts

For reasons unbeknown to most adults, kids love unicorn slime. Maybe it’s the fun combination of beautiful bright colours, shimmering glitter and squishy texture, but kids can’t get enough of the stuff!

The Ultimate Unicorn Slime Kit comes with everything they’ll need to set up a slime making factory in their own (parent’s) kitchen.

From the base ingredients to pearlescent foam balls, shimmering glitter, glistening sugar paper and good-enough-to-eat scent drops, this is one gift that is sure to put a huge smile on a little girl’s face.

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Colour-Changing Unicorn Night Light

an image of a colour changing unicorn night light - one of our picks of unicorn gifts for girls

This adorable colour changing rainbow unicorn night light will allow a little girl to bring the magic and mystery of unicorns into her bedroom and create a cosy ambience for the perfect nights’ sleep.

The unicorn, complete with a golden horn and rainbow mane and tail, emits a subtle coloured glow to help mini unicorn believers drift off to sleep.

This unique night light is rechargeable via a USB cable and even has a built-in 15-minute timer to help save energy.

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Unicorn-Themed Digital Camera

an image of a unicorn themed digital camera - one of our picks of unicorn presents for girls

Help a young child get snap-happy by treating them to this all-singing, all-dancing digital camera!

Equipped with a 20-million pixel lens, 1080P HD video, 2.0 inch IPS screen, this unicorn themed camera is the piece of tech that all young girls have been waiting for.

Kids will have a hoot using this camera to capture video and photography content using the built-in digital frames, filters and time-lapse shooting mode.

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Frozen Unicorns Game

an image of the frozen unicorns game for the family - one of our picks of funny unicorn gifts and toys

Frozen Unicorns is a silly and hilarious game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, providing they have no qualms about making a fool of themselves!

During each round players must strike poses in a certain shape, for example, a frozen octopus, a frozen unicorn or a frozen crab, whilst one player must guess what everyone else is doing.

A game of inventiveness, imagination and downright silliness, Frozen Unicorns would make an ideal gift for the entire family to enjoy.

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Unicorn Piggy Bank Craft Kit

an image of a piggy bank craft kit gift idea

This awesome unicorn piggy bank craft kit will help a young girl show off her artistic side and save her pocket money all at the same time.

The porcelain unicorn piggy bank will arrive as a blank canvas, ready and waiting to be decked out in glitter, stickers and foil transfers. This hands-on gift will help a child develop their individual style, gain confidence, increase dexterity, improve motor skills and develop patience.

Once completed, the piggy bank will teach them about the importance of saving money and becoming financially savvy.

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Sock Unicorn Craft Kit

an image of a sock unicorn craft kit

A unicorn loving girl will have a brilliant time getting crafty and creating a new companion with this Unicorn Sock Craft Kit.

Suitable for adults and children, this handmade gift is a fun activity for all to enjoy. It comes with everything they’ll need to turn a striped pair of socks into an adorable stuffed unicorn toy.

This unique craft kit is a great way to introduce a child to the art of stitching and sewing, making it a great gift for all ages!

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Glowing Unicorn Plush Toy

an image of a glowing unicorn plush toy

Help a young girl create unforgettable memories by treating her to one of these AniMagic rainbow unicorn toys.

The beautiful plush unicorn is super soft and has an amazing rainbow mane and tail. A young girl will love hearing it neigh in excitement and watching the horn glow when stroking its back.

This adorable and interactive toy is ready to be loved, cared for and given a good home, making it a perfect gift for a little girl who believes in the magic of unicorns.

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Plush Unicorn Teddy

an image of a plush unicorn teddy - one of our picks of cool unicorn gifts

Add yet another soft toy to a young girl’s ever-growing collection with this funky pink stuffed unicorn toy.

Measuring 18 inches in length and covered in soft pink fur and velvet hooves, this soft toy is the ultimate snuggle companion.

Complete with a magical glitter horn, this cuddly unicorn toy would make a fabulous gift for any young girl who believes in the magic of the mystical creatures.

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Unicorn Backpack & Stationery Set

an image of a unicorn accessories backpack and stationery set

Kit a young child out with everything they’ll need for a day at school by treating them to this unicorn backpack and stationery set.

Suitable from ages 4+, the pink unicorn and candy patterned backpack is jam-packed with pens, notebooks, stickers, pencils and more.

The backpack itself has a zipped main compartment, a separate zipped front compartment and a mesh side pocket which is perfect for storing a water bottle.

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Unicorn Backpack

an image of a mythical creature backpack

A unicorn mad toddler will jump for joy with this adorable Gloveleya backpack, which will allow them to carry their beloved unicorn with them everywhere they go!

Made from environmentally friendly fabric and PP cotton filler, this fantastic backpack is super light and the perfect size for a toddler to carry around on their shoulders.

The ultra-soft unicorn doll attached to this backpack is the perfect companion for a little girl as she embarks on her own adventures.

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Cute Unicorn Backpack

an image of a cute unicorn backpack

Made from premium quality plush fabric, this cool cartoon unicorn backpack would make a fantastic gift for a little girl aged 2-5 years old.

