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Yoga Gifts:
27 Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Bend over backwards for the chakra-balancing yogi in your life by treating them to the perfect yoga gift.

Whether your loved one is a seasoned pro who can bend themselves into something which resembles a human pretzel, or they are just getting started in the world of yoga and meditation, we’ve collated a list of yoga gifts for people of all abilities.

From yoga mats to soothing bath salts, our selection of gifts span all aspects of the yoga sphere, so, whether your loved one sees it as a hobby or a lifestyle, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for them!

Check out our pick of the best yoga gifts below.

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Yoga studios usually don’t have mirrors. The purpose? To help focus a person’s awareness inwards, as opposed to providing a way for them to obsess over how their pose looks.

‘Namastay in Bed’ Print

an image of a namastay in bed print

Treat an art-loving yogi to this super ‘Namastay in bed’ print, which would look fantastic in their bedroom, living room or yoga studio!

Professionally printed onto 230gsm matt premium paper, this typographic print will remind them that it’s ok to sometimes swap a downward dog for an extra snooze in bed in the mornings.

Each item is made to order, and you can choose from a variety of paper sizes ranging from 5×7″ to A2.

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Yoga Pose Print

an image of a yoga pose print

A yoga enthusiast will love to receive this beautiful minimalistic yoga art print! Using nothing but curved lines, the elegant design features the outline of a woman performing a seated yoga pose with her arms above her head.

You can choose from a solid black line drawing or a purple and blue gradient version if you’re looking for something with a dash of colour.

The artwork is printed on high-quality 300gsm smooth ultra white German milled paper using Ultra-Chrome HD ink to give it a high-end finish.

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Yoga-Inspired Phone Case

an image of a yoga inspired phone case

One of the ideal yoga gifts for someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes yoga, this funky phone case will let them show off their love of yoga wherever they go!

The design on this flexible silicone case features a cute yoga pose and plant pattern printed onto the transparent surface.

The design is dyed into the plastic to ensure it won’t fade or scratch away, making this a high-quality phone case you don’t want to miss out on.

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Yoga-Inspired Tote Bag

an image of a yoga inspired tote bag - one of our selections of funny yoga gifts

Life is all about balance, which is one of the many reasons why we love this ‘Tea. Yoga. Naps’ tote bag, because who doesn’t like to dabble in at least one of those things?!

Made from 100% cotton, this tote bag has a capacity of approximately 10 litres and has two long straps, making it perfect for carrying by hand or over the shoulder.

This bag is ideal for shopping, using as a yoga mat bag, beach bag or even for carrying a couple of bottles of wine over to a friends house for a girly movie night.

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Lotus Flower Necklace

an image of a lotus flower necklace - one of our picks of unique yoga gifts

In yoga, the lotus flower holds a significant meaning because it represents grounding, growth and enlightenment.

Let a yogi embody those values that are rooted within their core by treating them to this beautiful lotus flower necklace. Made from S925 sterling silver, the intricate pendant has hypoallergenic properties and a bright and shiny surface.

This unique piece of jewellery would make a lovely gift for a loved one who believes in the spiritual meanings behind yoga.

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Yoga Notebook

an image of a yoga notebook - one of our picks of yoga christmas gifts or birthday gifts

Treat a loved one to some fancy stationery by gifting them with this excellent yoga poses A5 notebook.

The spiral-bound book features 60 pages of quality lined paper, perfect for scribbling down notes, lists or even writing out a yoga routine! The front and back cover is printed onto premium grey card and features a lovely yoga poses pattern.

This would make a great gift for a yoga instructor to jot down some notes in for their next class.

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‘Yoga for Everyone’ Book

an image of a book called yoga for everyone

If you know somebody who is itching to try yoga, but doesn’t know where to start, the ‘Yoga for Everyone’ book is one of the best yoga gifts to give them the confidence boost they need.

Written by yoga instructor Dianne Bondy, this book provides step-by-step instructions for a plethora of poses, as well as variations and modifications which show you how to adapt them to your own abilities.

By the end of this book, they’ll be able to master all ten sequences which all bring specific mental and physical benefits.

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Yoga Dice

an image of yoga dice - a great gift idea if you are looking for yoga stuff for someone who loves yoga

Shake up a loved one’s yoga routine by treating them to a set of yoga dice!

The seven wooden cube dice feature a variety of yoga poses, allowing them to create a unique flow routine with each throw. This awesome gift would make a brilliant present for both professional yogis and those who are just getting started in the world of downward dogs and chakras.

With thousands of pose combinations available, your yoga obsessed loved one won’t get bored of this quirky gift any time soon!

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Yoga Exercise Cards

an image of yoga exercise cards

One of the ideal yoga gifts for beginners or seasoned pros, this motivating yoga-themed gift is both fun and educational.

The game comes with 52 suited and numbered playing cards, each with instructions on how to perform a different yoga pose. Your yoga mad loved one will be able to map out a yoga session in seconds by shuffling the deck and dealing themselves a set of cards.

Each card has illustrated instructions and a QR code to a video of how to perform each pose, making this a fun-filled game everyone can get involved in.

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Women’s High Waist Yoga Leggings

an image of a pair of high waist yoga leggings for women - one of our picks of yoga gifts for her

A pair of Spectrum capri leggings would make a brilliant gift for a girl in your life who is mad about yoga.

Made from an ultra stretchy fabric, this pair of comfortable leggings will stay in place even in downward dog! The high-quality, thick material is ‘squat proof’, meaning they don’t turn sheer and reveal a little too much when stretched out, even whilst performing those more advanced poses.

With four colours to choose from, you can select the perfect pair of leggings to suit your yoga obsessed loved one.

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Non-Slip Yoga Mat

an image of a non slip yoga mat - one of our picks of yoga gifts for him or her

From downward dogs to warrior poses, the TOPLUS yoga mat is the perfect place to bring out your inner yogi and practice those strengthening flows!

The double-layer structure provides ultimate grip on most surfaces and excellent cushioning for all yoga abilities. Made from eco friendly material, this yoga mat is light, easy to carry, tear-resistant and durable.

With a variety of colours to choose from, you can treat the yogi in your life to one of these fantastic yoga gifts that they’re sure to love.

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Yoga Mat Carry Bag

an image of a workout mat carry bag

Make sure a yogi travels to and from classes in style by treating them to this lovely yoga mat carry case.

Made from 100% high-quality 600D Oxford cloth, this spacious bag is perfectly sized for carrying a yoga, pilates or fitness mat. It has an adjustable strap, making it super easy to throw over your shoulder when dashing to a yoga class.

This multi-functional bag also comes with two cargo side pockets for essential items such as a phone, keys or a wallet.

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100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

an image of a natural yoga mat cleaner - ideal if you are looking for bikram yoga gifts or regular yoga presents

Mastering the downward dog, warrior and lotus is sweat-inducing work, which is why it’s essential to give your yoga mat a clean after each session.

This 100% natural yoga mat cleaning spray comes with a microfibre towel to banish any lingering germs and bacteria from a yoga mat.

The lavender-scented spritz has aromatherapy properties which emit a calming fragrance that will leave a yoga mat squeaky clean and ready for the next session.

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Yoga Bolster Pillow

an image of a yoga bolster pillow - one of our picks of yoga inspired gifts

The Lotuscrafts yoga bolster provides all the support needed during Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga practices.

The multi-purpose cushion is a great gift idea for anyone who is a yoga enthusiast. It can be used as a back support during backwards bends, head support during child’s pose or leg support to relieve the stress on the lower back.

Made from organic cotton, the cover can be easily removed and machine washed, perfect for those sweaty Bikram yoga sessions!

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Natural Cork Yoga Block

an image of a natural cork yoga block - one of our ideas of yoga lover gifts

This yoga block by Yogibato would make a brilliant gift for the yogi in your life!

Made from natural cork, this product is robust, stable and durable and great for providing support when trying to master the trickier yoga poses. The block has rounded edges to avoid uncomfortable pressure points, and the cork structure is naturally slip-resistant, even during a sweaty training session.

After the mat, a set of yoga blocks are the most important yoga accessories for both novices and professionals.

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Yoga Wheel

an image of a yoga wheel - one of our picks of gifts for the yoga enthusiast

The yoga wheel is the must-have accessory for all the yogis out there!

Made from eco-friendly TPE foam, this nifty piece of equipment helps to take a yoga session to the next level. It can assist with backbends, improve core strength, enhance flexibility and help to achieve deeper stretches over time.

Made from sweat-resistant and anti-bacterial materials, this excellent accessory also comes with an e-book to give some yoga wheel exercise inspiration!

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Yoga Stretch Strap

an image of a yoga stretch strap - one of our ideas of yoga themed gifts

Help a yogi intensify their workouts by treating them to a yoga stretch strap!

This ultra-long strap will him them improve their mobility and flexibility by providing support and stability during stretches and poses. The ten integrated loops will assist with those trickier poses by allowing them to gradually and gently deepen stretches to get the most out of their sessions.

Made from a durable nylon fabric, the sturdy strap measures 75″ and will not stretch when pulled.

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Foam Roller

an image of a foam roller

Foam rollers are fantastic pieces of equipment that will help ease muscular aches and pains, aid recovery and improve blood circulation around the body.