Featuring a cute unicorn design complete with a rainbow mane and trademark horn, this backpack is sure to put a smile on a little girl’s face as she will wear it with pride on the school run.

With a zipped main compartment and a zipped separate front pocket, this handy backpack has space to store all the essential items a toddler or young child would need!

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Small Unicorn Tote Bag for Girls

an image of a small unicorn tote bag for girls - one of our picks of unicorn gifts for girls

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a little girl who is unicorn-obsessed, this mini tote bag is a clear winner!

Designed by Rachel Ellen, the bag is made from PVC coated cotton and has matching rainbow handles for easy carrying.

The vibrant design features a magical unicorn leaping through a rainbow alongside the poignant message ‘I Believe’, making this a lovely gift for any little girl who believes in the magic of unicorns.

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Unicorn Jewellery Box For Girls

an image of a unicorn jewellery box for girls

Watch a little girl’s face light up with pure joy by surprising her with her very own unicorn jewellery box and charm bracelet!

The adorable music jewellery box has a pull out drawer, a mirror and a spinning unicorn which will start singing an enchanting melody each time the box is opened.

Upon opening the box, she will find a stunning unicorn charm bracelet with rhinestone beads, making this a truly special gift for a special little girl.

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Sterling Silver Unicorn Necklace

an image of a sterling silver necklace gift idea for girls

If you’re in the market for stylish unicorn gifts for girls who can’t get enough of the mythical creatures, then you should definitely choose this gorgeous pendant necklace.

Made from 925 sterling silver, the heart-shaped necklace is cleverly formed by two unicorns having a cuddle underneath a rainbow. Nickel-free and lead-free, the hypoallergenic necklace would make a lovely addition to a young girl’s jewellery collection.

Presented in a gift box, this necklace is sure to put a huge smile on any little girl’s face when she opens it up.

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10x Unicorn Hair Clips

an image of a ten pack of hair clips for girls

Make a young girl’s day by surprising her with these lovely unicorn hair clips which would make a great stocking filler or birthday gift.

The sparkly pink clips, which have a 3D silicone unicorn on them, are the ultimate hair accessory for any girl who eats, sleeps, lives and breathes all-things unicorn.

The pack includes 10 clips and there is a mixture of the four different styles included in the pack.

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Unicorn Watch for Children

an image of a unicorn watch for children - one of our picks of unicorn gifts for kids

Make learning to tell the time a magical experience by treating a young girl to this bright and colourful unicorn watch.

With an easy to read watch dial and colour coded ‘TO’, ‘HALF’ and ‘PAST’ prompts, this watch will make it fun and simple to master the art of telling the time!

What’s more, the 3D PVC strap features an enchanting unicorn, rainbow and star design, making it a watch that any tween girl can only dream of.

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Unicorn-Themed Washable Make-Up Set

an image of a mythical creature themed washable make up set

Help a little girl play the ultimate game of dress-up by treating her to this fantastic makeup kit!

The unicorn print makeup back comes with eye shadow compacts, brushes, lip gloss, glitter, nail stickers, lipstick, blusher and nail polish, all of which are washable and gentle on the skin.

Young girls will love getting glam and transforming themselves into their favourite Disney princess during a game of dress-up with friends.

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Unicorn Pyjamas

an image of a pair of unicorn pyjamas

Send a little girl off to the land of nod looking as cute as a button by treating her to these fabulous unicorn pyjamas.

Made from high quality and soft cotton, the pastel pink pyjama set features a wonderful unicorn design that is sure to put a smile on any young girls face.

Designed to be worn throughout winter, spring and summer, the breathable fabric will keep the little princess comfortable and cosy throughout the night.

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Hooded Unicorn Bathrobe

an image of a hooded bathrobe gift idea for girls

This unicorn hooded dressing gown is the nightwear of dreams for any unicorn loving girl.

Made from premium polyester, this sumptuously soft bathrobe comes in a variety of technicolour patterns, each of which complete with a magical unicorn hood.

Once bath time is over, a young girl will love changing into this fun and unique dressing gown until bedtime, so much so she may not want to take it off again!

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Unicorn Bath Bomb

an image of a bath bomb gift idea for girls

Release the magic of unicorn glitter and sprinkles into bath time with this fizzing unicorn bath bomb.

Made with pure ylang ylang and jasmine essential oils, this aromatic bath bomb will release the aromatherapeutic scents to create an indulgent and relaxing bathing experience.

Complete with glitter and a golden horn, this unicorn themed bath bomb would make a fantastic gift idea for any little girl who is obsessed with the mystical and magical creatures.

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Unicorn Earmuffs

an image of earmuffs for girls

These funky unicorn earmuffs not only look amazing, but they’ll keep a little girl’s ears toasty and warm too!

The flexible and adjustable headband ensures the earmuffs stay securely and comfortably in place on different ages and head sizes.

Whether braving the chilly weather on the way to school or during break time in the playground, any little girl who loves unicorns will go mad for this fun yet practical unicorn-themed gift!

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