The Meglio foam roller would make a great gift for a yoga enthusiast to help them relieve any achy muscles in-between sessions. It has a textured non-slip surface to provide extra grip and stability during stretches and improved motion grip.

Weighing less than 1kg, this foam roller is super light and easy to carry.

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Yoga Eye Pillow

an image of a yoga eye pillow - one of our gifts for yoga lovers

A yoga eye pillow is a simple yet effective healing tool that can help a yogi get the most out of their flow sessions.

This Yogamatters eye pillow is filled with linseed, which is heavy enough to apply the right amount of pressure on the eyes to lower the heart rate and stimulate the vagus nerve.

Made from a soft cotton fabric, this eye pillow will block out any light, therefore encouraging the ultimate relaxing environment during yoga and meditation practice.

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Yoga Towel

an image of a yoga towel

If you know someone who enjoys getting drenched in sweat during a hot yoga or Bikram yoga session, they need this yoga towel in their life!

Made from super absorbent fabric with an anti-bacterial anti-microbe surface, the towel can be placed over a yoga mat, or it can even be used as a lightweight travel mat.

It has a non-slip silicon coating on the underside, to prevent any sliding around whilst performing a sweaty yoga flow sequence.

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Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle

an image of an ayurvedic copper water bottle

Ayurveda is an alternative medicine system with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. It recommends storing water overnight in a copper jug and drinking it first thing in the morning to protect yourself from vulnerable health risks.

This antique style water bottle is made from pure copper, making it one of the ideal yoga gifts for the health and yoga fanatic in your life!

Certified as both leak-proof and easy to clean, each bottle is also coated in lacquer to protect the copper and prevent oxidation.

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Essential Oil Diffuser Set

an image of an essential oil diffuser set - one of our yoga gift ideas

Yoga studios will often fragrance their rooms with essential oils to promote a tranquil and relaxed environment.

Let your yoga obsessed loved one bring those feelings of serenity back home with them by treating them to an Anjou essential oil diffuser set. With a patented oil flow system, this diffuser quietly emits a consistent scented mist around the room.

With eight essential oils to choose from, they’ll be able to replicate the calming atmosphere of the yoga studio at home using this nifty diffuser device.

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Chakra Essential Oil Blends Roll On Collection

an image of a chakra essential oil blends roll on collection

This assorted set of essential oils comes with seven aromatic blends, each of which will help balance seven key chakras of the body.

Made with natural ingredients such as lavender, jasmine and saffron, these fragrant blends are the remedy to a variety of ailments such as headaches, anxiety, inflammation and muscle pain.

Whether added to a diffuser or rolled directly onto pressure points, these essential oils are a natural treatment for producing a feeling of calm and tranquillity.

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Calm Natural Room Spray

an image of calm natural room spray

The controlled breathing techniques and body contorting poses that come with yoga are as beneficial for the mind as they are for the body.

Let a yoga enthusiast render that feeling of tranquillity outside of the yoga studio by treating them to this calming room and linen spray.

Made from a blend of lavender, bergamot, rosemary, frankincense and ylang ylang, this 100% natural and vegan product has calming and therapeutic qualities that will leave them feeling serene and restful.

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De-Stress Aromatherapy Balm Stick

an image of a de-stress aromatherapy balm stick

Help a yogi get the most out of their flow sessions by making sure they are in a calm and relaxed state.

This scented aromatherapy balm stick is a portable spa which can fit in their pocket and be applied to pulse points in moments when they feel anxious or jittery.

Infused with a natural blend of ingredients such as chamomile, mandarin and jasmine, this shea butter, moringa and beeswax scented stick provides much-needed therapy on the go!

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100% Natural Recovery Bath Salts

an image of natural recovery bath salts - one of our yoga gift ideas

Help a yoga maniac soak away the aches and pains of a challenging yoga session by treating them to a packet of recovery bath salts!

Made from 100% natural magnesium flakes and essential oils, adding a handful of these salts into a bathtub will help them ease away the pain of achy joints and stiff limbs.

The essential oils offer anti-inflammatory and calming properties which will aid physical and mental recovery.

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Masala Chai Tea Bags

an image of masala chai tea bags - one of our yoga inspired gifts

Known as ‘a yogi’s drink’, chai provides a variety of benefits which help prepare the body and mind for a better yoga practice.

The extra stimulating boost from the natural caffeine helps keep the mind awake when practising deep breathing and mediation, and the ginger and black pepper will aid digestion.

This pack of masala chai pyramid tea bags will provide an extra spicy punch after an invigorating yoga session, and would make a great gift for the chakra-balancing yogi in your life!

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